After the Party by Wojo [Reviews - 5]

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The break room was empty except for the two of them. Nick sipped his coffee as he watched Greg, who sat across from him eating ice cream and looking through a magazine. Nick watched with fascination as the spoon disappeared into Greg's mouth, then back out again. He watched as Greg's Adam's apple rose up and down as he swallowed, and as his tongue emerged and licked his lips.

That simple act sent chills down Nick's spine; he bit his bottom lip to keep from moaning. He has wanted Greg for so long but his own fears have forced him to keep it to himself. Besides, he was sure Greg didn’t swing that way. Greg was completely engrossed in the magazine and was oblivious to Nick's stare and continued as usual, successfully driving Nick crazy. Nick's eyes were only torn away when Catherine entered the room; Catherine stood in front of the table and laid her palms flat onto it.

“Hey guys,” she said, getting both men’s attention. “I'm having my annual holiday party this Saturday, hope you guys can make it.” She looked back and forth between the two of them waiting for an answer.

“Sure Catherine, I wouldn't miss it,” Greg said, smiling at her.

“Um yeah, count me in,” Nick added, with a nod.

“Good, see you then,” Catherine said as she turned briskly and left the room.

“Well,” Nick said as he got up from the table to rinse his coffee cup in the sink, “I’d better go see if Mandy got anywhere with my prints.”

“Yeah, I'm waiting for a page from Hodges about some scrapings I gave him,” Greg said as he watched Nick stroll over to the sink, his tight jeans framing his ass perfectly.

Nick rinsed his cup and reached for a paper towel but it slipped from his fingers and onto the floor. He bent over to pick it up and Greg's breath caught in his throat.

“Mmmm,” Greg hummed before he could realize what he was doing.

Nick stood up and glanced over at Greg, Greg reacted quickly by lifting the spoon to his mouth and licking it.

“Mmmm,” Greg repeated, “this is some good ice cream. You should try it.”

“Yeah...some other time G,” Nick replied. 'I'd really like to suck it right off your tongue,' he thought to himself. He gave Greg a quick smile, sat his coffee cup down and left the room. Greg blew out a breath, relieved he wasn't caught admiring Nick's ass.

The night of the party arrived, nearly everyone from the lab attended, including all the CSI's except Grissom who was lecturing out of town, most of the lab techs, as well as Brass and Sofia. The alcohol and party food flowed freely. Bobby made his famous mudslides, which Greg enjoyed a little too much. He joined Sara, Wendy, Hodges, David, and Mandy in a partner game of trivia pursuit, which of course, he and Wendy were winning.

Nick was nursing his sixth beer of the evening as he played a game of cards with Warrick, Archie, and Brass. He kept stealing glances at Greg who was sitting in between Sara and Wendy. Nick found that while Greg was involved in the game, their eyes would meet on more then a few occasions, but both would quickly look away.

“We win!” Greg yelped with excitement and Nick looked over just in time to see Greg and Wendy exchange hugs. He downed the rest of his beer and opened another when he couldn't take his eyes away. He was in the middle of a deep drink when Warrick lightly punched him in the arm.

“Yo, earth to Nick!” Warrick laughed, “Show your hand man.”

“I got nothin'.” Nick scoffed and threw his cards down on the table.

“What’s with you tonight?” Warrick asked. “Why so moody? Girl trouble?”

“Something like that,” Nick said, bringing his beer up to his lips again.

With both games ending, the players dispersed and mingled with the other guests. Nick began a conversation with Bobby and his partner Michael, who proudly showed him a photo of their adopted daughter.

Meanwhile, Greg staggered into the kitchen for another mudslide. He practically fell into one of the chairs at the table where Catherine was sitting. He righted himself and helped himself to another mudslide as he gave Catherine a lopsided smile.

“Fun party Catherine,” Greg slurred, and then giggled for no apparent reason.

“Don't you think you've had enough of those?” Catherine asked, as she gestured at Greg's glass.

“Not if I'm still standing.” Greg smirked and began laughing again.

“It’s getting late, and that's the last one, so enjoy it.” Catherine got up from the table and gave Greg a motherly pat on the back. “I need to say goodbye to some people, don't go anywhere.”

She shook her head as she left the kitchen to say goodbye as guests began to filter out. Some had designated drivers, others called cabs, and soon everyone was gone except Nick, Greg, and Sara, who planned to stay and help clean up in the morning.

