Other Games by Serenity [Reviews - 3]

Nick was just settling down on his black leather couch to watch some TV when he was surprised by a frantic knocking on his front door. Panicking, he leapt up and crossed the room in three seconds flat and threw the door open to uncover the source of the emergency. He found a grinning Greg Sanders standing in his porch, a blue plastic grocery bag held aloft in his arms like an offering.

“Hey!” he greeted him cheerfully, ignoring Nick’s perplexed look. “You gonna let me in or do I have to stand here all day?”

Nick stood back and let the young CSI into his house, without bothering to ask why he was there. He’d known Greg long enough to realise that this crazy spontaneous behaviour was part of his charm and it was easier just to let him get on with it. It was one thing from a very long list of attributes that Nick found attractive about his friend, not that he would ever admit it to anyone. He’d had a hard enough time admitting it to himself.

By the time he’d closed the door, Greg was already sitting barefoot and cross legged on the floor beside Nick’s widescreen TV, fiddling with some leads and rooting through his bag until he found what he was searching for.

“Look!” he said triumphantly as he waved a DVD sized box at Nick. “I just got this today, it’s the new Gran Turismo for PS2! You wanna play?”

Nick sat down on the couch and took the box from Greg to look at it, as the younger man pulled the games console from the bag and connected it to the leads. “Well, considering you’re already half way to installing that machine on my TV, I guess so, yeah.” he cuffed Greg lightly on the head with the corner of the box.

“Ow! Sharp corners, Stokes!” Greg whined, rubbing his scalp as if checking for blood. Nick scoffed at him. “I would have thought that porcupine on your head you like to call hair would have cushioned the impact.“

Greg yanked the box from Nick’s hand in mock anger. “Low blow! Oh, it’s so on! You’re going down!” He loaded the game into the Playstation and handed Nick a controller, taking one himself and making himself comfortable on the couch, Nick suppressing a shiver as their thighs innocently brushed together.

Nick cast a sly glance at Greg from the corner of his eye, smiling at the intense look of concentration on his friend’s face. Unfortunately his momentary indulgence proved fatal for his car as he crashed into a barrier and spun off the road.

“Dammit!” he cried as Greg whooped with delight. “Gotta keep your eyes on the prize, Stokes!” he sniggered as he jumped off the couch and did a victory dance which, unfortunately for Nick’s blood pressure, included wiggling his very cute ass right in front of the Texan’s face.

“Alright Boss, I get the message, now sit down and give me a rematch.” He grabbed Greg by the t-shirt and pulled him back onto the couch, trying to ignore the flash of the small of Greg’s back as the shirt bunched up in his fist. “Let me try and save a little face here.”

They loaded a new race, Nick paying full attention this time. He was so intent on winning that he didn’t realise he was swaying with every turn his car made until Greg’s hearty laughter broke his concentration. “What.. the hell… are you doing, man?” He could hardly get the words out, practically squealing with amusement and mimicking Nick‘s movements.

“Stop laughing at me, Sanders!” Nick yelled, but the joviality was infectious and he had to fight to keep his lips from twitching into a grin. It pissed him off even more when he noticed that Greg was still expertly steering his car around the course, while Nick’s own vehicle had spun out somewhere on the track. He reached over and knocked the controller out of Greg’s hands, leading to a sickening crunch of metal in the game.

“You bitch!” Greg exclaimed, eyes wide with disbelief as he surveyed the wreckage of his car. “You fucking bitch! I’m gonna kill you!” And with that he launched himself at Nick and landed right on top of him, wrestling the controller from his hands and throwing it to the floor.

Much to Nick’s relief, Greg’s idea of killing seemed to be a variation on tickling him to death, his fingers running over any inch of exposed flesh he could find. Nick grabbed him by the wrists and held him back, smirking as Greg struggled to free himself and regain control of his playful assault.

Greg wriggled and squirmed above him, trying to pull his wrists free, Nick enjoying the sight a little more than he should. After a few minutes he used his superior strength and body weight to twist them off the couch and onto the carpet below, Greg landing on his back with a thud and Nick landing on top of him, pinning him to the floor.

“Who’s the bitch now?” he growled in his thick accent as he looked down at him, their faces only inches apart. They stayed that way for what felt like a lifetime, Greg looking up at him with liquid brown eyes that seemed to burn into him. He could feel his breathing quicken under the intense gaze.

“What you gonna do if I still say..…. you?” Greg answered finally, surging upwards to find Nick’s mouth, their teeth clashing with the frenzied collision of lips. Nick felt electric shocks course through his entire body until Greg pulled away again and lay his head back down on the floor, gasping for much needed breath.

Nick immediately missed the heat, and sought it out again, finding those soft lips and parting them with a probing tongue, Greg’s mouth opening willingly to allow him access. Nick let go of Greg’s wrists and cupped his face, drinking him in like he couldn‘t get enough of Greg‘s sweet taste. Greg’s hands, now free to roam, worked their way up and down Nick’s muscular back as the older man ground his hips against him.

Nick’s mouth trailed a burning path along Greg’s jaw and down into the hollow of his neck, Greg shivering as blunt teeth scraped along his skin, the pain immediately soothed by the salve of tongue slipping over it. He murmured something that sounded like “OhJesusYes” as his hips bucked upwards and his legs parted, trying to draw Nick closer to him.

The heat was building in the room, making them moist and sticky as they moved against each other, the rough fabric of clothes making them itch. Struck by the overwhelming urge to feel skin on skin, Nick scrabbled to get Greg’s t-shirt over his head, throwing it behind him and then quickly tugging off his own t-shirt.

“God…” he moaned as their hot skin finally made contact, Greg squirming beneath the delicious weight of Nick bearing down on him and wrapping long legs around him to pull him even nearer.

