He, his, him by Catlover2x [Reviews - 9]

He put his hand on the back of Nick's neck to draw him closer for a kiss and he breathed in his scent as his lips closed over his mouth parting slowly beneath his. Nick reached for him to draw him closer to him, his hands gripping his waist. His breath started coming faster as his lover's tongue started–

Bother, there go those pesky pronouns again. Better start over.

Greg put Greg's hand on the back of Nick's neck to draw Nick closer for a kiss and Greg breathed Nick's scent as Greg's lips closed over Nick's mouth parting slowly beneath Greg's. Nick reached for Greg to draw Greg closer to Nick, with Nick's hands on Greg's waist. Nick's breath started coming faster as Greg's tongue started pushing into Nick's mouth with…

Boy, is that clunky. Too many names. Greg, Greg's, Nick, Nick's, Greg to draw Greg, ick.

Oh, Lord, now they're staring at me. Look, I know you're mad at me for starting and stopping this way. Sorry, guys, let me, um, just get this straightened out, okay?

Greg's tongue pushed into Nick's mouth meeting his hot tongue, moving together as the kiss deepened. Slowly he ran his hand from Nick's neck down along his back, gasping as he grabbed him tighter, pulling him close as his…

He, his, him. Where am I? Yes, I do realize you're all hot and bothered but really, you haven't even touched each other's naughty bits yet. Calm down, I'll get you there, I just have to get these pronouns under control.

Nick suddenly threw Greg flat on his back on his bed and grabbed for his–

No fair, guys, you can't get out ahead of me like that. Guys? Oh come on now, let's act like adults. Surely you can control yourself for a few minutes. Stop glaring at me and go to opposite sides of the bed! Trust me. I'll get you together, I want this as much as you do.

Nick couldn't control the desire he felt as he lunged across the bed, grabbing for Greg with desperate hunger. Lips met, teeth clashed, arms wrapped tightly around each other.

Hey, that worked out well, not too many names or pronouns. Oops, sorry guys.

He wrapped his hand around Greg's dick and stroked roughly, impatiently, trying to bring him off quickly. Greg thrust urgently up into his hand, while his own hands grabbed at Nick's cock, feeling the aching hardness, the quivering…

Quivering? Okay, okay, we'll go with quivering.

…the quivering in his thighs as he rocked against him…

Dang, pronouns again. Okay, guys, I've lost track. Greg, get your hand off Nick's dick. Nick's dick, where did THAT come from? Nick, put your tongue back in your mouth. Take a couple of deep breaths. Do you want to be trotted off for a cold shower, mister, or are you willing to behave?

You want to what? Fine, whatever, if you want to wait till I sort through all the ramifications THAT would entail. No? So you're fine with just a hand job? Excellent. Resume, boys.

They rocked together faster and faster, hands grasping cocks roughly stroking, gasping against each other, hanging on, just trying to get off as quick as they could. Finally with loud cries of relief they thrust into each other's hands, coming over each other's stomachs, whimpering with their release.

Um, guys, wake up. I wasn't done yet. Guys? Really I'm willing to write you whatever you want to do if you'll only wake up.

Oh, well, I'm sure they'll want to play again tomorrow.

The end
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