The Sweetest Torture by Seshat3 [Reviews - 5]

The Sweetest Torture

Nick watched with heated eyes, mesmerized as Greg lazily lapped up the creamy white fluid he had just coaxed forth with his deft mouth. He was riveted, unable to take his eyes off the blonde whose tongue darted out to swirl in the liquid before disappearing back into his mouth. His eyes were half closed as he swallowed the creamy stuff, savouring the silky feel and distinct taste.

He paused for a moment in the act, while Nick let out the breath he had been holding. He nearly moaned when Greg dipped his tongue out again, certain the younger man was prolonging the moment on purpose, teasing him into insensibility while he watched.

Nick was already hard, uncomfortably so, and he nearly lost it when Greg suddenly closed his lips around his tongue, then sucked up more of the rare treat he was savouring. A droplet of white escaped Greg’s practiced tongue, landing on his bottom lip. Nick stopped breathing again when Greg brought one long finger up to his lip to capture the drop before engulfing his finger with his mouth. His breath hitched in his throat when Greg’s eyes opened and captured Nick's own while he gently released his finger from his lips. His tongue darted out again to lap up the last of the liquid and he moaned in pleasure, closing his eyes fully as he licked his lips, like a cat that got the cream.

“Greg” Nick finally managed in a whisper, his voice husky and ragged.

“What?” Greg’s innocent voice filled the break room, causing Catherine to look up from her magazine. “How do you eat your Creme Egg?”


A/N: The usual disclaimer applies, I don't own CSI or the characters, I just like to play with them! This short little fic was born when I was eating a Creme Egg and noticed my boss trying not to notice me! I hope you like it, I hope you laughed while wanting to throw your shoe at the screen! I hope you comment and tell me what you think!
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