Know Your Victim by Sirrah [Reviews - 2]
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Notes: Thanks for everyone who has been kind enough to review my little story attempt. My text isn’t yet as smooth as I would like it to be (mostly because I’m little unfamiliar with the language), but I can see I’m improving. And now that I bought the season boxes and have seen all the episodes I’m even more familiar with what I’m writing… which means I would really like to go back to my earlier chapters and correct some misused terms…

Chapter 5

”I don’t really feel that well”, Sara said, holding her stomach with an un-well look on her face.

“I told you not to touch those plane foods. They are more fatal than plane crashes”, Warrick said, looking a little more bemused than sympathetic.

“Oh shut-up. I didn’t have time to eat anything on my night-lunch break or at the airport. Plus the food was off-charge”, Sara said, her grumpiness overcoming her ill feeling.

“Yeah, shit is free”, Warrick snorted. He didn’t understand how anybody could even call those airplane things food, less alone eat them.

“Except when you’re betting on it”, Sara throw back.

Warrick already had his own comeback line on the top of his tongue when he saw a glimpse of Nick from the corner of his eye. His line died to his lips and he left Sara’s bitter remark unnoticed. It seemed like Nick was walking in the world of his own and from the looks on his face that world wasn’t a happy place. Nick’s worried look and Grissom’s voice inside Warrick’s head told him to straighten up and stop goofing around: after all, it might be up to them to make sure they didn’t have to leave Miami with wooden box as their luggage.

So instead of teasing Sara, Warrick started to look over peoples heads, trying to spot a uniform that looked more like ‘trying to find somebody’ than ‘trying to find a person from some none-white ethnic group that might be carrying a bomb’.

“Mr. Brown?” A male voice behind Warrick said, making all three of them to turn around.

For a mere second Warrick thought he saw Greg in front of him. After getting over the first impression he started to wonder what was it that made him mix the person next to him to their Greg. After all the man looked nothing like him. If anyone, the dark haired man resembled that young guy in that catastrophe movie that was aired couple years ago.

“Mr. Brown?” The man asked again raising his eye brows, making Warrick wonder that maybe it was some certain expression that made the dark haired man look like Greg.

“Yes?” Sara said, answering for Warrick.

The man turned his eyes to Sara, a moment of recognition sweeping over his face.

“Miss Sidle? Sorry, you looked different in your ID. I’m Ryan Wolfe, from the Miami Dade Crime lab. Lieutenant Caine send me to pick you, Mr Brown and Mr Stokes up. Would you please follow me”, the man said nodding greetings to all of them before swiftly turning over.

“Wait a second, our luggage…” Sara said to Wolfe’s back that already had couple people between them.

“They have already been transported to your rooms in Intercontinental”, Wolfe said over his shoulder, not bothering to stop.

That was all that Sara, Nick and Warrick needed to know and they were soon right behind Wolfe, zigzagging in the mass of stressed people until they finally stepped outside from the crowed airport. They took Wolfe’s lead and walked towards the taxi sign. What was parked between the yellow taxi’s, pulling off and on in a steady flow, was something that made even Nick come out of his own world where all the details of Greg’s disappearance played in a constant re-play.

“Okay, I’m seriously starting thinking of changing departments”, Warrick said after giving a low whistle to the H2 Hummer with Crime lab logo on its door.

"It gets you around", Wolfe said, a small, modest smile playing on his lips, while he opened the door to his ride.

The Las Vegas crew followed Wolfe's lead, Nick and Sara taking the back seat after throwing various 'leggy' comments to Warrick's direction. The guys had barely time to buckle up when Wolfe was already speeding away from the airport area, leaving line of yellow cabs behind it.

"So what have we missed, besides the three hours", Nick asked after the Hummer had pulled itself in the middle of what seemed like the beginning of a 4 a clock traffic.

"Not much. The DB is still a John Doe and most of our evidence have been dead ends. H' went to see this Audun Hojem but instead found his daughter who apparently was the last person who saw Greg Sanders - they were out partying in the night of missing", Wolfe said and by-passed one sluggish mini that was going 20 miles under the speed limit.

"So... what's the rush then", Warrick said, casually glancing the speedo that was showing couple miles of speeding.

