Ties that blind... by candygirl1uk [Reviews - 3]
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Twenty-four hours later….

Nick Stokes stands in front of the full-length ceiling to floor mirror, surveying his current attire. Nick peeks at his friend, who left the bathroom. Gazing at Archie, Nick noticed that he was now dressed for work for his bartender job in a local drag club.

“Arch!” Nick calls, signalling his best friend to join him, in his bedroom. With a smile on his face, the Chinese-American male walks into Nick’s private domain.
“Yeah?” he casually asks.

Smirking to himself, Archie glances at Nick and his choice of clothing…
“Nick, please tell me you’re not wearing THAT tonight?” he said.

Nodding in response, Nick grins at his friend’s reflection in the mirror. Blushing slightly Nick adjusts his underwear.
“Why not?” he replies loudly says, “It will work… Trust me!”

“Says the spider to the fly…”

“What’s that supposed to mean Arch?” Returning his gaze to his costume, Nick tweaks his nipples. “I look hot, and you’re just jealous baby…”

“Yeah, Nick, you’re hot, and I’m gagging to fuck you!” Archie stated in mock humour.

Glancing back at Nick through the mirror, Archie says, “Are you blushing?” Archie let out a small giggle as he steps further into his roommate’s bedroom.

“Yes Archie… I am blushing from sexual lust I have for you…“ Nick retorted. Grinning, Nick states, “Arch you need a boyfriend…”

“You first Stokes… You first… When was the last time you had a hot man?”

“About the time that you did…” Nick coughed. “So style guru to the stars, what do you think? What I’m wearing or this?”

In his left hand, he had a skimpy pair of leather shorts…

“Or this” in his other hand, he holds a dark pair of leather trousers with slits down the side.

“What a choice, well you choose; it’s not me wearing that”
“Arch, thanks for the advice, next time I’d ask Mrs Hudson.”
“Mrs Hudson, the blind lady down the hall?”

Archie, chuckled as Nick swore at him.

“Aww, Nick, I’m playing with you…”
“Well, in case you haven’t noticed tonight is a big night for me Archie, so some support would be good!” Nick angrily said.
“What?” Nick said as he stuck out his bottom lip.

Changing the subject, the Chinese American man recoiled as he dropped his head a little. “I’m sorry, am I forgiven yet?”
“You’re an ass Archie…”
“Yeah, I know… So you want a lift to work tonight?”

“Aww, thanks dude but nope I feel I should walk tonight…” Nick said as he resumed his smile.
“You sure?”

Nick turns towards his closet, as he began to pull out clothes, undecided what to wear.

“No, that wont do either” Nick admitted.

Cursing as he threw outfits over his shoulder, he stamped his foot in irritation.

Seeing his roommate and friend in a flustered state, Archie gently says, “by the way, your first choice…Man you will look hot in that…”

“So the leather shorts with so go with my new black rubber shirt. Damn this is hot…” Nick announced as he reached into the closet for the particular shirt. Turning around, Nick replied, “thanks doll, at least I can count on your keen fashion sense”

Happy in his choice of clothes, Nick stands confidently admiring himself in front of the bedroom mirror. Nick sees as his taunt biceps ripple from the short black top. Leaving a few buttons open, the shirt exposed his nipples. Smiling in satisfaction, Nick Stokes put his finger to his lips, making a sizzling sound.
“I’m hot and I know it.” Yes just the right clothes…

He bends down pulling on his black boots. Straightening up, Nick for the last time checks his appearance in the mirror, gives a short nod of approval, picks up his long coat as he leaves the apartment.


Walking quickly to work Nick shakes his head, again regretting his choice, cursing at Archie for not making him accept the lift. Tardiness, not normally a problem for Nick, infact, Nick was renowned for his promptness…

A believer in everything paranormal, Nick smiled to himself, yes tonight is the night….

