Lovers in a Dangerous Time by Catlover2x [Reviews - 8]

These fragile bodies of touch and taste
This fragrant skin, this hair like lace

Nick caught his breath as he raised himself slightly to look down upon Greg. His boyfriend/lover/friend/soulmate’s face was flushed, his eyes half closed, shining with love as he gazed back at Nick.

It was moments like these when they needed no words. They moved together in perfect rhythm, kisses placed on well-known and well-loved sensitive places, slick bodies sliding together, hands caressing curves of flesh and swells of muscle.

He pressed forward, entering Greg gently, watching intently as his expression conveyed pain as it melted into pleasure, his teeth relaxed their grip on his lower lip, his brow smoothed and his breathing grew more regular.

Nick leaned down to claim Greg’s lips in a kiss. He never tired of kissing his boyfriend; Greg’s kisses were open and passionate and sweet, everything that attracted Nick and everything he feared.

His own fears had stood in the way of pursuing his obvious attraction to Greg from the start, but then he found that he was always touching Greg, angling to evoke that particular crooked smile that always set his heart racing, watching the younger man with fascinated concentration as he revealed himself with every word and movement.

He never believed he could have someone as exciting as Greg; the fact sometimes overwhelmed him when they were making love. When they were naked together, their bare skin touching, their bodies entwined and joined, moving in the ancient rhythm old as the moon’s, he wondered what he had done to make him deserve this.

Greg arched up under him, clutching at his waist, crying out with rapture and Nick felt proud that he had brought such pleasure to his lover. He loved watching the way Greg let his lips part, the way his head fell back, exposing his tender neck. The way the veins pulsed under his skin, the sheen of sweat on his forehead, his hair mussed and the expression of almost pained pleasure that he never thought to hide from Nick, all that formed a background of quiet happiness in his life.

Spirits open to the thrust of grace
Never a breath you can afford to waste

He buried his nose in Greg’s hair and thrust with the need to claim his man, bury his seed deeply, though he knew full well that nothing would be born of this union, unless it was their passion, their love and their trust.

There was nothing I wouldn’t do for you, was his last conscious thought as the ecstasy of his body claimed his mind, soaring over the mundane of everyday life and carrying him to the sublime.


One minute you’re waiting for the sky to fall
The next you’re dazzled by the beauty of it all

Greg held Nick’s body in his arms, thrilling to the feel of him thrusting, his hot, hard length filling him completely. He never felt that he belonged to Nick more than when he was open and yielding to this loving invasion. He loved to make love to Nick in his turn, but there was something that made him feel they were even closer when he was the one to accept Nick’s cock into his body.

Nick’s skin was hot and slick with sweat when he collapsed, trembling with exertion and emotion on top of Greg’s body. Greg closed his eyes, relishing this moment of silence and peace after their coupling, running his hands over Nick’s perfect burnished skin. He could feel both the cock inside him softening and the ache that always came over him when he knew they would soon be separated again. He sometimes wished he could keep Nick inside him always.

Nick raised up and pushed himself to the side, leaning his weight on one elbow. Greg clasped him around the waist with both legs, not wanting to let go of him.

Nick gave him an apologetic smile and Greg couldn’t help but smile back. They kissed, with all urgency gone now, soft kisses of love. Their eyes met with perfect understanding; no need to ask if it had been good, they both knew.

As he felt Nick’s cock slip from his body, Greg held on all the tighter with his arms and legs. Nick adjusted his body so that they were curled tightly together, their sweat gluing them together.

Brown eyes looked deep into brown eyes, soft with love and full of the tenderness they could not always express verbally.

Finally Greg yawned and they both chuckled. He didn’t speak, afraid to break the magic of the moment. He didn’t care that his cum would dry hard and sticky on his skin, he could not let Nick escape from his arms tonight.

They slept tangled together all through the night.


Don’t the hours grow shorter as the days go by
You never get to stop and open our eyes

Bobby couldn’t say no to Nathan, he never could. So he watched Greg all through the day, practicing the words, knowing that no matter how eloquent they were, in the end he could never convince his friend to do something against his will. He hoped that Greg would hear his plea and answer it.

Jacqui watched Bobby fret, knowing something was on his mind. She thought of herself as a fellow labrat, but she also knew she was the one who watched over the other three, not guiding them, just caring about them.

Something was up and Greg hadn’t realised it yet. He was quite observant (for a man), Jacqui thought, but when he was fully absorbed in his work, as he was now, he might never look up.

