Over the Border

1. Mexico Calling by jessymessy101 (PG13) [Reviews - 0]
Characters: Nick, Greg, Doc Robbins
Genres: romance
Warnings: violence, other pairings
Summary: When the daughter of a close personal friend to Doc Robbins is murdered and dumped in Mexico, Nick and Robbins travel down to find out what happened. Leaving Greg behind in Vegas and the introduction of a handsome Agent, Nick has some choices to make! Story is better than the summary! (942 words)
2. first impressions by jessymessy101 (PG13) [Reviews - 0]
Characters: Nick, Greg, other, Doc Robbins
Genres: romance, case file
Warnings: none
Summary: Agent Silva is very Handsome (1638 words)
3. Friend or Foe by jessymessy101 (PG13) [Reviews - 0]
Characters: Nick, Greg, other, Hodges, Doc Robbins
Genres: romance, humor, case file
Warnings: other pairings
Summary: Nick gets to know agent silva a bit better. (1427 words)
4. Danger comes calling by jessymessy101 (PG13) [Reviews - 0]
Characters: Nick, other, Doc Robbins
Genres: angst, romance, action, drama, case file
Warnings: violence
Summary: Nick and Silva head out to a scene where they are greeted by some unfriendly locals (1090 words)

This story is not yet completed.

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