Valentina Varšr

1. Part one of two by Callista_Mythol (R) [Reviews - 0]
Characters: Nick, Greg
Genres: angst, romance, drama
Warnings: violence, character death
Summary: Summary - Finding your Soul's Mate once is hard enough, how about finding it twice? AN: Continuing with the Angel Series we’re now visiting Las Vegas. I’ll post a link for all the existing Angel stories (CSI New York, NCIS and now of course this one) and they’ll be in order too. For those who haven't read this series before there is a brief explanation for the different ranks of angel at the end of the 'Bethesda' fic. (2964 words)
2. Valentina Varšr - Past lives by Callista_Mythol (R) [Reviews - 1]
Characters: Nick, Greg
Genres: angst, romance, post-ep, drama
Warnings: none
Summary: Nick tells Greg everything and Greg does some research. Spoilers for Fannysmackin', Grave Danger and Playing with Fire. (7102 words)

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