Greg came staggering out of the kitchen, holding his empty glass and looking confused.
“Where is everyone?” he asked, and then lost his balance. He fell into Nick's arms and Nick quickly maneuvered Greg into the nearest chair. Nick nearly lost his own balance in his inebriated state.

Catherine handed them each a glass of water. “Drink this, and sober up a bit before going to bed. Otherwise, you’ll be in rough shape tomorrow. You guys should just spend the night, more time to hydrate and rest, you lushes.” Catherine said, with her hands on her hips. “And since Sara has the guest room, you two will have to share the sofa bed.”

They both drank their water as commanded and didn’t protest. Nick held himself up by holding the back of Greg's chair while Catherine and Sara unfolded the sofa bed. Then Sara helped Catherine make up the bed with fresh linens and pillows from the closet.

“Okay boys, time to sleep it off,” Catherine chuckled and pointed towards the bed. Sara set out four water bottles, two by each side of the bed, hoping they would continue to drink it.

Nick made his way over to the bed and stood there a moment as if he didn’t know if he should get in or not. He rubbed the back of his neck, it was his nervous tick.

“Um...I can't sleep in my pants,” Nick said blushing and weaving a little.

“Then take them off,” Catherine said, smirking.

“Yeah, we won't mind,” Sara added, her arms folded in front of her.

“Okay, as long as you behave yourselves.” Nick laughed and kicked off his shoes, then sat down harder on the bed then he meant to and nearly fell off. He regained his balance and slipped his jeans off, and then lay down. They watched him close his eyes and start to snore.

“Come on Greg time for bed,” Catherine said.

Greg staggered over to the opposite side and then pushed his jeans down to his ankles. Loosing his balance, he fell onto the bed and continued to struggle with his pants.

“They won't come off,” Greg said in frustration, kicking his feet out in front of him.

Sara snickered and bent down in front of him.

“It helps if you take off your shoes first, Greg,” Sara reminded him and then proceeded to help him off with his shoes, and jeans while trying to control her laughter.

“I’d hate to be those two in the morning,” Sara said, raising her eyebrows.

“Tell me about it,” Catherine agreed. They left the sleeping men and headed off to their rooms to get some sleep.

Hours later the living room was bathed in moon light from the open drapes. Nick awoke to the sound of moaning, specifically Greg's moaning. Nick looked down at Greg's sleeping face, and then down Greg’s body. Greg was obviously having one hell of a good dream judging by the tent that had formed in his boxers. Greg moaned again and Nick wondered if he was dreaming about Wendy, Sara, or some chick he met at a bar and took home. Nick listened with sadness that Greg was dreaming of someone else. Then there was an entirely different sound coming from the dreaming man; Greg began talking in his sleep

“Ohhh, Nick...yeah,” Greg whispered through his moans. “God yes...Nick.”

Nick's eyes widened and his jaw dropped and his heart began to pound as he realized what he just heard. Greg was dreaming about him! His cock grew hard as he continued to eavesdrop on Greg’s dreaming. Then Greg’s actions moved from that of lust to disturbance as he began, moving his head form side to side.

“No...Nick...don't go,” Greg said, sounding distressed. A moment later he jerked awake and looked around, confused. He looked over and saw Nick next to him and flinched, and then he remembered last night and where he was.

“Hey Nick,” Greg said, clearing his throat.

“Hey G,” Nick replied. “That must have been some dream,” he paused and then gestured to Greg’s lower half, “from that tent in your shorts.”

“Oh God!” Greg whimpered, moving his hands to cover himself. “Sorry.”

“It's okay man, it happens. It’s perfectly normal,” Nick said trying to suppress a grin. He wanted to see if Greg was going to tell him the truth. “So, some dream, huh?” Nick prodded further.

“Yeah, it was pretty hot.” Greg laughed, and allowed himself to relax. He was certain that Nick had no clue who his dream was about.

“So, tell me Greg,“ Nick said slowly, “Why were you moaning my name?” Nick had to take the chance to see if Greg felt the same way about him.

“Shit!” Greg felt like his world was caving in. “Look man, can we just skip the part where you cave in my face and I'll just save myself some embarrassment and go home?”

Greg made a move to leave but Nick stopped him, by grabbing his arm.

