That geek. by NeggoMyGreggo [Reviews - 2]

You Had Me At DNA.
There was a time which from the chaos and dealing with being underground has made your lab working days feel like centuries ago. You were interesting and at times you seemed like one of Grissom’s experiments, seeing if you could really last the rush of questions that needed to be answered and only you had the power to do that.

You buzzed around the glass filled room with your frantic movements that only you could call dancing. You bopped your head up and down, singing away to the noise that only you could call music. You didn’t really think anyone took the time and stop to see your antics but I did. You could make me laugh and question your life at the same time.

Style. Your style?! Was my own daily game show in my head. There were times where I had to bet with Warrick if you would actually come in not looking like something out of a Ace Ventura episode. I sometimes even came up with that you were Ace Ventura. The hair was either a floppy mess of gel that mushed into your curls or spiked up so you can damage an eye or two if you were having a bad day in the lab.

Let’s face it, when rushing through the halls of the lab I’d try and get every chance to choose the route that would let me pass the room that clearly from a few feet back you could tell was alive. You made me feel alive, you still do. You’d do your very best to present your results in a manner that always made our team think ‘We get it, you’re clever!’ If it wasn’t for all the things that made you, you. I’d probably think of you as Grissom’s wannabe double. That’s definitely not the case.

I’d come walking into your lab letting my presence be known and you’d respond with that geek smile which you topped off with those breath taking brown eyes. They’d glint in the blue light that filled the lab and at times, you’d joke how the place was a smurfs dream. Dammit, you were and are my dream.

You made the lab uplifting, sometimes I could forget that I had a killer to catch or a distraught parent to confront. Your own palace of geek exploded into millions of painful debris. You were bruised, you were scarred with the memory of it but somehow you really wanted a chance to be one of us. To have the chance of being under danger again? You know what being one of us entitled. Geez, I was out of a window by my cable guy. Had guns to my faces but no you had a explosion and wanted more was it? You scared the crap out of me that day but I never thought of doing anything to tell you how much my heart throbbed with pain at the drugged state of you in that hospital.

Ha! But how your spikey hair flopped onto the pillow as you pouted to the sight of a busy.. murdering city from the hospital window. You were okay, you had to be. You shook at times, we all noticed. God, the amount of times I just wanted to step in the newly fitted lab and hold those shaken nervous hands. You were okay, you had to be.

You were, because you came out, inexperienced and cold to a bus crash. You stood frozen, petrified as someone’s life just vanished from their eyes. You wanted to help but you couldn’t do anything but.. stand there feeling alive when someone just.. left, I know the feeling. You wouldn’t do it again, I know that. So explosion, death in front of your eyes didn’t stop the want of being one of us?

Ugh, no because even seeing such a sight, you wrote in stone the determination to be one of us. To be one of the team, properly. You seemed like a wannabe to others but once I saw the true passion for your dream I respected you. You failed once and I knew again you wouldn’t do it a second time. You wear the forensics jackets and vests with such pride, that you make us veterans of the job look like amateurs.

You have such enthusiasm and bounce for this job, it’s uncanny that you haven’t really changed from swinging around on that swirly chair a few years ago in that lab. You were and in some ways still are that hyper lab rat.

I regret doubting you. You have a good eye and have a six sense as Grissom quoted. I roared with laughter in the break room that day.

Who are you?

You are my life, you are the one out of a few million, ugh how over used. I want to make you feel unique even though you have no sense of my heart belonging to you.

You could spit in rage that you didn’t want it, you could break it like glass that shattered across the floor that injured your poorly bruised back. But.. you could also return the love and make my mouth water with those seductive chocolate eyes.

I want to whisper breathlessly, my hot breath clinging to the skin of your earlobe as I speak the words that have been wanting to escape my lips for years.. I want to say that..

“I love you, Greg Sanders.” I whispered as my head drooped to the bench base, I was alone.. in the locker room. My back toward the door. How I knew in many ways I was a coward but I always repeated in my thoughts that I was just playing it safe.

But.. that’s when I heard my CSI, only I was expecting him to be at the doorway not right behind me with his fingers smouldering with mine.

“I kind love you back, tex.” His soft chuckle roaming my full attention, it was his hot breath clinging to my heated skin.

Damn you, Greg Sanders for stealing my fantasy. Thing is, I couldn’t help but chuckle back.
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