Know Your Victim by Sirrah [Reviews - 2]
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Notes: I know, a short chapter, but I decided not to write what I was supposed write, but because I had already wrote I didn’t want to un-write it so I just didn’t write more… let’s hope my stories make more sense than my notes. I will start the next chapter as soon as my cloth designer designs Greg’s wardrobe for me… hasn’t CSI already thought as that it’s all about the detailes.

Chapter 3

Greg wasn't actually sure if it had been a nightmare of if he was still in it. He had had his own share of those after the explosion and they hadn’t actually ceased after he had started to work on the field instead of in the lab. So it was natural to assume that those flashes of dark rooms, guns and blood were just another nightmare. And that would be really good because then he was still in it, only dreaming all this pain and darkness.

The funny thing in dreams though was that even if you dreamed of pain, you would actually wake up to that eventually… Just like when you’re in the bed with a gorgeous human being and suddenly her phone starts to ring and then you wake up to the sound of your own phone. So either he was going to wake up soon, or he was already awake and assuming the way his head had that ‘double worst hangover-spring day on snowy plains-construction site under your window’ headache it was probably the first option.

Greg didn’t like this realization at all. He still wasn’t sure what actually had happened to him. He knew he had been spending the Saturday night at downtown with Tina. Hadn’t drunk enough to have headache like this – after all he was supposed to drive them home later on. And he was pretty sure he had went to his car but after that… well it was hard to tell which part had been a dream and which reality. He could only separate the normal horror images of dead bodies that used to be his friends and that didn’t really help much.

Instead of trying to figure out what had happened Greg decided to start figuring out what was happening now. The first thing he noticed after realizing that he wasn’t in a dream land was the gag. It made his breathing little difficult and after trying to inhale some more oxygen to make his hazed brain not so hazed he felt a sharp pain in his side. Okay so that wasn’t a good idea.

After the pain in his side subdued a little, Greg started to notice what else was wrong with his body. Besides the killer headache and side, he could barely feel his hands and when he tried to move, not only he realized that he couldn’t he also felt the horrible piercing pain on his shoulder that actually buried every other senses under it. So maybe it was better to just lie still.

But being still went against the very nature of Greg’s so it didn’t take long for him to start squirming around again. All the different kind of uncomfortables kept Greg’s mind somewhat clear. He couldn’t actually see anything because his eyes were covered with a cloth of some kind, but that only heighten his other senses. He could hear the muffled voice of traffic coming from somewhere and the fluffy old carpet under his fingers. So that meant he was inside and there might actually be people outside somewhere.

Not being able to scream his lungs out, because of the gag and the pain he felt on his side when ever he inhaled the air too deeply, Greg started to crawl. He didn’t see where he was going, but because usually rooms were made of four walls, floor and a roof, he figured he would hit one of the walls sooner or later. Moving awfully slow because of the strains on his hands and feet and the burning sensation on his shoulder when ever he moved it too much, it seemed like the room was a mile long.

But when the desperations of his acts tried to raise its head, Greg easily pushed it away. It wasn’t just because he was an optimistic person - even though he was one - but more over because he knew people had gotten out alive from even worst situation than this one. Mainly these thoughts came when Nick’s face start to haunt his mind. And thinking of Nick really helped him to keep his head cool from the first panic attacks when his mind was still half in the dream world to the frustration he was suffering now when his efforts didn’t seem to bring any results.

And then he bumped to it – wall. Turning slowly around Greg placed his feet against the wall and kicked. The loud thump voice echoed in the room and Greg repeated his action slightly stronger. It was a small shot that anybody would hear him but at least he was doing something instead of just staying still accompanied only by his own thoughts. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for the tension in his abdomen that his posture was causing to spread to his upper body, making his sides ache nastily.

Greg was already thinking of taking a little break when he heard the scraping sound left from his feet. The scraping was followed by a two small creeks – other from an old hinge and the other from old floorboard which made Greg’s mind and body froze while the cold chills run along his spine. The rationalizing part of his mind tried in vain to chase the fear out of him, when he heard the heavy foot steps close up to him.

The next thing Greg knew was that he lay on his side, his mind dulled by the pain on his ribs and he was only half aware that somebody was dragging him by his collar. He had already lost the actual source of the pain in his body, but he could still feel how his other shoulder came to touch with an edge of something and he definitely registered how the hand from his collar came to touch with his face.

Suddenly he wasn’t surrounded by darkness anymore and with somewhat blurred sight of a man standing in front of him, the reality finally separated it self from the dream.

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