Kiss by glo_starz [Reviews - 4]


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Lips brush against lips, soft beyond all possibility, and hands slowly and gently thread into scruffy hair, pulling impossibly closer, pressing them together. A gentle lick and those lips open, allowing an intruder to sneak through and explore the moist, warm cavern that is normally protected by teeth.

It sweeps over teeth, tongue and cheeks, releasing the first spikes of ecstasy. A soft noise is released; a moan of contentment and desire, and a weight is suddenly pressed into a lap, thighs against thighs, straddled and unable to escape.

A head is tilted back, opening up the abused mouth even more, allowing the kiss to deepen and the tongue that presses in to explore more, sweeping over the muscle already there, softly battling for dominance as the other pushes his tongue into his mouth in return.

Arms sneak around his neck, pulling the other down tighter, closer, gently as those delicious lips continue to brush together. The grass underneath them is cool; the tree behind them has rough bark that feels nice pressed into his back as he presses back into the other.

What started off as slow and gentle soon increases in pace and intensity as desire builds. Skin begins to tingle, goose bumps travel up arms making all their touches cause uncontrollable shivering.

The sun beats down, warming pale, creamy skin and increasing the tan on the already sun-kissed arms wrapped now around the otherís waist. Too soon it breaks, air desperately pulled into lungs which have been deprived for too long. A head is laid on a shoulder as they pant together, flushed and euphoric and so in love.

Nick looks into Gregís eyes and smiles. How did he never realise before Greg how perfect a kiss could be?
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