West Coast by ng2008 [Reviews - 1]

Looking into the house that he's shared with Nick for the last 13 years, Greg can't help but feel the rush of sorrow mixed with anger. The loss of their marriage, of their bond, was palpable in this place. And if the pain of the loss wasn't enough for this moment, he had to also see all of the times they were happy here.

'Ghosts in the shadows,' he thinks as he takes one last circuit around the house to make sure all of his stuff had been removed. His furniture already packed and sent off to his new apartment, dishes separated between them, movies and CDs sorted, and closets emptied. He felt sure nothing was left behind. Going out the front door for the last time he stopped and looked back into the living room. 'I'll never come back here again,' floats through his mind.

The thought makes him begin to cry as he locks the door behind him and drops the key in the mail slot.
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