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Chapter 2

”What it is, Judy. I’m kind of busy right now”, Gill Grissom said to the phone that he was keeping between his ear and shoulder while both of his hands were studying a fat maggot that lay in front of him.

“I’m sorry sir, but it is from the Miami Crime lab, and they were asking the supervisor of Greg Sanders”, a little worried girl’s voice said on the other end.

Grissom straighten up, his maggot forgotten.

“Which line is it”.

“Two… do you want me to call everyone together?”

“No, not yet… I buzz you if needed.”

“Yes, sir”, Judy said and the familiar click sound meant she had hung up the phone. Grissom looked at the ominously blinking green light besides the button of line two before carefully pushing it.

“Las Vegas Crime lab, doctor Gill Grissom speaking”.

”Lieutenant Horatio Cain from the Miami Crime lab, good morning”, a little questioning but pleasant male voice said from the other end. “Is this the supervisor of a lab technician Greg Sanders that I’m speaking with?”

“Yes, except that Mr. Sanders is currently a level one CSI”, Grissom said with a frown in his voice and he could here a scraping of a pen from the other end. “What is this about?”

“We have found Mr. Sanders fingerprints from our crime scene. Do you happened to know his location at the moment”, Lieutenant Horatio Caine said, making Grissom sigh for relief and frown for worry at the same time. He was relieved that this wasn't one those "I'm sorry to inform" calls but the words 'unknown location' and 'crime scene' linked to one of his men never sound good.

“He is supposed to be on his vacation in Miami. Visiting his uncle Audun Hojem, who moved there two years ago when he got to his early retirement”, Grissom said and for his great surprise realised he was on the edge of ranting. Maybe it was because of the fact that they were talking of Greg. “Is this about something that we should contact his parents for?”

“I’m afraid it might be so”, Lieutenant Horatio Caine said and Grissom was pretty sure the man meant genuinely what he said. He was vaguely remembering that the man he was talking to was the same Catherine and Warrick had worked with three years ago. He also remembered how highly Catherine had spoken of him. Which why he knew he could ask the next question sincerely without having to try threaten the man on the other line.

“What’s the case and how can we help?”

“I’m already faxing you the copy of the case so you may look the details by yourself. We found a tortured unidentified body yesterday at 2.14 pm on the side of a slow road. Mr. Sanders’s fingerprints were found from the near shag that was well hidden in the bushes. There were also traces from fighting, including a bullet fired with a revolver with Mr. Sanders’s blood on it. Now, I know this might be inappropriate in the current situation but is there anything that could make Greg Sanders our prime suspect on this case?”

“If somebody told me that one of my men had even fired against another human being, Greg would be the last in my list of suspects. Does that answer your question?”

“It does”, Horatio Caine said and Grissom was sure the man has just smiled on the other end.

“I’m going to visit this Audun Hojem in hope for finding out more of this case. You wouldn’t know if Mr. Sanders had any enemies in Miami?”

“Well I know he had never been in Miami before this and that he didn’t know anyone else from there than his uncle and the wife of his”, Grissom said, knowing it must sound little weird for a boss know this much of ‘insignificant’ information of his subordinate and so he felt like he should explain himself a little. “Greg Sanders is unusually talkative for a Scandinavian decent one”.

“Well that quality saved some time from us right now. I will keep in touch with you until your men arrive here”, Horatio Caine said with a small pause. “I’ll assume some of your men are planning on travelling to Miami? Enjoy some well earned vacation days?”

“You are probably right about that. And I’ll assume our CSI colleagues in there will prevent them a little tour in the city”, Grissom asked understanding Lieutenant Caine’s carefulness. The jurisdictions didn’t like border crossers, and it would be difficult to get his men to Miami as CSI’s. But vacations were everyone’s personal business.

"Naturally. I will get somebody for them at the airport".

"Thank you. I know this is actually the first time I have talked directly with you but… well I just want you to know that this means lot me... and my crew", Grissom said, knowing very well he wasn't good with words when it came to the interactions with other people.

"Don't mention it. Besides if it was one of my men, I wouldn't even care if those who turn the wheels on the other end would like me to get involved or not. I would be there anyway. And it was easy to work with your crew last time so I wait eagerly our next meeting... even if it's off the record this time".

