Defining the Moment by Marifw [Reviews - 4]

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When Nick stepped out of the interrogation room, he felt drained. The last case had been a really tough one. An entire family had been murdered just because the parents where two men. Now that the brother of one of the men had confessed, all Nick wanted to do was to go home, and sleep for twelve hours.

He found Grissom at his office and gave him his report. The supervisor looked exhausted, but pleased that the case was wrapped.

“Are you okay Nick? It’s been a tough case.”

“I’m fine Griss. Just tired. Have you seen Greg lately?”

“Yeah. I sent him home half an hour ago. You should do the same.”

“I’ll just finish the paperwork, and then I’m on my way.”

“Leave it for tomorrow. Go home Nick.”

That’s all the encouragement the Texan needed. He quickly went to his locker, retrieved his wallet and keys, and soon he was heading home.

The house was dark when he entered. He toed of his shoes, hang his jacket on the hook and put his keys on the entryway table. A shuffled noise from the living room made him look up.

He entered the room; the only light was coming from the kitchen. He could see a figure sitting on the couch. Greg had his knees pressed against his chest, his head was propped on top of his kneecaps. Nick could see that the ex-tech was crying, his whole body was shaking.

He walked up and sat down besides the younger man, putting his hand on his shoulder. He could feel the other tense, but started to pull him closer. Greg complied and soon his chin was resting against the older mans chest.

“Shh, it’s okay G. I know… It’s okay, sweetie… I love you.”

The sun was rising outside, but the two men didn’t move. Inside the walls of their home, they felt safe and loved. They knew that their love wasn’t approved by everybody, but they didn’t care. They had found love, and were not willing to let it go, no matter what other people thought.

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