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This piece of fiction is collaboration between me ( egeria) and Stokes4Me. We intend to write a series of one-shots under this theme and we very much hope you enjoy them all. Nick and Greg are an established couple in this series which fits into the universe of Follow the Evidence (ie post Season 5), but in no way is it a requirement to read that fic in order to enjoy these.

Plot by: Stokes4Me

Story by: egeria aka Seshat3

Good Morning

Nick’s hard on woke him up, which wouldn’t normally be a problem if he hadn’t been in an empty bed. Greg’s pillow was still warm though, and simply thinking of that long lanky body that usually lay next to him got Nick’s cock twitching. Lazily, still half asleep, he wrapped hot fingers around himself and started stroking, daydreaming of Greg as he did.

The scent of coffee filling the air stayed his hand; a cupboard door banging shut in the kitchen had him wide awake. He heard the loud gurgle of the coffee pot as it began its brewing and realized that Greg must still be home. And if Greg was home, there was a chance for some early morning sex. Wake up sex Nick liked to call it. Flinging the covers off Nick stood, wincing a little as his erection made standing difficult, and padded off, naked and barefoot into the kitchen.

Nick paused in the doorway, breath hitched in his throat as he caught sight of Greg. His young lover was rummaging in a drawer, back to the door. Sunlight streaming through the window fell across his hair and shoulders, giving him an ethereal look, as though he wore a halo. A halo that didn’t quite fit the curse Greg let out when he accidentally slammed his fingers in the drawer. Nick laughed softly as he watched Greg shake his hand then suck his fingers. Greg cursed once more then grabbed his favourite mug, the Marilyn Manson one Nick had made him for his birthday.

With his back to the door Greg grew as still as he was ever going to get, which meant he was tapping his fingers against his mug while his leg twitched to some inner beat only he could hear. He was eyeing the coffee machine as the brew slowly dripped, splashing against the glass bottom of the pot magically turning boring water into what could only be called the nectar of the gods.

Even wearing only his Daffy Duck boxers with the sunlight gleaming on his skin he looked like a gift from the gods. Nick’s cock twitched with sheer want. Unable to stand the distance any longer, Nick padded up to Greg, wrapping his arms around the younger man’s waist.

Greg nearly purred at the touch, leaning back into Nick who stepped forward, pressing his body against Greg’s grinding the full length of his erection against Greg’s ass so that the younger man moaned, half laugh, half lust.

Nick ran his finger tips along Greg’s ribs before running his palms across the smooth expanse of stomach, skimming under the waistband of his boxers to tickle at the sprinkle of hair under Greg’s navel. Still grinding against his lover’s body his fingers dipped lower to brush at Greg’s hardening cock.

The younger man took in a deep breath at the contact. Closing his eyes he moved his hips against Nick’s, matching the rhythm of his movements. He grunted once when Nick pulled away but then one large calloused hand was trailing along his hips towards his spine.

Nick loved the feel of Greg’s skin under his fingers so he took his time, lazy fingers tracing swirling patterns over taut flesh. Holding Greg with one hand still playing on his belly, the other crept down his spine to knead his firm ass. He played for another moment then brushed the back of his fingers against Greg’s cock. It was hard now, standing stiff with arousal. Nick wrapped his fingers around the shaft, gripping tightly as Greg bit off a grunt.

His own erection was almost painful, so he brought his free hand to his mouth, licking his fingers and moaning in anticipation. When his fingers were slick with saliva he took them from his lips, a single strand of spit glistening between his mouth and finger tips until he dropped his hand to creep inside the waistband of Greg’s boxers. Fingers resting in between Greg’s buttocks he pressed gently against the tight little opening, rubbing one finger over and around the puckered skin.

Greg hissed through his teeth, throwing his head back at the sensation, pressing back into Nick’s hand in blatant invitation. He tightened his grip around the handle of his coffee cup while his body writhed against Nick’s fingers.

Nick pressed in gently, one wet finger teasing into Greg’s body with agonising slowness. He couldn’t help but close his eyes as the tight heat enveloped him. Nick went harder still as he thought of what would happen next, that same heat would soon be surrounding his cock. Nick continued the slow press of his finger, curling and twisting until he was buried as far as he could go.

With one fist gripping Greg’s cock and one finger plunged deep inside his body, Nick leaned forward, tongue darting out to lick a bead of sweat trickling down Greg’s neck.

Greg let out a strangled cry, hips jerking forward then back. Wanting more, needing more. Again he pressed back into Nick’s hand, grinding his hips as he grunted softly.