Bobby caught her staring at him and she smiled at him encouragingly, giving him a little nod. He looked startled and she wondered what was bothering him. Normally easy going and calm, he seemed jumpy and whatever it was involved Greg, not any of the other labrats.

Bobby wondered if Jacqui had any inkling of what he planned to do; she was psychic in his opinion, almost scary except she usually used her powers for good instead of evil.

He realised that instead of working, he’d been sitting and staring at Greg. He sighed. If he were going to get any work done at all today, he’d just have to bite the bullet and ask.


Greg looked up when he heard his door open and smiled when he saw Bobby. Although Bobby didn’t know about him and Nick, he felt a special kinship with Bobby and Nathan.

“Hey Bobby,” he said, looking down at his work again.

“Got a minute, Greg?”

“Sure, what’s up?” Greg didn’t look up from his work.

“Nathan made me promise to ask you this and I don’t feel totally comfortable doing it, but I said I would.”


Greg drove to Nick’s house after his shift, wondering how he was going to broach the subject with his boyfriend. There was no telling how long he might have to wait for Nick to get home; their overtime didn’t always coincide.

He let himself in with the key Nick had given him this past Christmas, and wandered through the house, watching the sky grow light. Normally he would have closed the black out curtains and brushed his teeth, maybe caught a nap until Nick got home, but today he was restless.

He knew that Nick would agree also, he just knew it.


“You agreed to what?

“I’m going to march in the Gay Pride parade with Bobby and Nathan,” Greg said almost defiantly.

“You can’t,” Nick said tonelessly.

“I can and I will.” Greg’s eyes flashed as he challenged Nick. “They’re my friends, and they asked for my support.”

“People will think you’re gay,” Nick hissed. He was toweringly angry with Greg and clenched his fists, nails biting into his palms in the effort not to shout or throw something.

“I am gay, Nick.”

“I thought you were bi,” Nick mocked.

“I am bi, but I prefer men. A lot,” Greg said, more temperately. “If I had my way I would live the rest of my life with a man, one man.”

“I suppose you mean me?”

“Yes, I mean you. I love you, I’m not ashamed of it. I want to spend my life with you. And I thought you wanted to spend yours with me.”

Nick heard the unspoken question. “If you march in this parade people will know you’re gay, and because we hang out together, they’ll think I am too.”

“You are.” Greg said this very quietly.

“If anyone at work finds out, goodbye career,” Nick growled.

“Well, maybe sometimes something is more important than a fucking job!” Greg flared. “Is this the way it’s going to be? You always tiptoeing around the issue all our lives? Are we ever going to live together or am I always going to continue to keep an apartment as a glorified closet? Are you–”

“Shut up!” Nick yelled. “Don’t you preach to me, I’ve seen a hell of a lot more on the job than you have. You don’t know– you don’t know–” he sputtered, unable to clear the jumbled images in his mind jostling to get out. As a cop, he’d seen the subtle and not-so-subtle hazing of officers only suspected of being gay. Being the person he was, he had stepped in to put a stop to it, but the experience had made him bury his orientation even more deeply.

“I told Bobby I would ask you if you would march too,” Greg said with stony calm.

“Fuck! You told him! You told him I’m gay?” Nick paced as if some bodily movement was all that was keeping him from hitting Greg.

“I didn’t have to. He has eyes, he knew without my saying anything. Before we started doing whatever the fuck it is we’re doing, you were all over me at work. You checked out my ass, you touched me, you came in the lab to hang out with me. Before anything ever happened between us, he and Archie and Jacqui knew I was bi, it was no big secret.” Greg paused, eyeing Nick’s white face and blazing eyes, knowing he probably looked pretty much the same. “I cover up for you. If it weren’t for your precious job, I’d be out and everyone would know about us. I’m proud that you’re my boyfriend!”

“I worked hard for this job and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do with my life. You talk as if I can just walk out and get a new job tomorrow if it comes down to it!” Nick shouted. He was beginning to lose it.

“Fine, I guess I know where I stand then, it’s fine for us to sneak around in secret, but anything real, just get out of your life, is that it?”

Nick was so angry he couldn’t speak. He shoved Greg against the wall.

Greg couldn’t believe Nick, of all people, had done that. He pushed Nick back and watched in dismay as he staggered from the force of his energy. Nick straightened up sharply, as if his body couldn’t contain all the emotion raging within, but Greg stood tall and didn’t flinch.