“Want you, G‘.” he groaned, and bit down on a sensitive nipple, working it to hardness with the tip of his tongue, then licking down and across Greg’s sternum.

He continued to mouth his way down to Greg’s stomach, running his tongue over the smooth outlines of muscle that twitched and moved under his touch, Greg’s hands clutching wildly at his hair.

“I want you too Nicky.” he moaned breathlessly as Nick palmed his erection through his straining jeans. “God, feels so good. Need more.”

Nick pulled on the zipper of the jeans, aching to finally touch. He pulled the jeans down with one hard yank, groaning in appreciation of Greg’s decision to go commando. Greg’s hard-on burst free from it’s denim confines, already flushed and leaking and begging to be touched. Nick pulled the jeans the rest of the way down and off his legs, throwing them beside the discarded t-shirts, leaving Greg totally naked beneath him.

He took a moment to run his gaze over the toned, slender body, usually hidden from view by a loose lab coat or lately, a shirt and blazer. “God, you’re beautiful.” he thought aloud.

He leaned in for another searing kiss as he finally grabbed the hard shaft, making Greg moan and jerk into his fist. He ran his thumb over the ridge with every sweep of his hand, sticky and slippery with the precum dripping down over it.

Greg reached down and unbuttoned Nick’s jeans, pushing them down past the round globes of his ass, Nick kicking them off the rest off the way, never breaking the contact between them.

Nick’s own erection was throbbing painfully and Greg reached down to grip the swollen head, tugging on it with a little flick of his wrist that drove the Texan wild. He was forced to reach down with his free hand and still him. “Greg, I swear, if you keep doing that I’m gonna cum right now without getting to the really fun stuff.”

Greg smiled and pulled his hand away, snaking it around to squeeze the firm backside. “OK, but lets get to that fun stuff now, I can’t wait any longer.”

“Me either.” Nick murmured, licking over the hard nipples again. “I really wanna……damn!” Greg pushed himself up on his elbows and looked at him. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t have any lube, I have condoms, but…. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m not a blushing virgin, you know.” he grinned, arching an eyebrow. “It’s fine, just prepare me, it’ll be cool.” He took one of Nick’s fingers into his mouth and slowly sucked on it until it was nice and slippery, then guided his hand down between his legs. Nick pushed slowly past the tight protective muscle, Greg whimpering at the intrusion to his body.

Nick added another finger, scissoring them slightly, making Greg hiss. “Another…..” he panted, face flushed, head thrown back and eyes closed in the pleasure/pain of the moment. Nick thought he’d never seen anything more erotic.

Nick added a third finger, twisting them around and stretching them out. Greg reached down and touched his wrist. “I’m ready, Nick, I’m ready now. Do it.”

Nick pulled out and ran to the bathroom to grab the box of condoms. He quickly rolled one down his cock and spat on his hand, working the saliva over his thick shaft. He was harder than he’d ever been in his life and he was aching for friction and relief.

He dropped down on top of Greg again and lined himself up against the tight hole, pushing slowly against it until the head was encased in Greg’s hot flesh. The muscles instinctively tightened around him and drew him deeper in, Greg crying out “Fuck, Nick!” as he was impaled.

“Jesus, you’re so tight.” he growled as he began to thrust slowly into him. Greg flattened his back to the floor and wrapped his legs around Nick’s waist, pushing him even further in and instigating a faster rhythm.

Nick held on to Greg’s slim hips, gaining leverage to push deeper, brushing that wonderful ball of nerves every time he plunged into him. He gripped so hard that hand shaped bruises had already began to appear.

A string of unrecognisable words were streaming from Greg’s mouth with each thrust, Nick was pretty sure that some of it was Norwegian, the rest some weird ’Greg language’. He pumped harder and faster, trapping Greg’s cock between their stomachs and rubbing it with every thrust.

Greg grabbed his ass, scraping blunt fingernails across the taut flesh, leaving red trails in his wake. Nick buried his face into Greg’s neck and bit and sucked on the pale skin, leaving angry purple marks.

Nick could feel the white hot tingle deep in his belly, and he knew it was all going to be over way too soon. His balls hitched and tightened as he thrust erratically against Greg’s prostate, making the young man shudder and jerk beneath him with each buck of his hips. When he heard Greg cry his name and felt the sticky wet heat against his stomach, he let his own release wash over him and came forcefully into the rubber tip.

They stayed joined together for a few moments as they came down from the high of such intense orgasms. Nick felt his body turn to jello as he gently pulled out, rolling off Greg and onto his back. Greg got up and carefully removed the condom and tossed it in the trash can beside the door, grabbing a blanket that was sitting on the armchair.

He lay back down on the floor beside Nick, who was still panting hard and seeing stars. He smiled and threw the blanket over them both, settling with his head on the older man’s chest. “You OK?” he asked, Nick feeling the words vibrating through him, rather than hearing them.

“Yeah….I‘m great.” he said, finally finding his voice. “I sure as hell wasn’t expecting that, though. Not that I’m complaining, but…. Why?”

Greg raised his head and looked at him. “Why not? You know I think you’re hot, right? Why do you think I keep turning up on your doorstep, keep trying to get your attention at work all the time? And then I saw the way you were looking at my ass during my victory dance, so I figured today was the day to do something about it.”

Nick pulled him close and kissed him again, a soft, sweet caress of lips. “I’m gonna ruin your games more often if this is what it leads to.” he said when he pulled away, his voice thick with the need for sleep. Greg sighed contentedly and stretched in an almost feline manner and then turned away from him, curling into a foetal ball. Nick curved his body into a spooning position behind him and tucked the blanket around them both as they drifted into slumber, the game still running, forgotten, in the background.

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