Variety by slashyboy [Reviews - 5]


“We’ve been fucking for a month now.” Nick stared up at the ceiling, waiting for Greg to respond.

“Mmhmm,” Greg mumbled. “Is something wrong?”

“No, no, but shouldn’t we - I don’t know – sit down and really talk to each other? Get to know more about each other besides how we look naked?”

Greg rolled over to face Nick. He did have a point. All they did was make out, strip, have amazing sex, then part ways until work where they pretended that nothing like that happened between them. It had worked, for a while, but both knew their relationship was more than lust.

“How about breakfast in a few hours?” Nick suggested.

“Works for me.”

Like always, Greg started to get up from the tangle of sheets to find his clothes and get going but Nick reached out and pulled him back down.

“Not this time,” he grinned. “You’re staying right here.”


Nick held the door open to Pablo’s, a colorful little restaurant not too far from his apartment.

“I didn’t know you were into Mexican,” Greg commented.

“Looks like we’ve got a lot to learn about each other,” Nick laughed as the door closed and the bell dinged.

“Nicky!” boomed a voice from behind the counter. A dark-haired, mustached Hispanic man, who Greg guessed was Pablo, came out to greet them, rubbing his hands with a towel. “Usual booth for you and your friend?”

“Yeah, sure,” Nick said as he led Greg towards a booth at the back which sat under a glowing neon cactus. Pablo brought them menus, and they ordered coffees, a chicken quesadilla for Greg and a steak burrito for Nick.

“So where do we start?” Greg asked after they had dug into their meals.

“Hm,” Nick said through a mouthful of burrito, “I didn’t sleep with a guy ‘til I was 20.”

“Yeah? I didn’t fuck a woman ‘til I was 22.”

“You weren’t a total virgin then, right?”

Greg grinned dirtily. He leaned close to Nick and whispered, “Me and this guy Bobby who lived across the street? I was fifteen.”

Nick dropped his fork in surprise. “Fifteen?!” Greg nodded. “Wow, I was sixteen when I slept with a chick.”

“I find that hard to believe.”


“Nick you’re, like, walking sex and I don’t know why I haven’t slid under the table to give you head yet.” Greg laughed at the look on Nick’s face. “But since we’re still getting to know each other, I graduated a year early from high school.”

“Not surprised. I was the youngest out of five sisters and one brother. And my brother was the oldest.”

“Only child.”

Suddenly, “I like it up the ass.”

Greg spluttered and choked on his coffee. “And why are you telling me this now?!” he said in between gasping breaths.

Nick was wearing a smug grin. “We were just fine the way we were.”

Greg grabbed a glass of water and took a deep gulp. “You. Suck.”

“You already knew that! Besides, you like being on the bottom.”

“I do! But that’s not the point! Variety in a relationship is important!”

“Variety, huh? I like being tied up.” Nick crossed his arms and leaned back in the booth, grinning madly.

Greg looked both shocked and hurt. “You have fetishes now?! Well...I’ve got a cop fetish.”

“I’ve still got my uniform.”

Greg’s jaw dropped.

“Shift doesn’t start for another four hours...” Nick said teasingly.

“Your place or mine?” Greg said as he stood, tossing money down onto the table.

“Yours. After all, variety is important.”
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