Brown eyes battled brown eyes, fear and anger warring to hide the hurt.

“I think I’d better go before either of us does something we might regret,” Greg said softly, controlling his impulse to lash out. He brushed past Nick leaving a whiff of his cologne trailing after him in the air.

Nick watched in disbelief as the door slammed shut and Greg was gone. He couldn’t believe it had come to this; last night it seemed like nothing could ever tear them apart and now he was alone.


Greg picked up his mail and let himself into his apartment. The air smelled stale and unused. He only spent enough time there these days to pick up his mail and get a change of clothes, but now he guessed he would be spending a lot more time there. Alone.

He wondered how his announcement that he was marching in the parade to support Bobby had escalated to such a pitch that it could break them apart. He wanted nothing more than to run back into Nick’s arms and apologize.

But not only had he promised Bobby that he would be there, a part of him wanted to stand up and be recognized; to align himself with his gay brothers and sisters and say, I’m proud of who I am.

If he lost his job as a result, well, maybe it was better that way; maybe living his life out in the open was the best thing he could do for himself.

He groaned and buried his head in his arms, his shoulders shaking with silent tears. Nick was a very stubborn man and Greg feared that he had lost him. They might never be together again. The thought that he’d lost the love of his life, because he knew that’s what Nick was, felt devastating, but this was one thing he couldn’t give in to Nick on.

He hoped that sticking up for this essential part of himself would be worth it. Because right now he felt as if he would never love anyone ever again.


Nick held his head rigidly straight as he walked down the hall; he was not going to look into the DNA lab; he wouldn’t give Greg the satisfaction. In the back of his mind, his fear taunted him, telling him that what he really feared was the reproach in Greg’s eyes, to see him looking angry and distant.

At the last possible second, he snuck his eyes to the left and saw his boyfriend looking pale, with deep purple smudges under his eyes and as miserable as he felt.

Instead of triumph, he was appalled. ‘Did I do that?’ he wondered, and ‘is it worth the price? Is this pride or fear on my part? What have I done?’

He hurried down the hall, feeling alone and scared to death that he’d lost the love of his life and all over a stupid parade. It had occurred to him too late this parade was one that many straight people; fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and friends all marched in to support the life of the one they loved.

Nick had always loved Greg’s lightness of spirit, how open he was, how funny and intelligent; now he realised he also respected him for his strength and honesty. He just wasn’t desperate enough yet to go and tell him so.


Nathan laughed as Bobby applied lipstick and batted his outrageously long false eyelashes. “You look marvelous, dahlink!”

Bobby laughed. “I think I do but I’m even happier if you think so, increases my chances for a little action later I hope.”

“Definitely,” Nathan winked and minced over in his heels to answer the knock at the door. He swung it open and came out with a wolf whistle. “Yo mamma, you look hot!”

Bobby swung around, jealous to see what had attracted Nathan’s attention, but he whistled too when he saw Greg.

He was wearing a leather mini skirt, with the lace tops of his stockings visible as they were held up by visible suspenders and a tight printed t-shirt topped with a fuchsia boa. His makeup was perfect and his hair spiked as usual but tipped with glitter. He raised a wrist wrapped with a black leather band to give Bobby a tiny wave and walked in, managing his tall stilettos with grace.

Bobby’s jaw dropped. “Fuck, I never thought you could look like that, Greg. You are hot! Fierce! But I only asked you to march with us for support, you didn’t need to dress up.”

Greg smiled somewhat grimly. “Yes, actually I did.”

“Is Nick coming?” Bobby asked, fearing the answer. He’d noticed the coldness between the two of them at work, seen the circles under Greg’s eyes and the grim set to Nick’s lips as he looked longingly through the glass of the DNA lab.

Greg gave his head a little shake and bit his lower lip.


When you’re lovers in a dangerous time
Sometimes you’re made to feel as if your love’s a crime

Greg squared his shoulders as he waited next to Nathan and Bobby for the line of marchers to straggle away, making room for them to actually walk. At first he’d felt self-conscious and noticeable in his outfit, but there were so many men far more flamboyant than he, that eventually he calmed down.

Before he’d met and fallen in love with Nick, he’d occasionally dressed in drag for an event at a club or to go to Rocky Horror with friends, but out of deference to his boyfriend’s wishes, he’d tamed himself down to the point where he no longer even thought about expressing this part of himself.