“Don't go Greg, I'm not going to hit you,” Nick said in a calm voice which surprised Greg.

“You aren't freaked out? Why aren't you freaked out? Greg began to ramble, in his nervous way.

“Because I find the idea of you dreaming about me very...” Nick reached for Greg's hand and guided it to his boxers and his own erection. “Stimulating.”

“Nick,” Greg's eyes widened. “I didn't know that you...I mean, I've always wanted...but I didn't think...”
Greg couldn’t form a rational thought, it was so unbelievable.

“Shhh, I get it. Can I just kiss you now?” Nick asked, staring into Greg's startled eyes.

“You...wanna kiss me?” Greg asked still unconvinced Nick was serious, that Nick reciprocated his feelings

“In the worst way G,” Nick answered, reaching out to touch Greg's face.

Greg could only nod as Nick moved in and captured his lips with his own in a sweet and tender kiss. They enjoyed the feel and taste of the other, sharing in something they'd both wanted for so long. Nick pulled away and smiled.

“Wow,” Nick sighed.

“Dream come true,” Greg whispered, running his fingers through Nick's hair.

Nick pulled Greg close and rolled them over so he laid on top the other man. Greg let out a small whimper as he felt Nick's erection against his own. Nick gently brushed some stray hair from Greg's face and gave him another brief kiss.

“Tell me about your dream,” Nick whispered as he moved to kiss Greg's neck. “What did I do to make you moan like that?”

“We were on my couch,” Greg said, taking a deep breath as Nick found a sensitive spot below his ear. “You were kissing me and...God, that feels good.”

“Tell me more,” Nick said, nibbling Greg's ear, and smiling as the younger man shivered beneath him.

“You were touching me...” Greg continued. “Keep doing that...You had...your hand inside my pants, and it felt so good. But then your pager went off and you just walked away. I didn't want you to go...didn't want you to stop.”

“Can I touch you now? I promise I won't stop,” Nick asked, raising his head to look at Greg.

“Please,” Greg said, nodding. “Please touch me.”

Nick reached between them and inside Greg's boxers, taking Greg's hardened member into his hand. Greg moaned and threw his head back as Nick began to stroke him slowly.

“Feel good?” Nick asked, his breathing becoming heavier from just hearing Greg's moans.

“God, yes,” Greg panted, staring up at his new lover. Nick could see the pleasure in Greg’s eyes. With the moonlight shining down on him, Nick thought Greg had never looked so beautiful.

“You are so beautiful G.” Nick's breath caught in his throat as he spoke.

“You think I'm...beautiful?” Greg asked surprised. “Isn't that what you say to a woman?”

“You're more beautiful to me than any woman I've ever known,” Nick said with such sincerity that it made Greg want to cry. “And not just on the outside.”

“God, Nick...” Greg's voice cracked and his eyes filled with tears. “I don't know what to say.”

“Don't say anything, just kiss me again.” Nick closed his mouth over Greg's once again. This time the kiss was passionate; Greg opened his mouth to allow Nick to deepen the kiss. Nick slipped his tongue into Greg's mouth, and Greg responded in kind. Their tongues began exploring and tasting until the men pulled apart to breath.

“I want to feel you touch me too,” Nick said breathlessly as he let go of Greg's cock to pull his own free. They both cried out as their cock's brushed together. Greg's hand joined Nick's and they moved in unison, stroking and thrusting their hips, increasing their mutual pleasure.

“Oh, Nicky...Oh God, yes!” Greg cried out, grasping Nick's ass with his free hand to bring him closer.

“Greg...oh, Greg...you feel so...good,” Nick panted as they quickened their pace, sending waves of pleasure rolling through them.

They moved together as one, closer and closer to their release.

“Jesus Nicky...I'm coming!” Greg groaned and his body shook from his orgasm.

“Oh God...Greeeggggg!” Nick cried out.

Nick rolled off and held Greg's hand as they both lay there catching their breath and coming down from their intense orgasms.

“Nicky, that was just...” Greg hesitated unable to find the right words to describe his feelings.

“I know G,” Nick said, sharing in Greg’s unspoken sentiment. He reached for some Kleenex off the end table and wiped them both off. He rolled over to face Greg and took him is his arms, and they fell asleep holding each other, both knowing this was the beginning of the rest of their lives together.


The End (Happy New Year!)
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