Dressing Up by Serenity [Reviews - 3]

Nick finished spiking up his hair with the wax Greg had bought for him, checking his appearance in the bedroom mirror against the picture in the magazine. Yep, that was as close as he was going to get. If he fiddled anymore with it, he’d have to wash it out and start from scratch.

“You almost ready G’?” he shouted towards the bathroom as he pulled on his tight black leather pants and a blood red shirt.

“Nearly!” a disembodied voice floated through the small crack in under the door. “I’m so looking forward to this Halloween party!”

Nick chuckled at the excitement in his lover’s voice and sat on the bed, pulling on a pair of heavy black boots. Greg’s friends were throwing a fancy dress party and Greg had talked him into going as the TV character ‘Angel’.

“Come on…” he had pleaded, in between doing that thing with his tongue that never failed to persuade Nick into agreeing to anything. “You won’t have to do much. You’ve already got that tall dark and handsome thing going on. A little wax to fix your hair like his, some sexy clothes…. You’ll look amazing.”

Nick had finally agreed, even though he was intending to go as a cowboy. “Don’t be so predictable, Nicky!” Greg had scolded him. “Angel is hot, you’re hot. It’s perfect!”

So here he was, dressed as some TV vampire, waiting to see Greg’s costume, a secret he had guarded with his life. He had locked himself in the bathroom three hours ago and hadn’t emerged since, at one point Nick had even been forced to go outside and pee in the garden. Finally the bathroom door opened and Greg swept dramatically into the bedroom. Nick couldn’t help but gasp.

Greg’s hair was bleached a shimmering platinum blond and gelled back, just a few small curls escaping at the front. He had shaved a scar into his left eyebrow and his eyes were lined with dark kohl. He was wearing obscenely tight black jeans, huge black boots and a red shirt open over a black T-Shirt. Over the outfit he was wearing a long black leather duster. His fingernails were painted black and in his left hand was a lit cigarette, which he brought up to his lips.

“Fuck…..” Nick was speechless. He got up from the bed, his eyes never leaving the amazing sight in front of him. “So, do I make a good Spike?” Greg smirked sexily, blowing a mouthful of smoke into the air, where it hung in a haze between them.

“Fuck….” Nick repeated. Greg tilted his head to the left and Nick realised that he was also wearing contact lenses which changed his chocolate brown eyes to a beautifully intense blue.

“You said that before. I’ll take that as a yes, then.” He leered at him in an uncanny Spike impression. “You look good enough to eat. Those leather pants are killer on you. I knew this was the best idea ever!”

“Greg, I’ve never…..fuck.” he shook his head in an attempt to achieve coherent thought. “You look amazing. You’ve got everything so perfect. You look just like him. And I never thought smoking could be so sexy……. not that I want you to take it up, but damn!”

Greg giggled, rather out of character. “Don’t worry, I’m not inhaling, it’s just for show. So, are you ready?” Nick indicated to the bulge threatening to rip through his leather pants. “I’m ready for something.” he said, his voice thick with lust.

“Down boy!” Greg playfully swatted him away. “We’re late enough as it is!” He picked up a few ornate silver rings and slipped them on, completing the look.

Nick pulled him into a tight embrace and kissed him fiercely, tasting the smoke on his tongue. “Lets not stay too late tonight. I feel like executing my rights as a Sire. This vampire thing mightn’t be that bad after all. How did you come up with this idea anyway?”

Greg playfully bit Nick’s neck and grinned. “Ever since I found out Spike and Angel slash was totally canon I thought it would be hot. Complaining?”

“Hell no!” Nick growled. “I think I might have to start watching this show.”
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