Tease by Serenity [Reviews - 3]

Nick closed the bathroom door behind him and surveyed the bathtub. Hotel tubs were normally tiny, but this one was large enough for him to stretch out and relax, something he desperately needed after a full day of seminars.

He ran the hot tap, steam rising and enveloping the relatively large, marble tiled room. Adding a little cold water so he wouldn‘t scald himself, he gave into temptation and picked up the complimentary bubble bath, sniffing it cautiously. It smelled nice, like chocolate and vanilla. He shrugged and poured the whole bottle in, watching the foamy white bubbles appear.

He tugged off his blue shirt, stretching his arms above his head and cracking his back. He hooked his thumbs into his pants and pushed both them and his boxers down in one motion, kicking them off his feet and leaving them in a pile on the floor .

Stepping carefully into the tub, he sank slowly into the deep water, the bubbles kissing every inch of his skin. He sighed and lay his head back, closing his eyes. The tightness in his muscles began to melt away and he felt himself drift off.

His tranquillity was suddenly shattered by the shrill ringing of his cell phone. “Oh, God. Not now!” he groaned, fishing blindly by the side of the bath to find his pants.. He wrestled the phone from his back pocket, pressed the call answer button and brought it to his ear.

“Stokes.” he answered, trying to keep the annoyance from his voice.

“Hey Nicky. What’ya doing?” Greg’s cheerful voice came over the line.

Nick rolled his eyes but couldn‘t stop a small grin twitching at the side of his lip. “I’m taking a bath and trying to relax, G’. It’s been a long day. What are you doing?”

He could hear Greg rustling around and the sound of his breathing. “I just got in.” More rustling then the sound of bedsprings. “So.” He murmured seductively . “You’re all hot and naked and wet then? I like the sound of that, baby. In fact, I‘m lying here on the bed thinking about it.”

Nick licked his suddenly dry lips and sat up slightly. “You are? That’s……. interesting. How about if I told you I’m lying here thinking about you, too.”

Greg inhaled sharply. “Why don’t you tell me about that,” he moaned breathlessly, “and I’ll get a little more comfortable.” Nick could hear the sound of the zipper of Greg’s jeans, and knew exactly what he had in mind.

Nick shifted his weight in the bathtub and began to trace his fingers over his chest. “The water feels so good on my skin. I’m running my hand all over my slick body, Greg. I wish it was your tongue on me.”

Greg moaned again, a primal growl in the back of his throat. “God, Nick, I’m so hard for you already. I wish you could suck me until I scream for you. I want you to take it so deep in your throat and let me fuck your mouth.”

Nick could feel the blood rushing to his cock, as the flushed red tip began to peek out from the virgin white bubbles. He resisted the tremendous urge to take it in his fist and relieve the pressure. He wanted to make this good.

“Tell me what you’re doing to yourself, baby.” He cooed into the phone, his voice thick and sweet, like dripping honey. His heavy Texan twang had reappeared, like it always did when he was horny.

Greg’s voice was shaky. “I’m naked now and my cock is aching. Can I touch it?” Greg knew that Nick liked to be in charge when they had phone sex and to be honest, it was a major kink for him too.

“Not yet.” Nick’s voice remained sweet, but with a touch of authority now. “I want you to take your balls in your hand and roll them around. I want you to imagine I‘m taking them in my mouth.” By Greg’s sudden gasp he knew he was complying.

After torturing Greg for a few minutes, he finally relented. “OK, now you can grab that massive length of yours and tell me how it feels.”

“Oh God, Nick, it’s like stone. It’s so hard for you. I’m imagining that it’s your hand doing this to me.” His breath hitched in his throat as he increased his speed. “Shit, I’m so close already.”

Nick’s cock was so painfully rigid he felt it should be visibly throbbing in a cartoon-ish way, yet he still refused to give in and rub it. “That’s it baby.” he encouraged. “God, I can imagine you, you look so fucking hot doing this to yourself. I could almost cum just thinking about you jerking yourself off for me.”

Greg’s breaths became more ragged as his arousal increased. “Nick, please let me cum, please baby! I wanna cum for you, like this. I want you to hear me scream your name as I shoot.”

Nick revelled in the command he held over his lover in this game, as he finally brought his hand down to the thick shaft and began to squeeze the base to stop him from spilling when he heard Greg’s eruption.

“Yes Greg. Do it for me now. Tell me who it’s for!”

Greg’s moans were coming thick and fast. “You Nick! It’s all for you! I love you…. I love you Nick. FUCK!” He came hard, and when Nick closed his eyes he could almost see the ribbons of sticky cream coating his boyfriend’s fingers. He could hear the low whimpers escaping from the back of Greg’s throat as he came down from the intense orgasm.

Nick climbed out of the tub and made his way across the bathroom, dripping wet, his stiff member swaying heavily in front of him as he walked.

He wrenched open the door to the hotel bedroom, to reveal Greg lying naked on the bed, panting, totally spent, his cell phone lying on his chest. “Now for my fun.” he growled at his lover. He tossed both their phones on the nightstand and grabbed Greg by the thighs, yanking him to the edge of the bed, where he sank his cock deep into him in one swift motion, not caring about lubrication.

“You’re a fucking tease, you know that Sanders?” he grunted as he plunged deep into him. “Instigating phone sex when you were just in the next room.“ His thrusts grew more erratic and he found it impossible to hold back. He had hoped to make this last, but the memory of Greg masturbating for him when he was just in the other room listening on the phone was too much for him, and he spilled forcefully into the tight channel.

“Jesus…..” he gasped as he pulled out. “That was wild.” He leaned down and kissed the young man beneath him, pulling him into a loving embrace. “And slightly unexpected, I have to admit.”

Greg squirmed beneath his delicious weight and smirked. “Well, I didn’t know where you were when I got in, but when you said you were talking a bath I couldn’t resist.” He breathed in deeply and let out a giggle. “You smell good enough to eat. Were you… were you using bubbles? Doesn’t really fit in with the ‘Master’ image I had in my head!” he squealed with laughter and wiped a pretend tear from his eye.

Nick playfully swatted him. “Behave!” He raised himself up so that he was above Greg, looking down on him. “So, how was your day? You enjoy your seminars?” Greg smiled up at him. “They sucked. But I’m thinking I might ask to go on more, if you’re coming too. This sharing hotel rooms thing has definitely got it’s benefits!”

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