Past and Present by Jacqueline [Reviews - 1]

Past and Present

At least now, you don't have to worry. All your attention these days is taken up by cases, work, Sara. It's better.

You barely ever see him anymore - maybe once or twice in a month, when one of you is working overtime and you pass in the hall. You exchange hellos, hows-it-goings, and then you're on your way. You used to scrabble for any lab gossip relating to him, until they started talking about his new girlfriend. A former showgirl named Kayleigh, apparently, with long blonde hair as her most redeeming quality. You don't ask around anymore.

It's a little hypocritical, you suppose. You are dating Sara. You know full well why she's there, anyway - you were the first one she saw after Sofia got in a few months what she'd spent years of her life waiting for. But it's okay, because it's not like she's really the one you want, either. Maybe that's why it works out. Maybe you could live like this for a while, if you close your eyes and try.

But a little ways across town, he lies quietly beside her at night, his Sara. Not answering when she asks what's wrong, because it sure as hell won't change anything. He'll live like this, too, always regretful, because there's nothing else for him to do.

Maybe if you'd tried a little harder. . . you think, but it won't do any good now.

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