GSpd2: Missing Scene by Catlover2x [Reviews - 4]

Warrick was in the kitchen, eating his dinner, and a very good dinner it was too, when Greg Sanders, private dick, crashed through the gate leading to the stock lift. The chefs looked up from their sautéeing and saucing, startled by the noise.

Warrick recognized Greg and rose to hurry to his side.

Greg’s eyes were half closed and he was trying to raise himself up on his hands and knees but he was shivering so hard, he could barely steady himself. Warrick grasped his sleeve, realizing why the slender man was shaking so violently; his clothes were soaked and his face was caked with mud.

Sliding an arm under the young man’s shoulders and knees, Warrick stood up with Greg in his arms. “Ring the elevator for me, will you, Rich?”

The handsome young chef nodded, hurrying to press the button and flattening himself against the wall as Warrick walked past with his semi-conscious burden. Warrick got into the small cabin and asked, “Press two for me, will you?”

Rich reached in and pressed the requisite number. As the door slid shut, he winked. Startled, Warrick winked back. He’d thought he was the only one who’d known of Nick’s interest in the young detective, but apparently the news had traveled fast.

When the doors opened, he walked the few steps to Nick’s office, praying that his boss was inside. Otherwise he might be hanging around the hall with a damp detective in his arms for who knew how long.

Warrick manoeuvred so that he could knock an elbow against the door, but instead, he hit his funny bone and started cursing. The door swung open and Nick was looking at him curiously.

“What the fuck–?”

Warrick brushed by Nick, marching to the couch and laying the young man on it. “Hit my funny bone.”

“I didn’t mean that, where’d you get him? What’s wrong?”

“Don’t know yet,” Warrick replied. “He just came crashing into the kitchen out of the lift. Maybe better send someone up to see how he got the sidewalk doors open.”

“Good thinking.” Nick started and walked to his desk, picking up the phone and giving the necessary orders.

He hurried to stand at Warrick’s elbow, watching as the black man unbuttoned Greg’s jacket. The shock wore off and Nick shouldered Warrick out of the way.

“I’ll do that. Fuck, he’s filthy. Why is he wet?”

“Don’t know, but if we can get him warmed up, maybe he’ll tell us when he wakes up,” Warrick said patiently, realizing that when Nick was a bit less worried, he would stop asking questions that Warrick obviously didn’t know the answers to.

Together the two men wrestled Greg out of his clothes. It was no easy task. His bootlaces balked and had to be cut. The socks presented no challenge but the heavy soaked jeans clung to his legs. Nick held Greg around the waist while Warrick tried to drag them down Greg’s legs. Finally he gave up.

“Where are those shears?” he demanded. “I’m just going to cut them off.”

Nick had become aware of a certain unsavoury aroma clinging to Greg and wrinkled his nose distastefully. “Yeah, he stinks. Might as well.” Circling his desk, he extracted a sharp pair of scissors, and cut the remaining clothing from Greg’s body.

Warrick whistled appreciatively. “Nice. I see why you dig him.”

“He’s mine,” Nick growled, his eyes narrowed dangerously.

Warrick chuckled, unafraid and amused by Nick’s alpha display. “Don’t get your panties in a bunch, boss, he’s a little on the lean side for my taste. I like a bit more to hang onto.”

Nick shook his head in disbelief, looking at Greg’s naked body. The young detective was the epitome of what he desired and he couldn’t believe any man in his right mind would turn that down. He noticed that tremors were still shaking Greg and his lips were blue.

“Get blankets, Warrick. I’ll try to clean him up a little,” he directed.

Warrick left the room and Nick let the water run in the bathroom sink until it was warm, filling an ice bucket. He took a small hand towel and tried to sponge Greg clean. He wiped smears of mud from the young man’s face, concluding that he couldn’t really do much about his hair, which was caked with mud.

Obviously, whatever Greg had anticipated, the evening’s plan had gone wrong somehow. Nick worried about just what had happened, wondering how Greg had managed to get away. Clearly, the fact that he’d ended up in the water meant something or someone had caused him to go swimming, either against his will or to affect a rescue.

He was interrupted by Warrick, triumphantly bearing one shabby blanket. “Found one.”

“Where?” Nick asked suspiciously, viewing the dusty cover with disfavour. He tossed the grimy hand towel in his wastepaper basket.

“Cleaning closet.”

“Great, we rescue him from hypothermia and infect him with germs at one fell swoop,” Nick grumbled, but he took the blanket and shook it out before tucking it tenderly around Greg.

“How’d you know to bring him here?” he asked suddenly, rounding on Warrick.

“Just thought you like to know what’s going on around the place, and he came in the back way, kind of sudden,” Warrick said impassively. Nick turned to gaze at Greg with a besotted expression and Warrick grinned mischievously behind his back. Yeah, Nick had it bad.

“Thanks,” Nick said absently. He seemed to forget that Warrick was in the room.

Warrick stood and watched as Nick sat at the edge of the couch, smoothing Greg’s hair off his face. Greg was still shivering, his teeth chattering as his body tried to restore him to warmth.

Nick flipped the blanket back and rubbed Greg’s chilled feet.

“I’ll get a hot water bottle,” Warrick suggested.

“Yeah. Good idea.” Nick glanced up briefly and returned his attention to the young detective.

Warrick left, closing the door quietly behind him. His last glimpse of Nick showed the man was completely absorbed in his unexpected guest, gazing at him with an unreadable expression. All Warrick knew is he’d never seen Nick look that way before.

