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Greg could feel someone watching him as he slept, he didn’t know who it was or why, and he couldn’t pull himself from the dream that he was having, but he also knew that he was in a very uncomfortable position and should just give in and open his eyes. He tried – unfortunately it didn’t work for him. He finally opened his eyes and let out a yelp of surprise and fell down on the floor with his microscope crashing down on top of him—hitting him in the head, rendering him unconscious. Feet could be heard running towards him and his head was being cradled in a lap and then a door flew open.

“What the hell happened”

Warrick looked up at the inquisitive blond glaring down at him.

“I don’t know Catherine he was dreaming and then just fell over, he was supposed to be processing my samples from that triple homicide and that’s how I found him.”

Catherine leaned down and put her fingers on Greg’s neck, checking his pulse and counting the beats.

“His pulse is steady but he’s out cold, he probably gave himself a pretty bad concussion.”

Greg slowly came too and his eyes were blurry, He was trying to remember what reality was and what was dream. He had been having haunting dreams of his younger years for a few months straight and he had no idea how to get them to go away, or why they were even there in the first place. Nick and him had been over for almost 6 years, he could remember vividly the day that he and Nick had become nothing more than acquaintances. Nick had told Greg that he should go back to his collage and do what he wanted to do with his life, and that when he got back he would still be there waiting for him—but the day he went back to Dallas, Warrick was there to tell him that Nick had left and joined the police force in Las Vegas, he vowed that when he went to Vegas he’d hunt down Nick and strangle him with his own handcuffs—Greg had been in Vegas for 4 years now and thus far Nick hadn’t shown himself.

Greg tried to sit up, and got dizzy and fell back onto Warrick’s waiting arms, Catherine kneeled in front of him and stared into his eyes checking out the diameter of his pupils.

“Are you getting much sleep Greg? You look very, very exhausted.”

“I get a few Z’s here and there, I think insomnia is taking over my life.”

Warrick helped stand him on his feet and steadied him against his work station.

“Come on, lets go to the hospital and get your head checked out, how’s that sound?”

Greg was fidgety waiting in the waiting room of the hospital, he was given ice and a bandage until a doctor was able to look at him, he was taken in about 20 minutes after his arrival and he had to get 3 stitches in his forehead—he walked back towards his waiting frown with a sullen expression on his face.

“It’s probably gonna scar”

He pouted and Warrick couldn’t help but chuckle at Greg—then his face turned into a more serious expression.

“What’s really wrong Greg?”

Greg sighed deeply and walked quickly towards Warrick’s truck.

“Lately I can’t get Nick out of my head, I keep dreaming of all the shit we used to do, and all the stuff that we went through—we worked so hard to make our relationship work, and we made so many promises, and then it just all fell apart.”

Warrick patted his friends shoulder softly, he as well missed his friend, it was a surprise to a lot of people when he just packed up one day and left Dallas without a word, he couldn’t even get a reason out of Nick’s parents. Warrick dropped Greg off at his apartment and it took Greg three tries to open up the truck’s door.

“Hey G. If you need company or anything, don’t be afraid to call alright.”

Greg nodded and trudged towards his home. He patted his dog Colby on the head, she had become a lazy dog in her old age and she just barely lifted her head up to lick his face and then went back to napping, Greg walked into his room and picked up a bottle of prescription anti-depressants and took two, he swallowed them down and laid in his bed on top of the covers, wishing for a dreamless sleep.

Greg opened his eyes with the sun flooding his bedroom, there were tears in his eyes, if he didn’t stop the dreams he was going to go crazy and he was already partially there. He took a long hot shower and then got ready for work, he slipped into his lab unnoticed and went about doing all the work that day shift had left for him to clean up. Sara walked in and smiled at him and handed him a cup of coffee.

“You skipped out on Coffee this morning, thought you might appreciate a drink of it.”

“Oh thank god, Sara you are my hero.”

As the day progressed it seemed to get a little better for Greg, his spirits were happier and he had his music on and he was dancing around his lab. Warrick and Sara were standing behind the glass walls watching him, although he looked completely at peace his two best friends could see through the façade. Greg’s eyes were void of the sparkle that they used to hold—his lips were drawn into a grim line and he looked extremely tired—which is an abnormality for Greg who had more energy then all the CSI’s and technicians combined. Warrick opened the door and was blasted even more with the music and he smiled.