Even though missing Nick was an ache that settled into his bones, making it hard for him to eat or sleep or work, there was a part of him that was happy to be released. He felt wild and strangely free; he smiled as he started to walk next to Bobby and Nathan, holding his sign.

The gay men who could pass anywhere for straight were keeping their distance from the men who were clad in drag, or even more outrageous costumes. It made Greg unhappy, because he thought if he had been able to convince Nick to come, he would have been more at home amongst that group.

Bobby was going to speak at the rally and Greg was curious to hear what he had to say. He only knew that Bobby had hinted that there was a specific reason that he and Nathan had dressed in drag. As far as Greg knew, drag wasn’t one of their kinks, so he was dying to find out the secret. When he heard their plan, he thought he might as well dress up too; it’s not as if Nick was ever going to speak to him again, that much was clear.

During the past few shifts Nick had been sending Warrick to the DNA lab to bring in the samples for testing and Greg realised he was being shunned. So, he had nothing left to lose; if he lost his job, so what? The only thing keeping him in Las Vegas was Nick and he could get a job anywhere. Maybe this was his swan song, and if so, he’d decided to break out his old club clothes and make a huge statement. Who cared who saw him?

The day was a hot one and Greg was thankful as the march wound through the streets to the park where the speeches would be given; his choice of footwear was extremely chic but not the best for trekking through uneven streets.

Bobby and Nathan were going to a club later to attend a Gay Pride Day Dance and Greg thought he’d tag along, just for something to do, something to keep him from thinking about Nick. He wasn’t thinking of anything particular, other than the incipient blister forming on one heel, when he caught sight of a cop he knew. The cop did a double take when he saw Greg and he couldn’t help grinning and waving. Fiercely he thought to himself, ‘If Nick only knew, if he could only feel this… this… freedom to be who I am…’ He wondered if Nick even knew who he was.

He wondered if he himself even knew who he was any more. Whoever he was, though, he had taken a stand. Even for Nick he couldn’t hide himself any longer; he had to be free.


Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight
Got to kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight
When you’re lovers in a dangerous time

“I don’t usually dress in drag,” Bobby started, smiling as a ripple of laughter spread over a certain section of the crowd, while other parts looked sternly disapproving.

“But I dressed like this today as a tribute. It was 35 years ago today that the police raided a small, obscure bar on Christopher Street in New York City, called the Stonewall. As that neighbourhood deteriorated and no one else wanted it, gays moved in and it became the place that gay men went to find sex.” He paused for the laughter that swept over his listeners.

“It was also the place that gays and lesbians went to find other people like themselves. They went there for a few short hours in their lives when they could relax and be themselves out of the unforgiving eye of society.”

“As gay men were drawn to that area, it raised their visibility and drew the attention of the police as well. In those times, homosexuality was thought of as a psychiatric disorder, a disease, if it wasn’t condemned as downright immoral and a sin.”

“One night the police raided the bar, as they often did, but that one night events took a dramatic turn; something happened that changed life for gay men and lesbians forever. It changed life for their families and friends…” He looked at Nathan and held out his hand. Nathan stepped closer and twined their fingers. “…And their lovers.”

“That night 35 years ago for the first time gay men fought back. They fought for their freedom to live unmolested, to love other men, to be thought of as normal. They found their strength that night and they said no more.”

“After that night, the gay community became one of the most inclusive in America at that time. Everybody, black or white, gay or lesbian, drag queen or tranny, everyone was welcome.”

“Those men fought for the freedom we have today and I think they would be ashamed to see our community practice the same bigotry today that we fight against everyday of our lives.”

“I don’t usually dress in drag, but I told you I did it today to make a statement. I stand here today in a skirt and damned uncomfortable heels to honour the men in boas and makeup, corny hats and leather vests who fought for me so long ago. And I want to say to you guys who turned up your noses at me today, guys in drag fought for you. We’re all gay, we’re all human, we all love. Don’t do to us what the outside world does. Gay Pride Day is for everyone, even straight people.”

Greg wiped away his tears with both hands, not caring what it was doing to his makeup. He couldn’t believe kind, pleasant Bobby was making such a powerful statement. He was proud to be his friend, proud that he’d marched by his side in drag, so proud to be here today.

His heart was bursting with that pride as the crowd erupted into cheers and applause. It was clear that Bobby had more to say but he gracefully accepted that his speech was over, at least for now. Nathan gave him a kiss and they descended from the platform, heading towards Greg with huge smiles on their faces.