Nick had women that he squired to public events, and private dalliances with young men whom only Warrick saw as he escorted them to meet his boss, but although Nick was unfailingly polite to them, he always had an amused smile on his face, as if he didn’t take anyone of them too seriously. He had never discussed any of them with Warrick.

Warrick figured that he was the person Nick was closest to, and none of the young men or women that Nick saw meant a thing to his boss.

But Nick was looking at Greg as if he really cared. As if his heart had been captured at last. And he’d given orders to everyone who worked at the club that if Greg came in or called, he was to be notified at once. That was why, when Greg had come to talk to Warrick yesterday, he’d nodded at Gil and the bartender had tipped the boss that the private dick was there.

Warrick smiled as he closed the door and went in search of a hot water bottle. Of course it was Gil who proved to have one and Warrick didn’t even want to know why. Gil gave him exact instructions on the temperature of water to pour into it before he released his grasp on it. Warrick went off to the kitchen and demanded hot water, musing on the exactness of Gil’s instructions. Maybe that’s why he was such a good bartender. Interesting that such an intelligent man was content working for Nick behind the bar.

Warrick knocked on the door before he entered, unsure of what Nick might be doing, but his boss was sitting on the couch with Greg’s head in his lap holding him close. Nick cupped Greg’s cheek and Warrick was interested to see the younger man turn into the caress, nuzzling Nick’s hand as if smelling him. Greg let out a soft sigh, as if he recognized Nick’s scent and was content at last. Safe.

Warrick pulled the blanket away from Greg’s feet and propped the hot water bottle with a cushion so it would warm his feet and tucked the blanket around him again.

“Anything else I can do to help?”

“Thanks, I’ve got it, Warrick.” Nick didn’t look up, just kept stroking Greg’s face and holding him.

Warrick tiptoed to the door. He was beginning to wish he really had installed a spy hole into Nick’s office. Things were going to get interesting.


I realized vaguely that Warrick had left the room. I bent over Greg and pressed my lips to his forehead. His skin felt cold and he was still shaking.

I lifted him enough to slip out from under him, crossing to the door and locking it. I stood there looking down at Greg and my decision was easy. Quickly I stripped my clothes off and lifted him so that I could slide under him. I settled him on my chest and wrapped my arms around him, opening my legs so that he could fit between them. I shivered from touching Greg, he was so cold.

I had to chuckle, remembering my stint in the boy scouts, when my only aim in life was to sport a chest full of medals. And I’d done it too. I remembered the scoutmaster lecturing on hypothermia and the fastest way to warm someone suffering from cold; it was all so fascinating to me. I enjoyed that time of my life a lot. I remember telling my mom that I was going to become a scientist.

My smile faded as I thought of the unexpected twists that life took. I was as far from being a scientist now as it was possible to be, but perhaps learning to observe, setting up conditions for experiments, quantifying results gave me the success I have today. Using science for better results in crime.

I wrapped my arms around Greg, stroking him gently. The shivering was starting to slack off as he drew warmth from my embrace.

Greg uncurled his hands and snuggled slightly against my chest. I pulled his head onto my shoulder and lowered my chin, brushing it across the top of his head.

It had been a stressful day for me. I’d had to make some business decisions that day and I knew I was going to catch some flack for them. On top of that I’d been worried about Greg. He was so fiercely independent that I feared if I showed any concern, I would push him away. I can barely get Greg to sit still next to me without tying him down, so there was no way I was going to warn him to be careful.

But it killed me to let Greg walk out of my office earlier. Even though Greg had planned only to watch, I knew all too well how something small could set off events, cascading to something catastrophic. I don’t know what had gone wrong tonight, but something clearly had, or Greg wouldn’t have showed up freezing and wet.

I started to hum as I held Greg, and I realized it was a lullaby my mother used to sing to me when I was little. Although I found Greg incredibly desirable, and he was naked against me, I wasn’t thinking about sex. It felt so nice to simply hold him, especially as he wasn’t squirming to get away. I resolved that however long it took, I would succeed in training Greg to accept that hugging was a good thing and even private dicks could indulge in its comforts.

A soft snore made me look down. Greg was asleep and he felt much warmer now. I didn’t want to get caught with my pants down and I figured that he was okay for now, so I gently slid out from under him, tucking him in again warmly.

I picked up my clothes and dressed. Greg stirred and moaned. I knew that he would resent it if he woke and found me hovering over him like a nervous mother hen but I couldn’t resist stooping to kiss him softly one last time before returning to my desk.

I straightened up and it struck me suddenly that Greg had been in trouble and he’d come here, to me, as if he knew without doubt that he would be safe here.

“I’ll take care of you, babe,” I whispered. I cupped Greg’s cheek in my hand and kissed him one last time. “I’ll take care of you.”

With that I turned and walked to my desk, busying myself with my papers. I heard little rustles and moans as Greg returned to consciousness. I bent over my desk to hide a secret smile. I couldn’t wait to hear what had happened to him tonight.

‘Greg came to me,’ I thought gleefully.

I looked up and saw Greg watching me and the tender feeling inside me exploded like a helium balloon, filling me with lightness of being. I felt as if I could fly.

“You’re always welcome at my club, but you don’t need to make such a spectacular entrance,” I said.

Greg smiled at me with such drowsy innocence, it made my heart stop in delight.

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