The tight stage clothes rubs causing small friction burns, regretting not putting on any Vaseline, Nick scowls in discomfort as his legs rubbed together. His long black coat flaps around him as he makes his way around yet another corner.

He looks up, as he sees the moon shimmering in beauty, as he walks past a man lying down on the darkened doorway.

He smiles to himself, feeing secure in his job, loving wearing different clothes every night.

Being a stripper Nick thought, made life more interesting... Feeling all eyes of the women and men gawp as he stripes, as their lust, filled eyes gaze on his slim toned body. Tipping a huge part of his job, Nick knew that by the time he finishes onstage, he would be at least eighty dollars better off. Easy money he ponders, as he picks up his pace…

Can life be any better than this? Nick reflected in thought.

Nick submerged in private thoughts, thinking about the show, going over his routine on stage. Afterwards he reflects on his other passions; a lover of the BDSM culture, he also performs part time stripping for Lady Heathers’ large domain clubs.

Gleefully in deep thought, especially of his financial situation. Smiling to himself, Nick counted all the clubs that he stripped in, eight in total, all clubs in utterly different scenes. The tips alone, Nick appreciated that all the tips helped to make and build his college fund.

Having a good body he thinks, does help make the money, hell… I would even strip for senior citizens if it brings in the money…Nick grinned.

Nick being aroused by seeing his ‘fans’ responding to his performances on stage, plus his near naked body, made him feel a million more times confident for the next time he stripped onstage.

Nick’s other regular gigs include stripping for a gay club over in Henderson. Most however are within the foundation of Las Vegas, easy to get too, easier to get home…


Greg deep-seated in his private hell trying to work out what everything all meant. With a long sigh, Greg kicks an empty soda can around with his left foot.

What am I to do? Deciding on a course of action Greg picks up his tempo. Hands driving deep into his coat pockets Greg shudders as the coldness of Las Vegas’s bleak night turns his fingers blue with cold.


Nick turns the corner, he notices a twenty-four hour fast food specialising in pizzas is open, he peeps inside, once again forgetting to eat before going to work. The stripper notices the cashier, deep in an argument with this larger than life- hooded gang member. The hungry man observes a large envelope; a small smile breaks free from his distinguished features.

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, he shakes his head, not taking this option to grab food; he continues to walk to the private club.

There is nothing better than breathing in the night’s fresh air… Nick summarises as he walks onwards, his stomach rumbling in hunger.


Greg in a daydream hears a gunshot going off in the proximity ahead of him…. His eyes strain to see the upheaval…


Nick hearing the loud gunshot from behind him hears the bell of the door ringing quietly as the door squeaks open, followed by it closing.

From where he is standing, Nick hears foot-steps growing loud, a few seconds later, the fast paced footsteps becoming louder still as the gang member shots towards him…


Greg turns around seeing an older Korean shopkeeper leaving his establishment, “stay away from my shop! Next time you won’t be so lucky punk!” He yells, as he swears in Korean…


Nick stepping to one side not wanting to be in the line of fire, he pops himself into a closed doorway of a shop. From his temporary hideaway, he sees the hooded gang member run whizzing past him, carrying the same brown paper bag.

Nick watches as the tall man sprint away, glancing in the opposite direction, Nick notices as the angry shop owner continually swearing in a foreign language…

Coming away from his hide out, the stripper shrugs his shoulders, his hair blowing slightly in the wind.
Vegas have to love it… Nick ponders this as he now continues his journey to work determined not to get into trouble nor see any trouble.


Greg observes as a hooded figure speeds his way towards him, as the figure passes a street lamp, that Greg notices as blood drips down from his right arm… In the near distance, he spots a man stamping his foot hard on the ground, shaking his hands towards the sky.

Love it or hate it Vegas... The melting pot of life itself.… Greg thinks as he continues walking towards his destination.


Nick picking up his speed, just wanting to be there already, starts to feel on edge. Nick looks down at the ground, the familiar feelings of being late makes the quickening man blush.

