I Want You by csi_nikki [Reviews - 1]

I Want You
Song: I Want You – Savage Garden
Story: csi_nikki

Anytime I need to see your face
I just close my eyes
And I am taken to a place where
Your crystal mind and
Magenta feelings take up shelter
In the base of my spine
Sweet like a chic a cherry cola

I can’t believe I’m just so addicted to you. Just like I’m addicted to that damn coffee. But you are so much better because you are you and you are just wow. I love your smile and how it makes my knees weak. I love how you can make me feel this way.

I don’t need to try and explain
I just hold on tight
And if it happens again I might move
So slightly
To the arms and the lips and the face
Of the human cannonball
That I need to I want to

You’re just so fucking hot and strong. Your muscles always flex when you move, did you know that or do you do it on purpose? You hips sway ever so slightly as you walk and it’s just so damn tempting to touch that butt of yours.

Come stand a little bit closer
Breath in and get a bit higher
You’ll never know what hit you
When I get to you

Come on mister. Come over here right now. You know you want to. Who can resist my charms? Enough boys and girls have figured they couldn’t and soon you’ll and I’ll find out if you can resist my temptation. I always do my hair up and you ask me why; do you want to know why? Because I know it catches you attention and I love to have your attention focused on me.

Ooh I want you
I don’t know if I need you
But ooh I’d die to find out
Ooh I want you
I don’t know if I need you
But ooh I’d die to find out

Do I need or want you? Well come here mister Texan hottie and we’ll find out. After one more visit to my house I’ll, we’ll find out if I need or just want you.

I’m the kind of person who endorses
A deep commitment
Getting comfy getting perfect
Is what I live for
But a look then a smell of perfume
It’s like I’m down on the floor
And I don’t know what I’m in for

But no matter if I need or want you I already know if you start with me you’re only going to finish after a long time because I’ve wanted you for such a long time. And I plan to keep you for a long time if you come to me. Oh and don’t worry you’ll get you’re fill no worries.

Conversation has a time and place
In the interaction of a lover and
A mate
But the time of talking
Using symbols using words
Can be likened to a deep sea diver
Who is swimming with a raincoat

Come and have a conversation with me you big hunk. Come on over here and talk but be warned the conversation may never stop. I won’t let it, god I’ll even talk about liquid latex if it keeps you here longer! Oh and I wouldn’t mind using that on you…or me, possibly…god that’d be hot wouldn’t it?

Come stand a little bit closer
Breathe in and get a bit higher
You’ll never know what hit you
When I get to you

You will give in to me one day, I just know it. I’m way to tempting for anyone. My girl and boyfriends have all figured that out the hard way. Even my one night stands have. All the one night stands that look like you or have your personality. You see what you’ve done to me? I’ve already gave in to your sweet, delectable temptation now you must give in to mine.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and awaked from my haze.

“G you feeling okay?” Says the man I dream of so calmly.

I shake my head. “Uh yeah sure.”

“You know shift’s over right?” He asks me raising a eyebrow.

“Right. Um yeah I was just finishing with my song.” I say getting up and hanging my lab coat up.

“Are you sure you’re not going to space out again?” He quirks adopting a smirk.

I stick my tongue out playfully. “Yeah.” I cock my head to the side for a second. “Why did you come to see me anyway if shift is over?”

“Uh right uh,” This time he’s speechless. Ha. Oh and there comes that hot blush of his. “I was wondering if you wanted to come over and hang for a bit.”

I nod. “Yeah sure but I don’t have my car here.” Aren’t I just the lucky one? For once my car breaks down and it’s helpful to me.

“So I’ll drive you.” He says shrugging. “Ready?”

“You know it.” I can see his blush darken a tad bit.

Maybe I’m still in a haze from that song but as we walk from the lab I reach out and grab his butt. Before I can figure out what I had just done his head turns and looks back at me. Before I can utter out a quick mumbled apology he smiles, the one that makes my knees weak.

“Not here G. Naughty boy.” He smirks and continues walking, this time just a bit quicker. When he sees that I’m frozen in place, due to the words I’m still trying to decipher, he walks back towards me until we are only inches apart. “My bed’s getting cold. Care to help me warm it up?”

I can only nod and his smirk grows wider. I follow him numbly from the building thinking still of the song that gave me courage:

Ooh I want you
I don’t know if I need you
But ooh I’d die to find out
Ooh I want you
I don’t know if I need you
But ooh I’d die to find out

Oh yeah I’m about to find out!
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