DNA has no feelings by Catlover2x [Reviews - 6]

DNA analysis can be precise. It can determine guilt or innocence by identifying specific markers, probing a complementary sequence, showing a distinctive pattern that can be matched to an individual. The odds are exceedingly small that two people could have the same DNA profile.

DNA evidence can tell you the color of someoneís eyes, or determine genetic predisposition toward a particular disease, or whether twins are identical or fraternal. DNA can tell you if a killer left his cells on his victim.

What DNA canít tell you is whatís in a personís heart.

He feels like his DNA is stained, soiled, tattooed with horror. He watches the coverage of the bombing in London, the destruction and death. The tears streaming down his face carry no memories. Theyíre brand new tears, created for the sorrow he feels today.

But he could swear that he remembers the day in 1941 his grandfather, Papa Olaf stood and watched the Nazis take his father away for trying to help a beaten Jew in the streets of Oslo. Papa Olaf was only fourteen and he never saw his father again. He saw a lot of things no boy of fourteen should see.

Today there are more children whose parents will never come home again.

He knows DNA doesnít come with sorrow carved into the markers. But he canít help feeling that his own DNA remembers and he knows just how the boy Olaf felt that day in 1941. And he cries.

Dedicated to all who lost loved ones to terrorism anywhere, any time.
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