Nick eased back leaving only his fingertip poised inside before inserting a second wet finger and plunging deep. His fist gripped Greg’s cock tighter, pumping up and down as he stretched his fingers, curling and twisting until Greg moaned low in his throat.

Unable to wait any longer Nick withdrew his fingers and let go of Greg’s hard shaft, tugging his boxers down just enough to expose his buttocks. With both hands planted on Greg’s hips, fingers digging into skin, he froze for a moment with his cock positioned just so, poised and ready to plunge into Greg’s body.

Greg moaned and bowed his head. Sweat beaded on his forehead dripping onto fingers still wrapped around the coffee cup. The scent of brewing coffee filled his nostrils, mingling with the musky scent of their combined arousal. Again he writhed against Nick, whimpering with the desire to be impaled on Nick’s cock.

As if he could read his mind, Nick pressed forward until the head of his dick was sliding inside, thrusting slowly into the exquisite heat. He dug his fingers even harder into Greg’s hips, sliding forward until he was fully enveloped, balls deep and flush against Greg’s ass. Gasping, he turned his head to the side, squeezing his eyes shut as he fought the desire to come then and there.

Spots danced against his eyelids as he steadied his breathing. Slowly he reached a hand around and took hold of Greg’s cock again. When the spots cleared he opened his eyes, swinging his head back around to plant a kiss on Greg’s shoulder, nipping gently at sweat dampened skin.

Greg leaned forward even more, head still bowed as he shifted his weight to plant his feet further apart. He rested his elbows on the counter, head dropping lower as Nick began to move inside him. He shuddered as each long stroke of Nick’s cock swept across that sensitive bundle of nerves causing a fire to build up low in his belly. Nick’s fist was wrapped tightly around his shaft, pumping up and down as he thrust in and out. The combination of Nick’s cock buried deep in his body while his own dick was enveloped by Nick’s hand was electric. The heat and pleasure intensified into white hot flames licking along his veins.

Greg closed his eyes, panting and whimpering incoherently. His head rested on the hand gripping his mug, sweat mingling with tears as the pleasure only increased with each thrust of Nick’s cock. He felt his toes curl, his feet growing hollow as a tingling sensation crawled up his legs to flash into his groin. His muscles contracted powerfully, body clenching inwards for one long trembling moment before it released in a powerful spurt of cum that splashed onto Nick’s hand, splashing against the thin fabric of his boxers. Greg moaned loudly, shuddering from head to toe as his climax peaked, breath coming in quick gasps, fingers white as he clenched his mug and rode out the pleasure.

As Greg orgasmed Nick moved his cum spattered hand to grip the base of his own cock, increasing the slick wetness so he was gliding into Greg’s body, pulling nearly all the way out before slamming back inside. Greg’s channel was hot around his cock and when his lover climaxed the tight grip was almost painful as muscles contracted around him.

Nick wrapped one arm around Greg’s waist, leaning into him and holding on tightly as he thrust faster, skin sticky against skin. With each thrust his balls slapped against Greg’s ass, a steady rhythm against their unsteady moans. As Greg’s trembling was easing Nick’s was building with greater intensity as he kept thrusting, burying his cock deep inside Greg’s body again and again. Grunting now as he kept up his pushing, Nick felt the pleasure pooling deep inside his belly, flooding his limbs with a heaviness that signified his near release. All it took was one more hard thrust and the heaviness was flowing through him and out of him, his cock twitching within the tight passage as he came hard, hips still thrusting as he spurted hot cum into Greg’s body, again…then again as his orgasm peaked then slowly subsided, leaving his limbs quivering.

Greg was panting hard, smiling and sweaty. Slowly he pushed himself up so he was standing again, back sticky against Nick’s chest. He relaxed his grip on the coffee cup, unaware he’d been holding on to it the entire time. He began to laugh then, unable to contain himself, simply enjoying the post-orgasmic glow.

Nick gently nipped the back of Greg’s neck before pulling out with a wince. Tugging Greg’s boxers up he lightly slapped one perfect ass cheek then gently patted the fabric down to clean up what mess he could.

Wrapping his arms around his lover he nibbled Greg’s ear, the scent of coffee overpowering the scent of their lovemaking. With a wry grin he noticed the pot was full, it must have finished at the same time they did. He began to laugh with Greg as he reached to grab the pot, sloshing the precious liquid into the cup Greg had never let go of.

When the mug was full Nick drew back so one hand rested on Greg’s elbow, placing the pot back on its hotplate with the other. Still laughing he planted a kiss on Greg’s ear.

“Good morning,” he said as the sunlight streamed down to envelop them both in its warm glow.


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