“Bobby… wow… I can’t believe… that was fantastic and amazing and awesome, man!” Greg gave up on words and gave Bobby a huge bear hug. He saw various segments of the crowd mingling for the first time that day, a few of the more conservative men looking a bit ashamed of their earlier attitudes.

“Thanks, Greg. I really needed your support today, that’s why I asked you to come. I was afraid I’d get stoned by angry villagers,” Bobby smiled broadly in relief and with a secret joy. “It’s so difficult when your own community turns on itself. It feels like the beginning of the end and we need to stick up for each other, or else who will?”

“I didn’t know you had it in you,” Greg said, awed at his friend’s performance.

“Neither did I.”

Greg whirled to see Nick standing behind him, looking nervous and proud and happy all at once. Also very sexy. He hurled himself at Nick, crying as he felt his partner’s arms close around him. He couldn’t speak he was crying so hard and he knew his eye makeup was toast.

“You came,” he finally managed to say.

“I had to,” Nick said. “I couldn’t lose you over something so stupid. Not the parade,” he added hastily. “My pride, my fear, my something. Whatever.”

“I love you,” Greg declared, taking Nick’s face between his hands and kissing him.

“Wooohoo!” Bobby and Nathan hooted. Bobby was so relieved that Nick had decided to come. He’d spotted Nick earlier in the crowd, just as he had been about to reach the microphone. Nick had been working his way toward Greg, blushing with embarrassment when he caught sight of his getup.

Then Nick had paused when Bobby started to speak. The flush died from his face and then returned as he listened, caught up in the fervor with which Bobby delivered his simple speech. When the crowd cut Bobby off, Nick had turned to make his way to Greg with renewed determination.

“I love you,” Nick said loudly. It was as if a load he’d been carrying around forever fell off his shoulders and he was flying as high as he was when he was making love to Greg. He picked his boyfriend up and whirled him around in his arms.


Nick flushed as he walked down the hall and two cops flicked a sideways glance at him as he passed them by. He clenched his fists and his lips thinned. He’d been flying yesterday. Attending a Gay Pride Parade and a dance at a gay club with Greg dressed in drag, swanning around happily, had been one of the best experiences of his life. He’d been aware of some officers that knew him spotting him at the park, but he hadn’t stopped to consider how difficult it would be when he came back to work the next day. Grimly he marched right past the evidence room.

“Yo, Nick, check it out! This is where we’re going,” Warrick called after him, looking at him in surprise. “What’s up, Nicky?

This was it, this was the test. He remembered Bobby standing in front of God and the world in a dress, and Nick decided enough was enough.

“Those guys, they were staring at me. They must have… must have seen me Sunday…” Nick gulped a big breath of air. “…at the Gay Pride Parade.”

Warrick turned to look after the two cops. “Oh yeah, they said they were going. They’re partners.”

Nick stood there with his mouth hanging open.

“They’re gay?

“Lots of people are gay, Nicky,” Warrick said mildly.

Bravely Nick said, “I’m gay.” He added, “I’m sorry I never told you. I’m with Greg.”

“Yeah, big deal, not as if you two are some kind of enormous secret around here,” Warrick chuckled. “But thank you for telling me, finally. Was Greg gonna make you sleep on the couch if you didn’t come out?”

“You don’t care?” Gears were screeching in Nick’s head as things were not computing.

“You’re my friend, Nicky, and you always will be, no matter what.”

The End

Don’t the hours grow shorter as the days go by
You never get to stop and open our eyes
One minute you’re waiting for the sky to fall
The next you’re dazzled by the beauty of it all
Lovers in a dangerous time
Lovers in a dangerous time

These fragile bodies of touch and taste
This fragrant skin this hair like lace
Spirits open to the thrust of grace
Never a breath you can afford to waste

Lovers in a dangerous time
Lovers in a dangerous time
Lovers in a dangerous time
Lovers in a dangerous time
Lovers in a dangerous time

When you’re lovers in a dangerous time
Sometimes you’re made to feel as if your love’s a crime
Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight
Got to kick at the darkness ‘til it bleeds daylight
When you’re lovers in a dangerous time
Lovers in a dangerous time
Lovers in a dangerous time
Lovers in a dangerous time
Lovers in a dangerous time

We were lovers in a dangerous time
We were lovers in a dangerous time

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