Over worked and underlaid by saebuffyboy [Reviews - 1]

“Oh my God.” Greg moaned as he lay on the bed. His neck stretched back and his breath coming in shallow rapid bursts.

“How long is it?” Nick asked.

“Too long.” Greg gasped. His eyes slipping closed. “I don’t think I’ve slept in…. How long?”

“I think the last time was a Tuesday”

“And today is?”

“About two weeks from the last Tuesday I remember.”

Before Greg had a chance to think up a witty reply, he fell asleep and Nick soon after him.

After working three triple homicides in a row, Nick and Greg had spent the better part of the past couple weeks putting in double overtime. After processing the last of the most recent crime scenes both men left work and collapsed in bed still fully dressed.

A few hours later Nick felt that familiar sensation stirring in his groin. He hauled his tired and sore body out of bed to relieve himself. The flushing sound and the click of the light switch brought Greg out of a dreamless sleep. Nick walked back in tugging his tee shirt off over his head and toeing off his shoes at the same time. He unbuckled his pants and worked the fly with one hand while he tugged at the laces of Greg’s shoes. Nicks pants hit the floor just a moment before Greg’s well worn Chuck Taylor’s hit . Greg stretched and looked up at his Texas Adonis.

“I see the way it is work me till I’m too tired fight off your sexual advances.” a sleepy smile played on Greg’s lips before he yawned.

“Oh yeah, that’s hot.” Nick yawned back as he crawled into bed.

Nick slid his arm across Greg’s chest and pulled him closer. Greg wedged his head between Nicks shoulder and neck so he could whisper.

“I’m horny.”

“So am I.”

Nick slid his arm down to feel the growing interest between Greg’s legs. In a movement that showed little sign of just how exhausted he was Nick slid his body over and straddled Greg’s. Greg lifted his arms to allow Nick to slid off his tee shirt. Before it hit the floor the boys mouths joined in a kiss whose hunger had come from weeks of being starved from each others affections. And they both lifted their hips to slid off Greg’s jeans and boxers before Nick removed his. Leaving nothing left but their naked bodies and hardening cocks pressed together. Nick reached over to get condoms and lube out of the bedside table when Greg pulled his mouth off of Nicks.

“No, not like that tonight, I just want to… enjoy each other.”

Nick questioningly raised his eyebrows, before breaking into a knowing smile. He shifted his weight and reached into the other bedside table and pulled out a bottle of massage oil. He opened the bottle and drizzled it down Greg’s chest and cock before dribbling more across his own pecks and allowing it to run down his abs and drip off his dick. Nick began working his hands across Greg’s aching muscles, before settling on the muscles he knew was aching more than the others. Greg reached up and began rubbing Nicks hard pecks paying special attention to his nipples pinching and tweaking them till the stood on end. Greg was moving his way down Nicks torso when Nick laid his weight back across Greg’s chest and kissed him again. For the next several minuets, they allowed the heat from their bodies and the gently grinding motions between them to relax their tired muscles. Before either of them could warn the other they exploded in a geyser of pent up passion. They embraced for a few moments before Nick rolled off and Greg rolled over to lay across Nicks chest.

“I am so sleeping for a year.” Greg happily sighed against Nick.

“I’m going for two.” Nick slid a hand over and caressed Greg’s ass cheeks.

“Sleep can wait.”
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