Role-in, Role-in, Role-in by 10th_letter [Reviews - 8]

CSI Nick Stokes had a surprise for his longtime boyfriend Greg Sanders. It was after Christmas, and of course Greg had loved all of his gifts, but Nick had something special in store. As luck would have it, they both managed to have the same weekend off. Grissom had pulled some strings and managed to “borrow” some CSI’s from Swing. The afternoon started as most afternoons started with the two lovers. Nick was in his office doing some paperwork and Greg was lounging on the couch watching an episode of Behind the Music that he had seen so often he could recite by heart. Putting the last period on the case report, Nick smiled. It was time to put his plan into action.

Nick knew his boyfriend well enough to know that he was only sitting through the Behind the Music because of the Marilyn Manson special that was airing right afterwards. As Nick was setting up his surprise in their spare office, Greg was deeply drawn to some video Nick had never bothered to watch with a lanky young guy getting incredibly affectionate with Marilyn Manson’s neck.

“Hey, Greg? Can you come in to the spare room for a sec? I need to ask you something.” shouted Nick, trying to get his voice to overwhelm the screams coming from the television.

“Mmm hmm, sure babe. I’ll be right in!” replied Greg. The video ended and Greg forced himself off their comfy couch. “What’d you wanna ask me, Tex? Woah, this place just looks like the DNA lab. What’s going on?”

“A surprise. Now put on the labcoat and get behind the desk. We’re going to role play horny labtech and dominant impatient CSI.” Said Nick, his voice husky.

“So, we’re role-playing? I finally managed to convince you? Holy hell, Christmas came early… Or late depending on your outlook.” Before Nick could respond, Greg put on the lab coat, sat down in the chair and tried to get his hair as spiky as he could. Getting in to what was quite possibly the easiest character he could imagine; Greg started moving around a few test tubes and folders. Within a few seconds, he heard a knock on the door. Nick was wearing a tight sweater like he used to in Greg’s early days.

“Hey Nick! What’s up?” asked Greg, spinning around in the chair to face the doorway.

“You know exactly what’s up, Sanders!” yelled Nick.

Greg panicked. “No I don’t. Did I do something wrong? The results you wanted on the drowning case by Lake Mead won’t be ready for about twenty minutes. I could tell you what I have so far, if that would help…”

“You know damn well it wouldn’t! What did you think you were doing the other day?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean! Wearing those damn tight jeans, mindlessly talking about college cuisine! It’s like you were trying to sabotage my case!”

Greg couldn’t help but smile. “How was I sabotaging your case? I thought I was helping!”

“You were, right until you bent over to pick up the pen you dropped. You had to know I would have noticed boxers with cowboys on them.”

“I – I didn’t think you’d look! I always assumed you were –“

“How could you assume anything Greg? I thought you were some kind of prodigy.” Before Greg could stammer out a response, Nick had him pinned to the wall. They were locked in an intense kiss, neither man willing to end the embrace prematurely. Unfortunately for Greg, Nick broke away.

“Wow. Nick, I had no idea.” Stammered Greg.

“Of course you did, you little flirt. Now take off that lab coat and get naked for me.” Nick demanded.

“Yes sir.” Greg smirked and threw his lab coat to the floor and started to unbutton his shirt.

“Oh no, do it slowly.” Said Nick, sitting down in the now vacated chair.

“Like this?” asked Greg, slowly unbuttoning the shirt. The stunned look on Nick’s face gave him all the answer he needed.

After the shirt was successfully off, Greg started on his jeans, only to be stopped by a strong set of Texan hands.

“No. Let me do that.” Said Nick, expertly removing the jeans. He almost laughed when he noticed that Greg was wearing the cowboy boxers. Nick slowly removed the boxers, Greg’s erection free of the confines of the underwear begged for attention. “Someone’s happy to see me.”

Greg could only grunt a response.

Nick licked his lips and slowly moved his mouth over Greg’s throbbing cock. Gently licking the shaft as he went, Nick and Greg’s thrusts matched in perfect harmony. Nick suddenly got a brilliant idea and towards the end, he added a small amount of pressure, restricting Greg’s release. When Greg finally reached the edge, Nick let go and Greg nearly collapsed to the floor.

Panting Greg said, “Your results are done.”
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