Kinda Married by ItGlitters [Reviews - 4]

They left their lawyer’s office after they had both signed their living wills giving power of attorney to each other.

“It’s kinda like we just got married, isn’t it?” Nick said as he shielded his eyes from the morning sun.

“I guess it is,” Greg replied, a hint of dismay in his voice. Nick knew what it was about. Their relationship, while over a year old and highly committed, remained secret to everyone important in their lives.

“C’mon, G. I’ll take you to your favorite restaurant.”

“I’m really okay. Let’s just go home.”

“Come on. I’m hungry and I’m sure it will cheer you up after all that morbid talk about death.”

Greg sighed resignedly and followed Nick to his truck.

“G – give me a smile and I’ll let you drive.” Greg smiled broadly as Nick handed over the keys to his truck – he almost never let Greg drive it. “We can even listen to your station on the radio.”

Greg was awe struck. “You’re not trying to get on my good side and lull me into a false sense of security before you kill me for the insurance money are you?”

Nick chuckled. “Just relax and enjoy the ride, Greg.”

Greg managed to make it to the parking lot of the restaurant – still wondering about exactly what was on Nick’s mind. Nick had remained silent during the whole trip over – occasionally text messaging someone.

“CONGRATULATIONS!” Everyone screamed as Greg pushed open the door to the restaurant. Nick was right behind him, wrapping his arm around Greg’s chest and kissing him on the cheek.

“I just thought everyone else should know too,” he whispered.
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