"Well the daughter remembered a shady character they had met on the beach and for some reason the same character had had an over half-hour conversation with our miss- Greg Sanders just before our DB's TOD. H' is waiting us at the Haulover beach to question him".

The rest of the trip was filled with questions that our Las Vegas crew hoped Wolfe could give different answers than the ones they got. Unfortunately it seemed the situation was much the same as it has been earlier in the morning - no sign of Greg's whereabouts what so ever.

It was an almost 30 minutes after they had left the airport that Wolfe pulled his Hummer on the parking lot besides the sandy beach. For someones who looked the desert year after year, the endless turquoise water that opened before them was a breath taking sight. If there hadn't been the weight of worry over Greg's well being inside their chests, they would have enjoyed the warm sun and gentle wind blowing from the sea in that nice afternoon.

"Wolfe! Over here!" a male voice yelled, making all four of them to turn the direction of the voice.

Back against the ocean was a blond man in sunglasses, leaning to a bike fence, signing them to get closer. Moving his suit jacket to his left hand and taking of his sunglasses the man hold his hand out: “Lieutenant Horatio Caine, head of the Miami-Dade Crime lab”.

“Hi. Sara Sidle. Mr. Brown and Stokes”, Sara said, easily taking the lead and introducing them all quickly. She wasn’t used just to sit still when someones life was on the line and the fact it was their Greg that they were talking about made her ten times more anxious to actually DO something.

“Well Mr. Brown and I have already met before and it’s pleasure to meet again as well as to meet both of you. I just hope the circumstances weren’t like this”, Horatio said, shaking hands with all of them.

“Wolfe told us something about a suspect of some sort”, Nick said, eagerly trying to get over the small talk that wasn’t taking them anywhere - on the contrary. The more they wasted time the longer Greg was forced to be in the hands of some mad man - a thought that made the chills run across Nick’s spine every time it crossed his mind.

After Grissom had broken the news to them, in the early hours of this morning, Nick had been constantly fighting to keep his own emotions under control. He had tried to keep the frustration of his own helplessness under control by reading several times all the memos they had received, trying to figure out anything that could bring them closer finding their friend. It had helped then, up in the air, when that was all they could be of any help. But now, when every face he saw around him could be the one that had shot at Greg, he couldn’t just stay still and talk about the weather. Luckily, the head of Miami-Dade crime lab seemed to understand this.

“It’s little too early to be optimistic enough to call him a suspect”, Horatio said and turned around to face the ocean, where those with less to worry were enjoying the sunny afternoon. “But as soon as that tall, dark skinned man in red/black surfing shorts, who is just getting ready to ride that wave is coming out of water, we ask him a few questions”.

“You mean we just wait here until the guy gets bored?” Nick asked with a frown. They were supposed to find Greg, not just stand on the beach.

“At the moment, yes”, Horatio said but continued before Nick could say something he probably regretted later. “If he indeed has something to do with this case and we scare him when he’s in the water, we will never see the guy again. But if you have some bright idea how to catch the guy without losing him beneath the waves I’m open for suggestions”.

If Nick indeed had some master plan in his mind, they never found it out because that was the time the dark skinned man on a surf board decided he had had enough of surfing today and had slowly started to paddle towards the shore. They waited until the man had gotten up from the water before walking through the sunbathers.

“Antoine Requin?” Horatio asked as soon as he was on the sprinting range from the man, in case the badge would make his feet restless.

“Yes”, the man said, eye brow little raised but a smile on his lips - the one that those who lived their lives 100 % often had.

“Lieutenant Caine from Miami-Dade crime lab, could I ask you a few questions”, Horatio said showing his badge and not bothering to wait the man’s answer as he showed a picture of Greg under the man’s nose immediately. “Do you recognise the man in this picture?”

The smile faded a little for Horatio’s harsh tone of voice but came back twice as wide when he glanced the picture.

“Desert Surfer? Hell yeah I recognize him”, Antoine said sticking his board to the sand. “What about him?”

“How well do you know the man in this picture?” Horatio said ignoring Antoine’s question.

“Not as well as I liked. Which is entirely his fault”, Antoine said, eyeing curiously the people behind Horatio.

“What the hell do you mean by that?” Nick asked angrily, not liking at all how this man was talking about their Greg.

