Stranger than fiction by Serenity [Reviews - 11]

“Hey G’, what’s up? What are you doing?”

“Hey Nick, come check this out. This is great.”

“What is it, ‘cause I haven’t got much time, I just came in to grab a coffee. ‘Rick’s waiting for me outside. And does Archie know you’ve borrowed his laptop?”

“We’ve got an understanding. But stop changing the subject, come on. Look, she’s written another one.”

“Oh no. What’s it about this time?”

“I dunno, but it’s got loads of chapters. Awww, look, you’re in love with me and you don’t know what to do about it.”

“How did you ever find this… what’s it called?“


“….This slash stuff anyway?”

“Haven’t you ever googled your name just to see what comes up? Although I never expected this! There‘s so many of them. It‘s taking me forever to get through them all.”

“Greg, switch that thing off and come on, don’t you have a scene to get to or something? Paperwork to do?”

“Nah-uh. I’m on my break for another…. 20 minutes. Hey, why do you think she’s obsessed with us? How does she even know who we are?“

“I don’t really care Greg. Probably saw us on that reality TV show or something. You know what these internet freaks are like, they grab onto the smallest thing and exploit it.”

“Like anyone could think there was something between us, huh?”

“Yeah….. Pretty stupid. Yeah.”

“Bitch! She let me get beaten up like some wuss. I could have taken that guy no problem.”

“Greg, calm down. She doesn’t know anything about the real you, only what she’s seen on TV.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. She seems obsessed with your rock hard abs, Mr Poochy. She‘s gonna be disappointed…..”

“Hey, I do not have a pooch. This is all muscle. OK, and maybe a few Big Macs.”

“I like something to hold on to anyway. Hahahaha, we just had a fight and now we’re kissing. Wow, I wonder if you really kiss like that? This is pretty hot. Maybe this chick’s got the right idea after all.”

“Greggo, just close the thing down and come on……… She says I’m a good kisser?”

“Breath-taking, by the looks of it. But I thought you weren’t interested in what she wrote?”

“I’m not.”

“Right. This is my believing you face, right here.”

“So, um, what’s happening now?”

“Hah! You do not want to know, your straight Texas brain couldn’t take it.”

“Let me see!”

“Get off me, let go, other wise you can be the one to explain to Archie why his laptop is in two pieces. Ow, elbows, no fair!”

“Hah, got it! Now lets see what’s going on…….. Damn.”

“Um, you OK there Nicky? You’ve gone kinda pale.”

“You…..my….. we…….”

“Nick? Hello-o. Earth to Nick Stokes.”

“We shouldn’t be reading this, I’m shutting it down right now. Perhaps we should take some sort of legal action.”

“Awww, come on Nick, she’s obviously only doing it for fun, where’s the harm?”

“Lets not talk about this again, OK? If she writes any more, you can just….. You can just leave me out of it, I don‘t need to know.”

“I like them, I think they’re cool. Just cuz you’re a prude.”

“I am not! I just don’t need to read about what an amazing blow job you’re giving me, alright? It’s…. weird.”

“Ah, so you saw that bit.”

“I wish I hadn’t.”

“She’s wrong anyway.”

“What do you mean she’s wrong?”

“Just that I give a much better blow job than that, that’s all.”

“Stop shitting me, I know you’re only saying that to make fun of me, try and freak me out.”

“I’m free this morning, if you want to see whether I’m shitting you or not. I’ll come over to your place at around 9 o’clock. I‘ll prove it to you.”

“You’re actually serious?”

“What if I am?”

“We can’t.”

“Why not?”

“We work together. You’re a guy. So many reasons!”

“Fuck the reasons. I’m coming over.”

“Greg…. Don’t……”

“Don’t what? Don’t touch you? Don’t get you hard? Don’t make you come? Don‘t make you want more?”

“Don’t….. don’t be late.”

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