Trust Factor by Paige [Reviews - 1]

AN: This was done for rounds_of_kink on Live Journal. Therefore, I will add my own warning: This fic contains D/s, spanking, voyeurism and exhibitionism. If any of those bother you, don't continue.


“Do you trust me,” Nick whispered into Greg’s ear, the silk scarf in his hands. Greg nodded just before the softness settled over his eyes, cutting off his vision and heightening every other sense he had before he was led to the bedroom, which doubled as their playroom.

He wasn’t sure why Nick insisted on asking him if he trusted him, Nick should know that Greg trusted him more than he had ever trusted anyone else in his life. But he also knew that Nick wanted to be sure that this was something Greg really wanted to do.

He never would’ve thought that straightlaced Nick had a kinky streak a mile wide, but he was glad for it. He still remembered their first night when he’d seen Nick’s array of toys and Nick’s questions about Greg’s preferences. He’d been amazed to know that the quirky lab tech turned CSI had very little actual experience in BDSM but was eager to learn. Nick had given him a beginning lesson that night and they’d never looked back.

A sudden smack on the bottom brought his mind back to the present. He moaned as he felt Nick pushing what felt like a large plug into his body, then he felt a pair of hands fastening on a cockring.

He froze, those hands weren’t Nick’s, Nick’s hands were stroking over his back and shoulders. He stiffened and tried to pull away but Nick stopped him.

“Shh, my pet, it’s all right,” Nick whispered, running his fingers through Greg’s hair. Greg whimpered, he didn’t remember Nick saying something about adding another person to the scene. They’d talked about it but nothing had been decided. He didn’t realize that he was trying to back away until Nick’s hand tightened in his hair, “Stop boy.”

Even though the words were soft and not forceful, they stopped Greg as quickly as he would’ve if Nick had yelled.

The strong fingers loosened their grip and resumed their gentle stroking through his hair, “Good boy.” Nick pulled Greg against him, still stroking his hair, “Breath my pet. Deep breaths, just let go.”

Greg did as he was told, feeling his fears and anxiety about being naked and exposed in front of a stranger slip away. When he was down in his subspace, he let his head fall forward and was rewarded with a gentle pat on the ass, “Such a good pet. Show our guest how well-trained you are.”

Immediately, Greg dropped to his knees, assuming the position he’d learned when he and Nick had gone to Lady Heather’s to learn the fundamentals of D/s; on his knees, hands behind his back, back straight, head up. Immediately, he felt the stranger’s stroking over his hair very gently, almost as if the stranger sensed the residue of nervousness that lingered in Greg. Now that he was in his subspace and not so nervous, Greg could savor the gentleness of the hands and how safe they made him feel.

“See? I told you how well behaved he can be once he’s had a little training,” he heard Nick say, the smile evident in his voice. Then Greg felt Nick fastening his leash to the D-Ring on his collar, “Come pet.”

Greg dropped onto all fours and crawled behind Nick. When they stopped, Nick urged him to his feet, “Our guest has something that he’d like to try with you, my pet. He knows your safe words and I will be here the whole time. Understand?”

“Yes Sir,” Greg said, he could hear rustling, indicating that the stranger was sitting down on the bed, then Nick eased Greg down so that he was laying on his front on the bed with his legs spread and his ass in the air. It didn’t take Greg long to realized that the stranger was going to spank him. Rather than terrifying him, the thought of someone spanking him while Nick watched aroused him more than he would’ve thought imaginable.

The stranger’s hand gently brushed over his ass, a single finger lightly teasing around the base of the plug Nick had inserted, Greg moaned and tried not to squirm, but the soft chuckles he could hear told him that the stranger seemed to enjoy it.

Then all of a sudden, a hand came down on his ass with a resounding ‘smack’, Greg let out a yelp of surprise but moaned when the hand gently rubbed over the spot. It went on like that for what seemed like hours; the stranger would spank one cheek and then rub it before moving on to the other one and occasionally teasing around the plug. By the time he was finished, Greg was a quivering, whimpering mass of need.

“What a good boy,” Nick’s voice purred from what seemed like a great distance as his hand began stroking the younger man’s hair. “Can you hear me my pet?”

Greg moaned quietly, his mind had disintegrated sometime during the spanking and he was pretty sure that speech was impossible. Nick stroked his hair and praised him for a few minutes before moving away. After a split second, he felt Nick behind him, coaxing him onto his knees before pulling the plug out.

“Now my pet, there’s one more thing that I’m going to ask you to do for our guest. I’ve been bragging to him about what a wonderful little cocksucker you are. How would you like to show him?” It wasn’t really a request but Nick wanted to give Greg a chance to say no.

Greg moaned again and nodded, he couldn’t have refused even if it had occurred to him. Nick smiled, “Good boy. Open your mouth.”

Greg complied and sighed happily as a warm, thick cock filled his mouth. He began sucking on it, using every trick he knew and that Nick had taught him to pleasure the stranger. The man’s hands settled on his head, gently guiding Greg on how to pleasure him.

Greg was so engrossed in his task that Nick’s fingers nailing his prostate caught him off guard. He moaned loudly, which caused the hands on his head to tighten and hot, salty fluid flooded his mouth. The stranger thrust a few times before pulling out and giving Greg a gentle pat on the head. Greg barely had time to register the gesture before Nick grabbed his hips and sank his thick cock as deep in Greg’s stinging ass as it would go.

Nick must’ve been extremely turned on by the night’s events because he set a hard pace, thrusting into Greg with a force that would’ve surprised the younger man if he’d had enough presence of mind to think about it. After a few minutes, Greg felt a hand removing the cockring, causing his long neglected dick to spring to life and Nick’s hand wrapped itself around the now weeping dick.

“Cum for me, pet.” Greg didn’t need to be told twice, he came with a loud cry before collapsing onto the bed. He was asleep before Nick came deep inside him.


Once Nick got his breath back, he smiled at their guest, who was gently stroking Greg’s hair, “He asleep?” At the other man’s nod, he carefully pulled out of Greg’s ass and reached for the Klennex he kept on the nightstand. After cleaning both himself and his pet, Nick gently maneuvered Greg under the covers with the help of his guest.

As they watched Greg sleep, Nick turned to the other man, “That was fun. I wasn’t entirely sure he was going go through with it, Greg’s very shy about being nude in front of someone other than either me or Lady Heather.”

His companion nodded, “Well, he’s obviously very well trained. You’ve done a wonderful job with him, Nick.”

Nick smiled, “Thanks.” He yawned deeply, “If you don’t mind, I think I’m going to join Greg. I’ll talk to him about tonight when he wakes up, see if he’d be up for a next time. I’m sure he will, but I want to be sure since this was a surprise.”

The older man smiled, “I understand, let me know how it goes.” His soft smile turned mischievous, “If there is a next time, I can wear a mask so he can see.”

Nick laughed as he showed his friend out, “I’ll keep it in mind. Talk to you tomorrow.” He waited until the man was in his car before closing the door, making sure it was locked before heading upstairs to join his lover and pet in the world of dreams.

As he drove away from Nick’s house, Gil Grissom smiled to himself. Tonight had been fun, he’d always wondered what a well-trained, submissive Greg Sanders would be like and he had not been disappointed. He was certain that there was going to be a next time, and he couldn’t wait.

The End.
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