Purple Lamp by Kiekster Banjo [Reviews - 7]

Purple Lamp

“Where would you rather live; Texas or Vegas?”


“Would you rather only be allowed to drink or eat for the rest of your life?”


“If the sun changed colour which would you rather it be; purple or aqua?”


“Hodges or Archie?”


“Would you rather si…wait, Hodges?”

“Yeah I don’t know either but this is your game.”

“Right. Would you rather sit or stand the rest of your life?”


“Even or odd numbers?”


“If you had to eat one who would you eat; Snap or Crackle?”


“Who would you rather sleep with; Catherine or Sara?”

“…Do I have to answer that?”

“Yes! First thing that came to mind!”

“Fine. Sara.”

“Would you rather be too tall or too short?”

“Too short.”

“Policemen or firefighters.”


“Marry me; yes or no.”


Greg sat back on the couch and crossed his arms with a cheeky grin as he watched Nick’s eyes widen as if he couldn’t believe what he’d just said. Nick’s expression changed, after a minute, to the one he used only when he thought Greg was being clever and shook his head.

“You know you could have just asked me.” Nick said, moving to lace his fingers with Greg’s.

Greg shrugged, “I know. But then I wouldn’t have been sure the answer was your true answer.” He smiled, “And I also wouldn’t have found out you want to sleep with Sara!” He added, laughing, and Nick rolled his eyes, moving across the couch to kiss Greg into silence.

The end

A/N: I wrote this a long time ago and just found it randomly on my computer. The title of this story comes from an episode of FRIENDS, where I first heard of this ‘game’, when Joey told Chandler to clear his mind so they could play and Chandler told him it was clear except for a picture of a purple lamp. Hope you enjoyed a trip into the randomness that is my brain! Feedback would be loved =)
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