Antoine just smiled smugly, running his eyes over Nick studying, before turning back to Horatio. “So who’re the ones in your harem?”

“A fellow CSI’s that you need to pay no attention…”

“You sure? The Texan looks like his ready to chew my arm off”, Antoine said clearly amused and his smile became even more amused when Warrick had to land his hand calmly over Nick’s, restraining his friend with his touch.

“I’m sure”, Horatio said blankly. “Now I have heard you had a little argument with the man in that picture?”


“Yeah, argument. Some fierce exchange of words last Saturday instead of surfing”.

“Oh that… that was nothing”.

“Well how about sharing that nothing with us”.

“Well there isn’t much to share… He lost his control on my wave and crashed into me. I guess at first I was little pissed off, but the guy had so much edge on him that in the end I would have wanted little more of that crashing”, Antoine said grinning and for some reason eyed Nick while saying his last words.
“And for what we have heard he turned you down rather harshly”, Horatio said and it was his turn to wear that implying smile.

“Hey, that had nothing to do with me!” Antoine said his smile somewhat gone. “He was as into me as I was into him. It was that damn broad that got in our way!”

“Says you”.

“Come on man, he gave his number to me, so we could get together at least the day before he was leaving. I tell you, if it wasn’t been that cuz of his we would probably still be surfing between the sheets… and what the fuck are you eying at me!” Antoine said, his big appearance starting show its scary side when the slight irritation took him over. But he might just have had a reason to getting irritated because there was now both Warrick’s hand on Nick at the moment, keeping that ball of stress and frustration just barely under control.

“You're shocked to know your boyfriend was going to be getting some real man for a change?” Antoine said nastily and this time Warrick actually had to grab Nick for not bolting and getting them all into trouble.

“Hey!” Horatio yelled, probably to both Antoine and Nick. The two men didn’t even seem to notice that Horatio had just raised his voice. Warrick though had and he saw the silent signal in Horatio’s eyes and started to slowly drag Nick further away from the others and the angry surfer. Where this action seemed to frustrate Nick even more, it also seemed to amuse Antoine Requin enough to calm down a little.

“You know that guy will end up with his veins popped up if he doesn’t learn to cool himself down”, Antoine said, still paying more attention to Warrick and Nick, who were now out of hearing range.

“And you will end up spending the night in lock-up if you don’t start to behave”.

Now that did get Antoine’s attention.

“Hey, I have done nothing wrong. You’re the ones who are close to police brutality here, not me”.

“Just answer the questions, when was the last time you heard of Mr. Sanders?”

“Last Saturday. Or actually it was very early in the Sunday morning. His cuz had ditched him and he was heading back to his uncle’s place. We talked until his phone went off - probably out of reach, considering the fact that he was in the middle of nowhere. Now was that all”, Antoine said, sounding bored, his posture clearly telling he had had enough of questions for one day.

“Not quite. You have been convicted with a possession of drugs am I correct”, Horatio said.

“Okay yuppie. I really have had enough of this little conversation here. I know my rights. I don’t even have to talk to you if I don’t want to and if you take me in now, you will be stuck with a pack of vultureous lawyers for the next six months”, Antoine said sounding little more than slightly irritated and the amused look in Horatio’s face did little to help.

“You think I can’t do that? If you thought I was just another puff smoking ass who gets his thrills from swimming with sharks, you’re so wrong. I probably make more money in the year than all the five of you together…” Antoine continued but Horatio stop listening him when he felt a tap on his shoulders.

“They have a probably ID for our DB”, Wolfe whispered in Horatio’s ear, keeping another hand over his cell phone.

“Tell them to keep the one who ever ID’d him in. We will be there in fifteen minutes”, Horatio said and turned back to Antoine. “Thank you for your time, but unfortunately we have to leave now. It would be a smart move to not leave the state for couple of weeks”.

“What ever”, Antoine said, grabbed his board with a roll of eyes and walked past them. He had already passed Nick, Warrick and Sara, who had strolled to his friends the second she had over heard Wolfe’s small conversation whit Horatio, when he turned back at them.

“When you see Greg, tell him that if it doesn’t work out, the shark will still be in the sea”.


wow… my chapters are getting longer… that means I’m improving ^_^

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