Halloween Dance Dance by NVenus [Reviews - 4]

Halloween Dance Dance
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Greg sleepily rolled over and into the warm body next to him.

“Nicky. Nicky, wake up,” he said, gently shaking the man next to him.

“What time is it?” Nick asked sleepily rubbing his eyes.

“Time to get up,” Greg said, grinning.

“Fine, why do we have to get up?”

“Babes, we have a Halloween party to go to, remember? We have to get ready.”

“Oh. Ok. Who are we going as again?” He asked.

“I’m going as Nancy, and you’re going as Sid,” Greg explained calmly. “Now get up.”

Nick yawned and slowly got out of bed. They each took a shower and when Greg was done Nick was sitting on their bed waiting. Before he had taken a shower, Nick had let Greg dye his hair temporarily black, so that now he sat on the bed with jet-black hair.

In true Vicious fashion, Greg got out a tub of Vaseline and started scooping blobs of it into Nicky’s hair. He coated all of his hair and started forming it into spikes all over his head. When the spikes were formed to Greg’s satisfaction, he wiped off his hands on a towel and got a bottle of baby powder. He sprinkled the baby powder all over Nick’s hair to absorb the Vaseline and to make it stay.

Once Nicky’s hair was done, Greg stood him up near the end of the bed and stripped his clothes off. He went into their closet and pulled out a pair of tight black jeans and threw them at Nick.

“Put these on with this belt,” he said, throwing Nick a belt. Nick put the pants and belt on then stood waiting for Greg. Greg dug further into the closet and pulled out a pair of motorcycle boots. He threw them across the room to Nicky and also threw a pair of socks. Nick put them on and waited as Greg got a leather band bracelet out and tossed it to him. He put that on then looked in the mirror.

Sid Vicious Nicky stared right back at him. The padlock necklace Greg had given him for their anniversary was an exact replica of Sid’s and increased the resemblance even more.

Greg stripped down too then put on tight black leather pants, black boots, a thick black belt with a huge metal buckle, and a revealing jacket zipped low above his false cleavage. He rolled the sleeves up on the black jacket and put a studded leather cuff on his right wrist.

He put on makeup, dark blush, dark eyeliner, and dark red lipstick then put on a frizzy curly blonde wig. He looked just like Nancy. Which was rather amazing since he was a guy, but then again Nancy didn’t really have the most feminine face. Standing side by side they looked just like Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

“Sweet! Now let’s rock and roll before we’re late!” Greg said and with that they went out to their car and drove to Warrick’s house.

Once they got out of the car, Greg slapped a handcuff on Nick’s right wrist and the other around his left one, connecting the two of them together. They walked in and checked out everyone else. The party’s theme had been to dress as a famous person.

Grissom was himself and the others there were an assortment of different celebrities, but it didn’t matter because as soon as Nick and Greg walked in everyone stopped and stared.

“Nick? I didn’t know you had a girlfriend,” said Warrick.

“Um… I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Well then who is she?” Sara asked, motioning to Greg.

Greg had been working on this for months. Watching interviews and Sid & Nancy over, and over, and over again. And he was now ready. He could imitate Nancy Spungen’s voice perfectly in his sleep.

“I’m Nancy, Nancy Spungen,” Greg said allowing no one to have a clue who he really was.

“Yeah, yeah. Who are you really?” asked Catherine.

“Like I said. My name is Nancy.”

“Yeah, whatever. Anyway does anyone know where Greg is?” Sara asked.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys, Greg called and said he wouldn’t be able to make it,” Warrick told them.

“Oh that sucks. Greg is always the life of the party. And Nick is probably so disappointed, aren’t you Nick?” Catherine asked.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Nick answered.

“So, because he isn’t here and he’s always the first to suggest it, let’s play truth or dare,” said Warrick.

The other CSI’s sighed and agreed reluctantly.

Sara went first and asked Nick, “Truth or Dare?”

“Truth I guess.”

“Are you two in love?” she asked, pointing to him and Greg.

“Yes, we are. Now is it my turn to ask someone?” Warrick nodded.

“Ok then, Grissom. Truth or dare?”

Grissom’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “Dare.”

“Kiss Sara.”


“You heard him, kiss her Gil,” said Catherine. Grissom rolled his eyes and kissed Sara on the cheek, blushing.

“Nancy. Truth or dare?” he asked.

“Dare,” said Greg in his perfect Nancy Spungen voice.

“Ok… I dare you to make out with Warrick,” Grissom said. The diet coke he was drinking was clearly spiked. As the words left his mouth, Nick blanched and glared at him. Greg nodded and started to get out of his chair to walk over to Warrick but Nick grabbed his arm. Greg looked back and met Nick’s eyes, pleading with him not to kiss Warrick. Greg shrugged and pulled his arm away from Nick and resumed walking over to Warrick.

Greg sat down on Warrick’s lap and put his arms around the other man’s neck. Warrick snaked his arms around Greg’s hips. Greg moved his face closer to Warrick’s and they met half way and started kissing. Warrick’s hands roamed across Greg’s back and came to a rest on his ass as they continued making out.

When they finished, Greg got off of Warrick and looked back at Nick. He looked like someone had kicked a puppy. Then he looked at Warrick and glared. Greg sat back down next to Nick and put his arm around him, but Nick just shrugged him off and moved his chair away from Greg’s.

“Can I talk to him in private for a minute?” Greg asked and pulled Nick out of his chair and after him. They walked into the back yard and across it so that no one could hear them.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Greg asked sounding like himself for the first time in a while.

“What’s wrong? Are you kidding? And don’t ‘baby’ me.” Nick said. He was so mad.

“It’s just a game Nicky.”

“Oh yeah? Was that a game when he had his hands all over your ass?”

“Yes. Nicky I love you. I have never been attracted to Warrick and I never will be.”

“But you kissed him! You could have said no.”

“I never turn down a dare Nicky, you know that.”

“Yeah, but still. I didn’t want you to.”

“I didn’t want to either. But I had to.” Greg kissed Nick and they stood there for what seemed like forever before walking back inside.

“Well, I guess it’s my turn to ask. Catherine, right? Ok Catherine, truth or dare?” Greg asked.


“Give Sara a lap dance.”

Catherine shrugged and did it. Then asked Greg, “Nancy, truth or dare?”


“Who are you really?”

“Greg Sanders,” Said Greg in his Nancy voice.

“Ha! Yeah right! That was even worse than the first time. Now really, who are you?”

“I told you, I’m Greg Sanders,” said Greg, this time in his normal voice.

“Holy shit, you’re serious,” said Catherine.

“Ew! I was making out with you!” shrieked Warrick.

“Hold on. That means you and Nick are… together?” asked Sara.

“Yeah. We’re in love,” said Nick smiling at Greg.

Okey-dokie so there are some things I wanted to make a note of, the one thing being that Sid Vicious actually did make a paste out of baby powder and Vaseline to spike his hair with.
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