Me and Greg by Dreama [Reviews - 3]

A/N: I wrote that story like 8 months ago, but never really did plan on publishing it. But since I wanted to try out the beta service over at WMTDB I thought this one was the most suitable. =)And damn they are fast.

beta: serenity

Me and Greg

The first time I ever fell in love it was with him. He was like everything I looked for in a guy *back then*.

Good looking, gorgeous even. Dark brown eyes, blond hair, taller than me. Okay, so he’s not very muscular, but I don’t need that in a guy anyway. He used to live in the apartment above us, so I kinda saw him every day. Not very often during day, since he used to work nights as it turned out, but at least once a day.

And every time I saw him I started giggling like some fanatical school girl.

About four weeks after he moved in we talked for the first time, and damn was I nervous. Even his voice was perfect. There might be a lot of people who would think differently, but for me it was like music.

He told me all kind of stuff, like how he used to live in California but moved here because of a job. He missed the ocean every now and then, but said that it was okay, he could handle it.

Later I asked him what he did for living, and this is so cool: he told me that he was a lab tech at the local CSI. How many people can say they know someone who works with CSIs?

It was a bit later that I decided on taking up chemistry in school, okay, so the fact that he was into chemistry might have influenced that choice, but come on…he’s such a cute tutor, don’t you think?

The longer he lived here the more I learned about him. Like that he loves coffee, but can’t deal with the normal one. He needs to have this special one, Blue something or other. I know it was a US state. Blue Iowa or something like that. Anyway….

We spent a lot of time together….maybe too much sometimes. Like when I needed to study for a test or stuff like that, but ended up hanging out with him. Along the way I noticed a change concerning how I felt about him. As much as I’d wanted to have him as a boyfriend in the beginning, after a few months we became best friends and I didn’t want to change that. Cause somehow…I lost my interest. He was still very cute, and very handsome, but I just wasn’t interested any longer.

My mom was a bit cautious in the beginning, said she was sure that he was doing drugs or something like that, cause he is always a bit hyper, moving all day long, never actually rests. As if that is an indication for drugs. Parents, they have no clue about anything.

Does he look like he’s doing drugs to you? Hell no. He’s just… I mean he used to be very hyper but has recently calmed down a lot.

Greg has always been different, was into parties and let’s just say ‘stuff’ regarding sex.

And yes we talked about that as well. Okay, maybe not about the actual act, but things he’s into like that ‘Liquid latex’ stuff. Never heard of that before, but since he stepped into my life I have learned about a lot of new things.

We saw each other every day, just to hang out or he helped me with several chemistry experiments and *it* happened during one of those times.

We were right in the middle of an experiment when he turned towards me and all of a sudden said ‘I think I’m in love’.

I was kinda shocked, not that he said it to me, but that he said it at all. I’d never really heard him saying anything like that before. And come to think about it, I actually never saw him with anyone before either. I heard about some, but never saw him with anyone.

I knew that he was bi, so I wasn’t really sure if he was talking about a girl or a guy, but he went on talking so there was no need for me to ask.

It turned out that it was a guy, and the way Greg was talking about him told me he was already deep in it.

Nick was his name, and apparently a colleague of Greg‘s. He said he fell for Nick long ago, but never really thought anything could happen since Nick appeared to be straight. But then Nick made a move on him and he knew then that Nick wasn’t as straight as he’d always thought.

I met Nick for the first time a couple of weeks after Greg mentioned him. Okay, I didn’t really meet him, but saw the two of them together and somehow I knew that it was him, that was the guy Greg was talking about.

And God, was he gorgeous.

Greg used to refer to him as his ‘Texan God’. Every second word you would hear coming from Greg’s mouth was ‘Nick’ and every conversation with Greg was more about him and Nick than anything else. I knew pretty early on that it was very serious, since there was hardly anything else Greg would talk about.

And I’m not complaining. I was happy for Greg and happy for them, was glad that he found someone who loved him.

