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I've been a CSI fan for 5 years, and only just recently discovered the world of slash fanfics and wow, i fell in love with "the love" at first sight haha :D

I haven't been writing long, so I'd greatly appreciate any concrits you have to give so I could fix/improve on whatever writing skills I do have lol

Hope you enjoy the reading, although it would be fun to hear back from y'all, I don't mind if I don't get flamed hehe :)

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None, Save One by Elle [Reviews - 1]
Part I ~ Greg's POV during his first autopsy ~
Characters: Greg - Genres: PWP - Rating: PG13 - Warnings: none - Chapters: 1
Published: 2008/03/31 - Updated: 2008/03/31 - Completed: Yes

Something Like That by Elle [Reviews - 50]
Nick and Greg discover that best friends donít really know everything about each other.
Characters: Nick, Greg, Grissom, Warrick, Sara, Catherine, other, Brass, Hodges, Archie - Genres: angst, romance, humor, case file - Rating: R - Warnings: none - Chapters: 11
Published: 2008/02/28 - Updated: 2008/03/28 - Completed: No

Live Like You Were Dying by Elle [Reviews - 1]
~ What could have resulted if the Fannysmackin' episode had been done a little differently ~
Characters: Nick, Greg, other - Genres: angst, romance, PWP, drama, humor - Rating: PG - Warnings: none - Chapters: 1
Published: 2008/03/18 - Updated: 2008/03/18 - Completed: Yes

Cowboy, Take Me Away by Elle [Reviews - 2]
~ One of the boys having an off day ~
Characters: Nick, Greg - Genres: PWP - Rating: G - Warnings: none - Chapters: 1
Published: 2008/03/15 - Updated: 2008/03/15 - Completed: Yes

Ch-Ch-Changes by Elle [Reviews - 1]
~A look at why Greg didnít have much to say in the season 8 episode entitled: You Kill Me ~ (slightly revised)
Characters: Nick, Greg, Sara - Genres: angst, post-ep - Rating: PG - Warnings: none - Chapters: 1
Published: 2008/02/27 - Updated: 2008/02/27 - Completed: Yes

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