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Ten years ago…

Kristine Mary Hopkins, a one-time drop out of college, stands quivering from the rain and the impending fight with her soon to be ex, as she tries to gather her story together…

“If I tell you to fucking move, then move!”

“But Danny, you know what I do… You know it’s an addiction.”
“Kristy, I don’t care, get your stuff out of my apartment now, and never come back!” Danny shouted out.

“Danny, you know I love you…” Kristy pleads
“Love? What do you know about love…? Get the fuck out of my home and my life…” Danny once again bellowed out. This time, he strides towards her, gripping her elbow pulling her towards the front door.

“Ouch! You are hurting me! Danny stop!”
“If I ever see you again, or hear from you, I will kill you… Now fuck off!” Danny, a twenty one year old college student replied as he felt his heart brake. Recently discovering his girlfriend had paid for sex, Danny decided to brake up with her…

Having the door slammed hard in her face, Kristy crossing her arms, she stamps her foot in anger…

Walking slowly, the now homeless young woman, aims towards her friend’s house… Out of the corner of her eye, she notices a black car pulling over.

“Get in!”
“Get in, you’re cold!”

Bending down to look at who the driver was, Kristy smiled as she recognised a young man, from the streets…

“Why should I get in your car?”
“Because, I can offer you a home to live in and a place to do your business… Plus you’re cute, really cute…”

“Who are you?”
“You’ve seen me before”

Hesitating weather to accept the lift, Kristy took one last look at her ex boyfriend’s house. Accepting that it was really over with Danny, Kristy opens the passenger’s door, easing herself into the car.

“So what’s your name?
“Jack Wilman, now we’ve been introduced, let me take you to your new home.”

Present day.......

Making a bubble with her chewing gum, Kristy slowly strides towards 22nd Street and 1st avenue, a few streets away from her apartment. Gazing at the pitch-black street’s ahead of her, the young woman steps nervously onto the unlighted area.

The thirty -year-old woman pulls her jumper around herself, trying to keep warm. Goosebumps started to form on her exposed neckline. Chewing frantically the young brown haired slender woman apprehensively strolls deeper down the deserted rows of streets ahead.

Hurrying her pace along, she wipes her clammy forehead with the back of her hand, knowing that this really was one of her stupidest ideas going silently praying that Carmen had been right all along….

With her heart pounding, Kristy silently waits for her pick up. Trying not to bite her nails, the brown haired prostitute waits quietly. Although feeling hot from walking a long distance, the coldness stings from her feet. The ill-fitting shoes began to pinch at her toes… Grimacing in pain, Kristy took of her right stiletto. Rubbing the back of her foot, wincing in pain, the hooker put her shoe back on.

Walking around to keep warm, Kristy finally began to doubt that the ‘john’ would show.

In reflection, Kristy silently pondered her next move…. Have to pay this months rent…. Get some food… Take a test…. Fuck! I am so fucked way beyond any help- Kristy summarised.

Cursing aloud Kristy looked up at the night sky, noticing the dazzling stars in the sky, Kristy Hopkins cold, frustrated and very furious stamped her foot hard on the ground, glaring at the way she had came, exhaling noisily, at a snail’s pace, she began to walk to way that she had come some thirty minutes before hand….

Finally walking under some light, Kristy pulled her jumper away from her arm, glancing down at her wristwatch. Letting out a low moan, she glared at the display - 02.56.

Walking slowly towards Sinful Pleasures, she shivers as the cold wind sends shivers through out her body. Slowly but surly she ambles her way towards the more respectable area of Las Vegas.

Knocking on the back door Kristy yawns.

A figure clad in dark colours hurriedly strides past her.

Kristy smiles to herself as she recalled seeing the same pair of feet a few nights ago.

You can hide a face, but you cannot hide the legs…. Kristy thought.

“Hey!” she called aloud.

Stopping dead in his tracks, the man paused. With a small grin, the man turned around.

“Hey…. I know you!” Kristy declared
“So many people think they know me, you’re just one of them….”

“No!” She said as her teeth chattered in the cold. “No, I know who you are!”


“Yep, I’ve seen you before…”

“Who am I?” The man covered in head to foot in black asked.

Smiling to herself, Kristy steps nearer to the man standing before her. As she walked the clicking of her high, heels echoed around them.

Standing within an inch of the man, Kristy, smiled at the handsome person in front of her. Licking her lips, feeling horny, Kristy smirks.

