Hair by 10th_letter [Reviews - 6]

WARNING: This is VERY NC-17! Pure smut and porn with bondage and S&M. If any of that freaks you out all, abondon all hope ye who enter here. Also this is quite possibly the DIRTIEST fic I've ever written, so, you know, there's that.

”No, you seem more like a hair-puller.” She had said.

Greg smiled at the memory. Riley didn’t know just how right she was. Back in the days when he was a lowly lab-tech, Greg had made a reputation for himself as the quirky, spiky haired DNA guy who seemed to know a little too much about the myriad world of fetishes. In truth, he only knew about them from lonely nights in front of his computer, bottle of beer on the counter innocently placed next to the lube. After a while, and a few bottles of both, he had accumulated enough knowledge about fetishes that would make most normal people cringe. He hadn’t actually performed any of them though. That was, until he and Nick Stokes had officially become boyfriends. Greg stretched out on his couch, closing his eyes as he remembered.

“Come on, Nicky!” shouted Greg.

“No. And that’s final.” Came Nick’s stern reply.

“Come on, aren’t you a little bit curious?” asked Greg, snaking his arms around Nick’s waist and directing him closer to their bed.

“That’s not the point, Greg. The point is –“ replied Nick as he snaked his arms around Greg’s waist as well.

“Ah! So you are interested! I’ll be gentle…” purred Greg, licking his lips, a move that drove Nick crazy.

“Fine. But just once!” said Nick. “We can’t make this a habit- Hey!” he shouted as Greg pushed him to the bed. “Now?”

Greg nodded.

“But I’m not ready and I think for somethin’ like-“ stammered Nick.

“No. You don’t get a say in this. Take of the clothes, or I rip them off with my teeth.” Growled Greg, his tone low and husky.

Nick nodded and started to unbutton his shirt.

“No. The pants first. Enjoy it.”

Nick leaned back on the bed and slid his jeans off, his briefs accidentally sliding down in the process. As Nick made to pull them back on, Greg grabbed his hand.

“No. Leave them. Now the shirt. Slowly.”

Nick obeyed and when he was fully undressed, he looked up at Greg with pleading eyes. “Now what?”

“’Now what” what?” asked Greg.

“Now what, Sir?”

“Better. You’re going to sit there and watch.” Said Greg, sitting on the bed opposite Nick. Smirking, he whipped off his top and slowly undid his jeans tossing them across the room. Reaching over a prone Nick, Greg reached into the nightstand and pulled out a silk handkerchief.

“Um, Greg, Sir, what are you going to do with that?” asked Nick.

“You’ll see.” Without another word, Greg grabbed Nick’s wrists and tied them to the bedposts.

“What’re you gonna do to me?”

“Nothing. It’s what I’m gonna do to myself that matters.” Greg smirked again and slid next to Nick, their thighs touching. He pulled down his boxers and closed his eyes as he slowly worked his growing erection. Greg started moaning as he stroked his cock with his right hand and worked his nipples with his left. Leaning his head back into the pillow he turned his head to Nick and licked his cheek, pressing as many buttons as he could. Nick moaned in pleasure. This spurred Greg to start stoking his erection harder as he reached across to his nightstand to grab a bottle of lube. As Greg increased his pace, he turned to look at Nick.

“I want you to look at what you’re missing.”

Nicked turned his head and groaned. Greg was in mid thrust and Nick was helpless to fix the situation.

“I want you inside me, Nick. What do you want to do to me?”

“Fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked before.” Grunted Nick, all pretenses of his normal façade long since melted and replaced by pure animal lust.

“Say it.”

“Greg, Sir. I want to split you in half. I want to ride you harder than I’ve ever ridden you.”

“Good. “ Greg stopped mid-thrust and untied Nick. The two embraced and locked lips, their emotions so passionate that Greg didn’t even notice Nick sliding off his briefs and tossing them across the room. Their twin erections clashed, nearly sending both over the edge. Greg placed his hands behind Nick’s head, directing the older man’s face to where he wanted. As their tongues battled for supremacy, Greg snaked his long fingers through Nick’s hair. Greg grabbed a lock of hair and yanked firmly, eliciting a yelp of pleasure from Nick.

“Now get down there.” Grunted Greg.

“But I thought-“


Nick maneuvered around and down Greg’s torso, licking a path from Greg’s chest to his navel and finally down to Greg’s fully erect cock. Nick’s own erection was growing painful, but before he could protest, Greg’s long hands were directing the older man’s head. Nick licked the shaft up and down before circling the head and engulfing the full length. Greg screamed in pleasure, throwing his head back in sheer ecstasy. Nick quickened his pace, stopping from time to time to mouth Greg’s balls, licking as he went. Soon, Greg was sent over the edge, shooting his load into Nick’s waiting mouth. Greg collapsed back in pleasure, panting.

“Is it my turn yet, Sir?” asked Nick, trying not to reach his hand down to his own cock.

To exhausted to speak, Greg nodded and turned over. Nick grabbed a bottle of lube and without warning plunged himself into Greg’s waiting hole. Greg cursed in surprise, having suddenly reclaimed the power of speech.

“Now it’s my turn!” exclaimed Nick thrusting harder and harder. “Say my name!”

“Nick! Nick! Faster!”

“Say it!”

“Fuck me, Nick! Split me in two! Fuck me!”

Their words devolved into grunts as Nick increased his pace, Greg’s head falling deeper and deeper into the pillow. Soon Nick too reached the edge and collapsed back on the bed in ecstasy.



“You need to be dominant more often.” Panted Nick.

There was a knock on the door and a jingle of keys as Nick walked in on Greg on the couch.

“Well, looks like someone slept well.” Chuckled Nick, eying the growing bulge in Greg’s pants.

“I miss your longer hair.” Replied Greg.
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