Whom It May Concern by NVenus [Reviews - 3]

To Whom It May Concern:

I know you’re reading this, and I’m glad. I wouldn’t want anyone else to know this. I

know I should be telling you face to face, but I just can’t. The only person I ever told was

Catherine, but that was because I was acting weird about a case. So, because you’re my

best friend in the world, and because I love you, I think I owe it to you to tell you the

truth. The truth of why I don’t really like being touched. The truth of why I will never

find the right babysitter when we need one. The truth, of why I am, what I am.

It was years ago, but unfortunately I remember it like it was yesterday’s nightmare. And

that’s what it was, a nightmare.

I was nine. My parents had to go out and they left me, the youngest, alone with a

substitute babysitter. The regular girl was busy. She seemed nice at first, but then she told

me we were going to play a secret game; one that I couldn’t tell anyone else about.

She touched me, in places, places that no nine-year-old should ever be touched. She made

me touch her too. She told me that I liked it, and that I was having fun. I hated it, and I

wasn’t having any fun at all. Afterwards, all I can remember doing is sitting in my room,

in the dark, just staring at the door; waiting for my mom to get home.

That’s why I’m so screwed up, and that’s the truth. Now you know, so… if you don’t

want to be with me any more, I’ll understand.

All my love,

Nick Stokes

Greg read the letter through several times, his tears falling onto the paper and blurring some of the words. How could Nick ever think that he wouldn’t want to be with him because of that? It was like Greg thinking Nick wouldn’t want to be with him because he had been in a lab explosion. Greg raced out of his apartment and into his car. He nearly sped the entire way to Nick’s house and didn’t stop until he had gotten out of his car and sprinted to the front door. He knocked on it and waited for Nick to answer it. When he finally did, Greg knocked him back into a tight hug.

“Baby, how could you ever think I would be mad at you or not love you anymore because of some awful thing that happened to you?”

“I don’t know. I jus thought that you should know.” Greg hugged him tighter and whispered into his ear, “Never let anyone tell you that you’re not amazing.”
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