Ties that blind... by candygirl1uk [Reviews - 2]

Ties that blind…

Ten years ago.

Feel the pain
Talk about it
if you are a worried man - then shout about it


Sitting alone at a diner, Greg Sanders stares idly out of the window watching the cars slowly drudging there way towards the main road…

“Sir, can I get you another refill?” The server asked nervously jolting Greg from his daydream.
“No, thanks.”
With a shrug, the pretty server left the young man to his devices….

Fearing a headache beginning, Greg grasps from his pocket a letter that had arrived for him this morning…

“Dear Son,

Enclosed is a cheque made payable to you in three instalments, one on your twenty second birthday, one when your twenty eight and the final one when your thirty two….

The only sanction to this money is that you end your squalid association with Nicholas. This relationship must not happen. Son, you have a long and great career in front of you, do not waste it by having sins of the flesh. You will graduate, get a job and you will work….

If you fail to comply then eighty two thousand dollars will not be yours to keep. I say this as a warning, I am your birth mother my right as your mother will be met. You will break up with him, and report to this address. If you fail to do as I wish, then I will disinherit you, and you will never be that CSI that you want…”


A little while later, he leaves the warmth of the diner, scrunching up the letter, putting it back in his pocket. With a groan, he decides to walk the rest of the way home. As he strides downtown to his new apartment, he notices dark clouds forming in the sky above him.

“Just great, what can happen to me now?” As soon as he uttered the words aloud, he started to feel the droplets of rain descending from the skies above. Shuddering in contempt for the impending deluge, Greg zips up his jacket, picking his speed up heading towards home…

Running at top speed, Greg wanted to be away from the lies, the truths, and the cowardly that made him choose. Choosing the right course, or love?

Why cannot I just be with the one that I want? Why does everything have to be so hard? Choices so straight and narrow… not grey just black and white. Why cannot I just be free and happy? Greg’s silent answer came to him in one easy syllable Heather…

Slamming the door shut, he kicked off his wet shoes, cursing as he let his cold wet feet lay on the nice warm carpet. Picking up his wet socks, he lazily threw them into the dirty laundry basket….

Alone. The only sound he could hear was the chiming of the second hand clock in the hallway… Alone…

Glancing around at his derelict apartment, the youthful man in a huff sat on the unclean bed. Pulling the covers over him, Greg gently started to rock himself, as the pain of the last twenty-four hours came scorching back…


24 hours previously.

“I’m sorry Nick but that’s my decision. My mind is made up, there is no turning back.”
“Greg! You can’t just leave me.”
“Nick” Greg whispers, the words coming out, rehearsed from the night before. “Nick look you have chosen your life, the life of pain, of torture” Greg halts, his head pounding in pain.

“Greg what about our happy live together?”
“Nick, there is no us… Not anymore.”
“Look at me! Tell me to my face that you don’t love me anymore!” Nick snapped, as tears rolled down his face.

Greg shuffles away from Nick, wanting the ground to swallow him up entirety. When did living a lie become so hard? Greg gulps, shutting his eyes tightly unable to look at Nick…

“Say it, Greg, say it!” Nick demands anger setting in.
“Its over, accept it.”
“Never! I love you!”

Hearing the callous words from his own mouth, the pain in Nick’s voice, Greg felt his l composure slipping, needing nothing more than to drown his own self-enforced pain. Nick, you know I love you. I should say those words, why am I causing him all this pain…. I hate myself.

“I don’t love you anymore…” Greg shouts out into the night sky, uncaring who hears him. Feeling the need to run away he turns away from Nick.

“You can’t say it to my face can you? What of our live together Greg, the plans we both had, our destiny?”
“Nick… I hate you ok?” Finally finding some strength from deep within his soul, he struggles to finish the pain, the hurt, the lies he has started.

“You hate me?” Nick echoed, pain coursing through out his body, feeling as if his heart had broken into thousands of smaller fragmented pieces…

“Finally you get it” Greg’s voice has changed, bitterness setting in.
“Hate me?” Nick replied unable to grasp the words he heard moments before.

“Yes I hate you, what you do and who you are.” He closes his eyes, clenching his fists tight. “I am not like you, not like that, so yeah I hate everything about you now fuck off and leave me alone… Have a nice life Nick Stokes” Greg informed him, looking back at the fallen man, the pain gathering speed, almost breaking Greg’s own heart. Greg runs away into the night…

Alone and heartbroken, Greg nestles his head in his arms, howling as his choice of action…

Oh Nick I am sorry, I am so sorry, what have I done?

Screaming out with pain, Greg starts to cough, as more tears leave his wet face he retches… incapable of leaving his bed Greg twist his body over the side of bed as vomit splutters out of his mouth, the remnants of his previous meal plummeting onto the bedroom floor.

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