You Did What? by NVenus [Reviews - 5]

“Why do you do this? You know it bothers me. So why do you do it?”

Greg looked up, puzzled.

“Do what? What are you talking about?”

“You know,” said Nick, gesturing to Greg’s stomach. “This.”

“You mean the piercings?” he asked, innocently.

“Yes the piercings. Why do you get them?”

“I like them,” Greg said simply.

“You like them? Well… what about me liking them?” Nick asked.

That evening when he had gotten home from a convention, Greg was lying on their bed, shirtless, and had several piercings that Nick hadn’t seen before. Greg was always getting new piercings while Nick was away at CSI conventions. It drove him crazy. This time, from what he could see, Greg had gotten his navel pierced.

“Trust me, you’ll like these,” Greg assured him.

“These? What do you mean these?”

“Well… I got more than one.”


“Trust me.”


“Yes Nicky?”

“You know I don’t like it when you do these things while I’m away.”

“I promise you’re gonna like them. Now, ask me what I got.”

“Fine. What else did you get?”

“I got my tongue pierced.”

“Ew! Greg, that’s disgusting.”

“Wow Nick, you have obviously never had a blow-job by someone who had their tongue pierced.”

“Oh yeah? Well I still think it’s nasty.”

“I also got a Prince Albert.”

Nick rolled his eyes.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Believe it,” Greg said as he showed Nick.

It would suffice to say that, from then on, Nick never doubted Greg’s knowledge in piercings again.
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