"Well I thank you anyway. I will contact you again after briefing my crew and Greg's family on the situation", Grissom said and wished goodbyes to the head of Miami Crime lab, hanging up the phone. Pressing the call button for Judy, Grissom grabbed the steady flow of papers that came from the fax machine next to him.


"This here is John Doe, found on the side of a slow road in Miami. Time of death approximately 4 am last Sunday in Florida time", Grissom said to his team, reflecting a picture of a grotesque body to the screen on the wall.

"As you can see, the victim has clearly suffered from multiple ways of torture which take, at least partly, place in here", Grissom said replacing the previous picture with a one from a small lightly lit room. He then changed that to a picture with a bloody bullet next to a scale.

"And this is a bullet from 357 magnum that was dug from the wall of that previous building. The blood in it is Greg's".

The last comment he said made Grissom feel like somebody had just pushed the pause button in remote control. It seemed like all the life in the negotiation room had just stopped, Sara's mug of coffee frozen in the air.

And then everything just exploded. Sara and Warrick start to speak over each others, both of them asking the same questions in different order and both of them drowning each other voices under other. The screeching voice of Nick's chair when it was forced back, the loud bang that came when his knuckles hit the table while some ununderstandable curses were flowing out of his mouth. The only one from the group that didn't make any other sounds than small gasps was Catherine, who recovered from his shock soon, stood up and grabbed the papers that were scattered in front of Grissom.

It didn't take long to the others to regain their nature as researchers and eventually they all calmed down and lined themselves behind Catherine who was now examining one of the pictures with magnifying glass.

"See the blood here. This much of blood would make the gunshot wound fatal, but these splatters aren't symmetric. That inclines there has been two wounds and since the splatter that is closer to the wall is smaller, I would say the other is from a head wound. So it's reassuring to assume that these wounds would have not been fatal enough to actually kill Greg", Catherine said, looking up to Grissom first time after he had announced the news.

"That is exactly what our colleagues thought in Miami. Except that they also knew that the edge of that bed had Greg's hair, blood and skin on it", Grissom said, the serious expression on his face melting for approval for a second and was followed by a rare praise. "We are indeed really lucky to have such a good reader of blood splatters in our group".

"So now we know what?" Nick started angrily, unable to keep his emotion down. "That instead of being dead, Greg is heavily injured, 2000 miles away from us, missing and in the hands of psycho who likes to torture people. No how does this sound reassuring to you?"

"Because when ever there is still a beating hear there is hope", Grissom said sounding both angry, annoyed and tired. The stress was slowly starting to kick in.

"So yes, our victim was starved, cut, burned, beat and raped...” Grissom saw how his words made his crew change their face colour from red to white, depending from the person. "...but the he was kept alive for three long weeks. I know half of this lab thinks I don't think Greg actually has what it takes to be a CSI and I know there is also some kind of bet on going on that subject, but I do. I believe he has all the qualities that will make him a great CSI one day and I do believe that what ever it is that his capturer will put him through, he will survive it. And I think one of the reasons why I know he can handle it is that he knows we will find him and then he will be back with us once again".

"We? And by we you mean that they will let us..." Sara started looking utterly surprised.

"No", Grissom said cutting Sara off. "But I just happened to have these three plane tickets from Las Vegas to Miami, departing happening today 7.37 am and if anyone would like to use their spare vacation days I would be happy to hear it now".

"Which airport?" Was all that Nick said while grabbing the tickets and giving one of them to Sara and one to Warrick.

"McCarran International", Grissom said, watching Nick to leave the room as soon as he had received that last bit of information, followed by Warrick who had his arm wrapped around Nick's hunched shoulders. He also saw the pained disappointment on Catherine's face knowing exactly how she felt. Just like he couldn't leave his duties behind, she couldn't leave her duties as a mother in a short notice like this; regardless of the fact that they both only desired to be able to help Greg where it really counted.

Grissom saw Catherine leave the room, followed slowly by Sara, but before she could leave the room he called her in a voice that was merely above a whisper: "I trust you to bring him back".

A weak smile and nod was all the answer he got, but it was enough.

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