And Nick was really nice, always greeted me when we saw each other and always had time for a little small talk. In the beginning it seemed as if he felt quite uncomfortable with me knowing about the two of them, but he relaxed around me eventually. I suspect he just wasn’t sure how okay I really was with them being together.

A couple of months ago Greg switched apartments and is now our next door neighbor. Although they hadn’t moved in with each other Nick was practically living with Greg. He spent pretty much all of the day at Greg’s place.

Way before Greg became our next door neighbor I was always wondering why his neighbors moved out so shortly after they moved in. I always thought maybe there was something wrong with the place, maybe some bugs or stuff like that, but now that Greg is living next door to us I know for sure that it wasn’t the place that was the problem.

Let’s just say since he moved into the next door apartment, and as my bedroom is next to his bedroom, I can verify they have ‘active’ mornings, very active ones.

In a matter of fact the walls are not very thin, they are pretty massive to be honest, but I can hear everything. Well everything Nick and Greg scream or shout during this time. And I’m not talking about shouting and screaming as in fighting and bitching. Nope, more like ‘Oh God, Nicky’ if you get what I’m saying. And there are other…noises, but not complaining either. I’ve read that sex is healthy for a relationship. If that’s true, then their relationship must be perfect and one of the healthiest ever.

I can see how much they are into each other. Every now and then when I’m coming home from partying all night and they’re coming home from working or clubbing you can see how Nick practically ravishes and seduces Greg before they even get through their own door.

Greg got promoted to a CSI a couple of months ago. It was something he was working towards for a long time and finally he got what he wanted. He worked hard for it, was both lab tech and CSI trainee at the same time, but eventually his efforts paid off.

And Nick was so proud, proud about Greg finally making it as a CSI and proud of actually having Greg in his life, making him his and his alone.

I didn’t actually see Greg on the day he got promoted, but heard about it two days later when I saw him coming home with a huge grin on his face.

I didn’t really ask him about his promotion since I knew how happy he was about that, but I asked out of curiosity, and being nosy, where he had been the past couple of days. I think I must have sound like his mother, or even worse a jealous girlfriend.

All I got was a huge grin, his eyes shining, and a look I’ve seen just twice before. First time after the first night with Nick, and the second time when he and Nick found their way back to their ‘healthy relationship’ after Greg had been involved in a lab explosion.

About three months ago I noticed it for the first time. It started with the hair, both having the same style now, and continued with the clothes. Okay, Greg started wearing more professional stuff when being promoted, but he always found a way of getting his unique Sanders-style in it. But now…he sometimes looked like Nick’s twin. I never really did figure him for that ‘dress like your boyfriend’ kinda guy, looks like I’ve been wrong.

It must have about been three weeks ago when Greg came by, as usual, and we had one of our chitchats over a cup of coffee. Greg seemed to be nervous about something.

“I’m going to move out.” he said, breathing out loudly. It seemed as if he was glad about it finally being said.

“I’m going to move in with Nick.”

My first reaction was shock, not because he was moving in with Nick but the fact that I wouldn’t see him very often once he was gone.

I know from several conversations that Nick is living just outside Vegas in a larger house, with garden and that stuff. So it would be the perfect ‘hide away’ for him and Nick.

So after thinking about this and get past my shock of kinda losing my best friend, I was happy for them, really happy. I always knew that Nick is literally made for Greg and in the end it kinda took them long enough to figure that out on their own.

Last week the new guy moved in. So not like Greg. All macho and arrogant, his love life’s kinda fast moving, everyday a new chick and never the same one twice. I hate him.
I want Greg back, with Nick. They were really cool neighbors.

Greg’s present when he moved out *God knows why he gave me a present* was a package of his coffee. So when I miss him and our frequent coffee-meetings I pour myself a cup, reminding myself that he’s just a phone call away. You know, maybe that’s what I should do now, give him a call and complain about the new neighbor.
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