Ties that blind... by candygirl1uk [Reviews - 3]
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Ties that blind chapter five.

Present day…

Locking his car up, Greg stepped out into the thundering downpour. Icy cold rain splashes down from the back of his neck, dripping all the way to his slightly erected nipples from the ever so smallest gap of his shirt.

Shivering in cold, he scans the last few meters to his home, to the warmth of his apartment.

Deciding to run, Greg high above him sees the bright white lightning filling the sky, as he hears another strike of thunderclaps. With his wet fingers, he rakes his hair back, picks up his pace; he jogs around the corner of the parking lot onwards to his front door.

Turning the last corner, he runs into a dark figure, which causes him to loose his balance. Falling loudly towards the wet concrete floo, with a bang he curses aloud.

Wincing in pain, he feels his ankle starting to throb in pain. “Fuck!” He swears aloud.

The figure, bends down offering Greg a hand.
Wiping the rainwater from his face, Greg groans as the coldness of the rain starts to sting.

Getting up with the help of the stranger, who is clothed in dark clothes, which Greg notices giving the man a second look.

Getting to his feet, he feels shooting pains running up and down his right leg.

Feeling drained from his double shift, going well into overtime, Greg yawns, trying to focus on the tall dark stranger. Wiping his eyes, Greg glances at the hand…

That hand …. Focus! Mentally kicking himself, Greg tries to recall where he saw that hand before.

Now on his feet, downtrodden and drenched, he looks towards the hooded stranger with a sigh. Straightening himself up, Greg massages his ankle. Gently placing his hurt foot on the floor, he hears the squelch of his Nikes as they land on the cold watery floor.

“Thanks.” he said, his lips turning blue. Quivering from the freaky weather conditions, Greg fixes his eyes on the cute dark chocolate eyes of the stranger… Of the somewhat familiar stranger.

Once again, Greg mentally recalls a long forgotten conversation.


“Nick, please stop this.”
“Why should I Greg?”

“Because how can… This B.D.S.M be our future, I have an internship with Las Vegas Crime Lab. Please Nick… Listen to me.”
“Greg, don’t you see?” Nick demands leaving the crumpled sheets behind him evidence of their intense lovemaking, he walks towards the doorway where Greg is hovering.

“See what? What is there to see?”
“That’s your life Greg. Not mine.”
“It’s OUR life Nick…”
“Since when have you even bothered about going to that place? I thought the scene… The club meant something to you… to us?”

Both men walk naked into the living room, a grotty small room not fit for much else other than watching television… However neither the soon to be cadet, nor the sub spent much time watching television….Greg glares at his lover in anger, unsure of exactly what it was he was hearing…

Can it be true that he is choosing the life of pain, of being a houseboy? Of being a slave to a Master or a Mistress…

Greg looks towards his man, a man supposed to be enrolling into Las Vegas Police Department.

“Nick what has become of you? I thought that it was something fun, a passion, not an obsession… Are you seriously telling me that you’re not going to be that handsome cop, but a slave, a servant?” Greg ends his words in bitterness.

“Greg it’s what I’ve chosen for my life, why can’t you understand that?”
“I understand that to well…”
“Look your just barely twenty one, what do you know?”
“So what Nick you’re an old man at twenty three... Get a life”

Instead of moving in ever decreasing circles, the two men stand still naked glaring at each other. Their passion forgotten.
Breathing strong and hard, Greg glares with hatred at Nick. Nick, with his chest rising and falling rapidly stares back at Greg. Nick’s dark chocolate eyes glare at the lighter brown eyes of his lover.

“Lady Heather-”
“What has she got to do with this?”
“Greg, Lady Heather owns you and me.”
“FUCK YOU! She does NOT OWN ME,” Screaming the younger man said.
“Accept your future Greg, she owns you”
“No Nick she owns you, not me. Never me…” Greg snorted.

Feeling hurt and betrayed, Greg declares aloud, “Look I have to go got a final to get to… Same place by that small park.”

“Why? So you can get your blow job from me again?”
“Yes” Greg smirks slightly going red. Nick knew that Greg’s addiction included the beautiful blowjobs he gave his lover….

“Amongst other things… Why is that a problem?”
“No, unless you make it one”

Angry as Greg was, he moves towards his naked lover lowering his head, kissing the soft lips of one Nick Stokes.

Breaking the kiss first, Greg whispers into Nick’s ear.
“I’m sorry Nick; I love you, I have to go, tomorrow night at 9 ok?”
“Yeah, I know… I love you too Greg I’ll always will”

Hurriedly getting dressed Greg glares furiously at Nick.

Just as Greg departs the apartment, Nick gazes at the floor, realising the horrible truth…

“Greg?” Nick whispered.
“Nick?” Greg replied also in a sigh.

Shaking his head, Nick turns his back on Greg.

Feeling his heart brake instantly in two, he hears as Greg wordlessly slips out of the apartment and his life.

Once outside of the apartment, Greg realises the truth, he begins to sob. Knowing without a doubt that Nick would not be at the park, knew within a heartbeat that his life now would not include Nick Stokes…


“Are you ok?” The hooded masked person enquires.
That voice, those hands, those deep chocolate eyes….

Fuck what is going on…

Putting one foot down, Greg winces in pain.
He hobbles from the wet concrete, slipping as he walks.

“Hey, here please let me” the man replies gripping onto the slim waist of Greg. “This city is not made for rain…”
“Thanks” Greg whispered for the second time.

“Hello Greg”
“Nick” Greg whispered.

To be continued….
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