“Oh yes I know who you are…”

Letting out a husky giggle, the male said, “Go on show me…”

Kristy brought her lips slowly towards his parted lips.

Before she could show him, a hand shot up pushing her away…

Looking towards where the hand had come from, the door attendant glanced at Kristy and shook his head.

“No, not this one… This one is off limits you hear me?” The door attendant barked.

Feeling furious, Kristy glared at the door attendant. “Why not?”

“Kristy, you know why not… Are you coming inside or not?”

“Ok…I’m coming…” She replied looking back at the dashingly handsome man in dark clothes. “But damn it Bob, he’s fine…”

“Forget him Kristy; it’s more than your lives worth.”

Looking at the stern face of the burly door attendant, Kristy Hopkins nodded slightly, with a sigh of regret; the prostitute enters into the rear entrance of the club. Following the well meaning fifty year old into the building, she steps out of her shoes.

Sitting crossed legged upon a bar stool, Kristy straightened her hair.
“Come on Bob, you’ve got to be joking right?”
“Hey sweetie, do I look like I joke?”
Shaking her head in an answer, Kristy pouted.

“Kristy, if you continue to hustle, you will end up killed.” Bob nagged her. “Look, call me old fashioned but I know of a refuge that can help.”

Smiling at Bob, Kristy folded her hands over her chest. “Bob, please stop worrying. What can happen to me? Besides, I only hustle where I know I’m protected.”

“Kristy, prostitution even in here, is still frowned upon.” Turning around Bob scribbled an address down on a piece of paper. Handing it over, Bob grinned at her. “Trust me on this, when you leave that you will hold your head up high.”

“What will I do? All I know is how to sell my body?”
“Kristy, there’s more to you than that. If you do want to sell your body, at least dear child, do it legally. Sinful pleasures are recruiting at the moment.”

A slim woman slightly older than Kristy ambles to her. Staring icily at the prostitute she declares, “You’re needed follow me.”

Groaning to herself, Kristy jumped down from her comfortable chair carrying her shoes in her hand.

“Thanks Bob” she said waving at the man as she left the room.

Placing the number under her bra strap, Kristy Hopkins runs as she attempts to keep up with her escort.

“Hey slow down!”

Turning around, the ice princess, a minor switcher, glared at the prostitute. “Street walking will get you killed. Hurry up!”

“Thanks for the concern Mom…”
“Sarcasm, such a waste of intelligence”

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the ice princess, Kristy folded her arms in defiance. “Listen hon. if you were me, you’d do the same…”
“Who died and made you Queen, King and Executioner?”

“Unlike you, my time is short, now hurry up! Enough of your backchat… For once, your mouth is not needed!”
“Ok, so where are we going?”

Once again turning around, the ice princess smiled bitterly at the prostitute. Reaching out to her, the ice princess pulled her by the hair, “listen and listen good strumpet… You will follow me; you will be quiet as a fucking mouse. One word from you, and I will kill you. Make no mistakes about it… Now fucking walk!” she spat out.

Standing confidently, Gil Grissom, a veteran of scientific investigation, glimpses at the crime scene. Sighing as tiredness sets in he glances at the main details of his new assignment. With a flashlight in his left hand, Grissom closely inspects the dead body.

Turning towards Jim Brass he hints, “This looks like a body dump to me. Who called it in?”

“We received a mysterious tip off that a D-B was here.”

“Mysterious how so?”

“Well Grissom, you know Nevada they sent a phone message to the department.”

“Ah, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” Grissom replied as if to himself rather than to either the detective or David Phillips.

Glancing up at the Night time Supervisor, David declares, “We won’t be able to get a time frame of death, until we take the body back to the lab…”

“That’s ok David; we’ve got other things to work on” Gil replies becoming distracted by some evidence lying next to the dead body. Bending down, Grissom picks up a torn letter.

Standing up, Grissom flashes his light onto the torn letter.

“What you got there boss?” Brass asked.

“You paid the price, death became her.”
“Sounds poetic… Keats?”

“No… Grissom” “I am ready to meet my maker. Whether my maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter…”
Chuckling to himself Brass replied… “Grissom?” he said with a smirk.
“No, Winston Churchill.” The night time supervisor replied as he placed the evidence in the envelope and quickly signing it.

Moving away from the waiting figures of Brass and Phillips, Grissom steps towards a brown bag screwed up on the floor.

To be continued….
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