Plain Chocolate by knuddel [Reviews - 4]

Plain Chocolate by knuddel

A/N: No, they are not mine. Sniff! This is also my very first fanfic at all and English is not my mother tongue. So please be merciful. I wrote the story during the last two and a half hours while somehow watching and listening to “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King / special extended version”. Yep! But I had to do it before I would have lost my courage again. Enjoy … a least the chocolate.

He rests on his left arm watching the barely covered figure lying besides him in bed. He loves to do this in the dim light that fills their bedroom. Watching him while he sleeps within the shades around them. Listening to his murmurs which he hardly understands. Nick laughs silently. Even when he sleeps, Greg can’t be quite.

Nick watches all over him. The smooth curves of the body which he loves so much to touch. The calm rising of his chest while he breathes. The peaceful expression on his face. The flickering of the eyelashes. The slightly parted lips so tempting to kiss.

And again he wonders why he feels like this when he watches Greg. So overwhelmed and wrapped up. So lulled in Greg’s presence. What else can make him feel so happy and easygoing. While his eyes wander around in thoughts they catch a glimpse of silver paper on the bedside table. And then he knows, he knows what he needs every morning to relax and to slow down in order to push the harsh reality away that he sees every night, he knows what Greg’s like – like a tablet of good plain chocolate.

The dark freckles on his pale smooth skin which Nick likes to trace with his mouth. The brown thick hair that feels so soft under his fingers. Those eyebrows and lashes of the same colour and texture. The brown big eyes which he would give everything to lost himself into, especially when they darken in passion. These lips that taste so sweet. His whole body melting into Nick’s arms and under Nick’s body every time they kiss and make love.

*Yeah,* Nick thinks. *That’s it. Like plain chocolate. Warm and soft and creamy.*

“Why are you licking your lips while you stare at my navel?” a sleepy voice intrudes his thoughts. Nick smiles *Even his voice sounds like viscous syrup.*

“Because I wonder what it would taste like …” And with that Nick bends over, grabs a piece of chocolate out of the silver paper on the bedside table and places it into Greg’s sweet little navel. He lowers his head and starts sucking all around the navel until the chocolate has been gone. He can feel Greg’s and his own arousal and listens to their moans while Greg begins to wiggle under Nick’s mouth.

When Nick hears some mumbling sounds coming from Greg he looks up and straight into Greg’s deep dark and longing eyes. Oh, how he would like to bath in them. Panting it takes him some time to break the eye contact in order to realize the piece of chocolate sticking between Greg’s lips. With a big smile all over his face Nick slips up and encloses the chocolate and Greg’s lips with his mouth. Shifting it in and out of both their mouths with their tongues they fill themselves up with the sense of melting syrup and a wonderfully warm and sweet taste and smell of cocoa.

And Nick definitely loves the idea of Greg being his one and only special chocolate bar.
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