“You’re gonna be deaf by the time you’re forty Greg.”

Greg smiled sheepishly and nodded, he turned it down a notch and sat down on a bench.

“I heard that Grissom is hiring a new CSI.”

Warrick nodded looking a little bit grumpy.

“Yeah, he thinks that there are not enough of us and we aren’t capable of doing our jobs.”

“Or he just thinks that you guys are too overworked and need some help.”

Later that night Warrick walked into Greg’s lab once again, Greg turned around and nodded.

“You in the mood to go out into the field tonight G.? I could really use some help on a case that I’am working on.”

“Are you just gonna toss some extremely hard and hours long to process evidence at me, so that you don’t have to do it?”

“No, I mean actually go out tonight, I really seriously could use the help.”

“Sure that would be awesome.”

“K, Grissom already called in the replacement for you.”

Greg threw down his stuff that he was working on and hung up his lab coat.

“Can I drive?”

“Sure why not”

Greg grinned like a little child on Christmas, he walked with Warrick towards the Tahoe and they took off to the crime scene, which turned into a simple case of a bad turn of events and they were back at the lab within two hours.

“You wanna come over tonight G.? I have a new game that I want to try out for the Xbox. “

“Sure sounds awesome, I’ll bring the pizza.”

Greg jumped out of the Tahoe to get back towards his lab and relieve the replacement who was probably doing a half assed job anyhow, he stopped short in his doorway when he saw someone standing with their back turned talking to Grissom—When Grissom spotted Greg he smiled.

“Greg, I’m glad you’re here I want to introduce you to a new member of our team”

Greg sucked in his breath and felt himself get dizzy as the dark haired man turned around and made eye contact with him, oblivious to both mans discomfort Grissom kept talking anyhow.

“Greg Sanders I would like for you to meet Nick Stokes, he just transferred from the LVPD.”

Greg made a face that resembled a polite smile but felt more like a grimace to him.

“Since you’re not doing anything Greg, please show Nick around.”

And before Greg could respond Grissom was gone. Nick smiled warmly and all Greg wanted to do was claw his eyes out.

“Hi Greg. How are you?”

“I’m Fine.”

He shelved things and logged in the evidence and turned to leave, Nick called his name but he pretended that he didn’t hear anything and stormed towards the break room to find a half clothed Warrick standing there. He stormed into his personal space and pushed him up into a locker.

“The only reason you took me out into the field tonight was because you knew that Grissom was hiring Nick—why the hell didn’t you tell me?”

Warrick looked at his friend sheepishly, what he really wanted to do was protect Greg from even more pain that he was already visibly going through—but he realized that he had just added to it.

“I’m really sorry G, I should have told you right away.”

Greg just closed his eyes feeling exhaustion washing over him.

“I’m just gonna head home Warrick, we’ll hang out another time Yeah?”

Greg dragged his weary body home, and curled up with his dog Colby, feeling all the emotions of 6 years ago wash over him again he started sobbing, letting the dog lick off all his stray tears as her only way of comfort to her owner.

Greg’s phone rang making him jump, he swiped at his tears hastily and picked up the phone.


“Hey man, it’s me Warrick I just called to see how you were doing?”

“I’m fine Rick, and why do you always insist on telling me who you are when you call, it’s not like I don’t already know.”

“I know, force of habit sorry, so can I drop by?”

“Yeah, I’ll put the coffee on.”

Greg drug himself towards the kitchen and started pouring the cups of coffee just as Warrick walked in the door.

“Hey Man”

Greg looked up at him wearily and smiled.


“I’m really sorry for not telling you Greg.”

“I know it's not your fault. It just hurt so damn much when he was just thinking that everything would be perfectly fine “

“He's staying here Greg you'll have to get used to working with him –hate him or not, and he brought someone with him.”


“Yeah, her name is River—They’re engaged.”

Greg at the time who had coffee in his mouth spit it all over him and Warrick and gapped at him his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, but no words could come to him—and finally he said the only thing he could think of.

“But he’s Gay for fuck sakes.”
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