Peachy Keen by LoneWolf13 [Reviews - 4]

Nick arrived home from an exhausting day at work, and he wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and fall asleep. He dumped his stuff right inside the door and began shucking off clothes while on his way to the bedroom until he was in nothing but his boxers. With the blackout curtains already drawn, Nick’s room was dark like a cave and he carefully maneuvered his way to the bed where he flopped down on top of the neatly made covers closing his eyes waiting for sleep to overtake him. But sleep would not come to Nick Stokes because his mind was currently occupied by Greg Sanders and his damn peach. Why the hell did he run away from Greg? When what he really wanted to do was press Greg up against a wall, kiss him, and lick away all of that sweet peach juice. As his thoughts began to get dirtier Nick could feel his cock start to stiffen. Carefully he pulled his boxers down and freed his half hard dick gently taking it into his hands. He then began to fantasize about how he wish the situation with Greg had gone…

Greg entered the break room holding a ripe peach in his hand.

“Mind if I join you?” Greg asked.

“Not at all” Nick replied.

Greg gave Nick a toothy grin before turning his back to Nick to wash his fruit in the sink. Of course Nick couldn’t help but stare as his eyes traveled down the curves of Greg’s body stopping on his ass, which was clad in tight jeans. As Greg turned around Nick let his eyes linger on Greg’s ass before meeting Greg’s eyes, which were filled with lust. Greg gave Nick that smile that told him Greg was up to something. Slowly Greg wiped the water off of the peach letting the paper towel trace lazy lines along the fruit. He then brought the peach up to his mouth and paused to look Nick in the eyes and lick his lips before taking a big juicy bite out of it and slowly chewing it up.

‘That tease!’ Nick thought to himself. This was pure torture to watch Greg eat like that.

Greg then took another bite letting some of its sweet sticky juice dribble down his face. He wiped the small rivulet of liquid off and began to suck it off his finger. Pushing his finger in and out of his mouth until the digit was all clean. Nick could feel his cock start to harden at the erotic image of Greg eating his lunch, and all Nick could do was watch until there was nothing left but the pit.

Nick watched as Greg rose to throw away his trash and headed towards the door.

“I think I need to wash up after getting so dirty.” Greg said to one in particular as he left the break room and headed down the hall to the bathroom.

Nick waited for Greg to get a head start until he followed him to the bathroom. Greg was washing his hands at the sink and didn’t seem to notice anything when Nick entered the deserted bathroom. Nick strode across the tiled floor and roughly grabbed Greg pinning him against the closest wall and claiming his mouth with his own. Greg was shocked at first but soon gave in to Nick’s touch and began to wildly kiss Nick. Their hands crept up each other’s shirts caressing the smooth skin beneath, and Nick began to move his mouth down Greg’s neck biting gently at the skin.

“This feels so good.” Greg quietly moaned.

Nick suddenly dropped down to his knees and began working at unzipping Greg’s jeans. He opened the button and zipper, which revealed Greg’s erection straining to be freed from his boxers. Nick reached his hand down into Greg’s underwear and pulled out his cock and began stroking its length up and down slowly. Nick then took the rigid dick into his mouth causing Greg’s eyes to close so he could concentrate on the pleasure of Nick active tongue. He started off just sucking lightly at the sensitive head swirling the little drops of precum around leaving a slimy trail. He then began to lick the underside with his tongue while his hand lightly tugged on Greg’s balls. After teasing Greg so much Nick finally took Greg’s length into his mouth moving at a leisurely pace. Soon Nick couldn’t stand the slow tempo and he began to speed up, pumping Greg’s penis in and out of his warm mouth.

“I’m so close Nicky!”

At that comment Nick suddenly stopped. Greg opened his eyes frustrated at not getting his release. He looked down at Nick who gave him a devilish smile. Nick stood back up, his joints cracking slightly as he did so, and spun Greg around pressing his hands to wall.

Understanding what was happening Greg reached down and pulled his wallet out of his pants pocket and took out a condom and handed it to Nick. He snatched the condom and promptly ripped it open. Nick then undid his own pants and grabbed his cock rolling the condom down onto himself. He now turned his attention back to Greg and eagerly pulled down his pants and boxers to reveal his creamy butt cheeks, which were dotted with freckles. Nick spread Greg’s ass apart with one hand and lead his throbbing cock to his entrance with the other. As Nick began to slowly enter Greg’s tight channel he could hear Greg’s sharp intake of breath at the sudden intrusion. He paused for a moment to let Greg adjust to his thick member.

“Tell me when.” Nick whispered seductively into Greg’s ear.

Greg took a moment to readjust his position before telling Nick he was ready. It started off slow just to widen Greg up a bit, but soon Nick could feel him begin to loosen up and began to increase his speed bumping into Greg’s prostate and causing him to moan in pleasure. Nick could feel the familiar sensation beginning in his balls as his speed increased, but he wanted Greg to come first. So he reached his hand around to the front and began jacking Greg off. Greg’s moanings were becoming progressively louder as Nick moved his hand to the rhythm of his thrusting.

“Oh god Nick!” Greg called out as cum spilled onto Nick’s hand and the wall. The sound of Greg’s voice and the feel of his orgasm was what pushed Nick over the edge and made him spill his seed into the condom. He took a few deep breaths to regain his composure before gently pulling his soft dick out of Greg.

“Fuck, that was amazing!” Nick panted as he supported his weight against the wall to avoid collapsing. “How do you feel?” Nick asked turning towards Greg.

Greg grinned and said, “I’m feeling peachy keen.”

Nick opened his eyes now that both his fantasy and his orgasm were over. He rolled lazily to one side to get a tissue to clean himself up. He tossed the used tissue into the trashcan into the corner scoring a perfect basket. He pulled his boxers back up and then crawled under his covers and feel into a deep relaxed sleep.


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