Finding himself distracted, Greg jolts back to attention, walks towards his final destination with his head down, hands still firmly placed in his pockets… Doubt creeping inside of him, Greg wondered whether to stay in Vegas, or go back home….

Home, where is home? Back home in California with mom? On the other hand, here with my new life… Whatever it will bring…
Greg submerged in thought, almost at breaking point, he rubs his temples as a headache forms. Thoughts of truths, half-truths, and lies, Greg sighed …

Greg averted his eyes, as he glances at the ground, as his subconscious tries to find its own answers.


Nick determined to get to work on time if not a little early, angles his head down towards the floor concentrating on his walking speed….


“What the-”
“Ouch!” Nick replies, rubbing his head.
“Don’t you look where you’re going?” Greg also rubs his forehead.

Both men clad in black, one to forget, one to back up his façade, almost in a duplicate movement, their eyes meet…

Holding his breath, Greg felt his cheeks flush, silently blessing the darkness of the night.

For Nick, this instantaneous encounter, a sensation deep within him began to pull his attraction towards this complete stranger….

Nick smiles towards this shadowy individual, something familiar kicks in. Who is he? Nick deliberates.

Once again, their eyes intertwine, this time Greg takes off his hood, his hair bouncing free from the restriction. Sensing a familiarity in this man, although Greg could not remember where he saw those amazing colourful, beautiful eyes before….

A joint smile breaks free from the two men standing in the cold dark Vegas night.

Nick licked his lips as this outstanding handsome man smiles deeply, almost as if the smile beamed directly into Nick’s soul.

“Hey yourself” Greg replies, his voice tight from the magnetic attraction he felt towards this stranger.

Nick and Greg remain motionless, as if frozen in time itself, captivated in each other’s mind-blowing beauty.

“Cute smile” Greg confidently says. Somewhat nervous, Greg states, “I’m Greg, Greg Sanders”

“Thanks,” Nick coughs, unsure what to do or say. “Like yours too, I could get lost in that ocean of your mouth…” Realising he had said too much, Nick blushed.

“Yeah, I … I know who you are” he continues, mentally kicking himself.

Greg stands there his heart pounding, for the first time in a long while he feels the tugging of his manhood.
Nick licks his lips, as if instantly recalling who this Adonis is…

“You seem-” Greg pulls his hands out of his coat pocket.
“Familiar-” Nick smiles a dimple forming.
“Where are you-” Greg asks.
“From-?” Nick finishes for him.

Greg inhales sharply, as he feels his nipples twang in attraction to this man.
Nick feels his groin starting to pull, an erection beginning to form. Grateful for the lack of light, Nick places his hands by his groin area.

This time, they both smiled together as if lightning up the whole state of Nevada…

As if coming unstuck, Nick now blinks in rapid succession.

“T- Time, what is the time?” Nick stutters. Unable to move, Nick reddened, as he suddenly felt uncomfortable at his present state of readiness…

“Time?” Greg repeats, as he feels his cock rise fully rubbing against his coat.
“Yeah time…”
“It’s a little after twelve”
“Oh man, I’m so gonna’ be late.” Nick replies to the handsome male version of Aphrodite. “I work most nights a Sinful Pleasures my stage name is Jason.”

“Ok Jason, is that your name?”
“No, no, no” Nick shakes his head. “My name is Nick, Nick Stokes. I live nearby, twenty minutes away by the green door next to Subway on the corner of Sex an Out….” Nick chatted enthusiastically.

“Well hello Nick Stokes worker of Sinful Pleasures, yeah I know where that is.”
“Ok, well eh; maybe I’ll see you around” Nick replies not liking leaving like this.

Nick shyly smiles at Greg, realising that he has only five minutes until the club opens, Nick runs away at double speed… Glancing backwards at the standing frame of Greg Sanders, Nick let out a low groan…

Damn what a cute ass he has! Nick thought as once again a flush formed on his cheeks......




The top that nick chose to match his leather shorts.

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