Know Your Victim by Sirrah [Reviews - 1]

Notes: CSI Miami and Las Vegas crossover... mainly focus on Greg and Nick off course... and I don't own anything... literally but that's my problem not yours... oh and English isn't my native language but don't let that get in the way of torching this thing to crisp if you really want to ^_^ Might go AU after 5th season... mainly because GD has been the last episode I have seen so just deal with it...
Rated: PG-13 at the moment to be safe... but chances are that later chapter will be NC-17 which means sex, maybe some non-con (at least in my head) and violence.
Spoilers: Ummm... some mild reference to GD and from Miami past Lost Son.
Summary: Why does Lieutenant Horatio Caine need to contact Las Vegas Crime Lab?
Chapters: 1/?

Chapter 1

"So what do we have here Alexx", Lieutenant Horatio Caine said crouching over the sunburned naked body.

"Hard to tell. At the moment you have a thirty year old John Doe, died approximately between 3 and 4 am this morning", Alexx said looking up from the man's body he had been examining.

"And cause of death?"

"Too many possibilities to give anything sure. Blood loss, dehydration, starvation, infection, take your pick", Alexx said standing up. "You will get your answers after I finish his autopsy in the morgue. How fast, that will be up to you?"

"Well you're free to wrap him up. Obviously we're not on the crime seen yet", Horatio said and take a few steps back. His gaze wandered from the grotesque body to the direction its feet were pointing, back to the body and then to its head's direction.

"Now why a man in this condition would be running away from the road and not towards it?" Horatio said to himself.

"Maybe he had someone chasing him by a car?" The voice that belonged to Eric Delko said behind him.

"Might be... or he was looking for something", Horatio said and turned to Eric. "I want you to check the road for any suspicious tire marks and if you can't find anything, I want to know what was in the direction our victim was heading".

Giving one last glance to the victim, whose slashed and burned skin was slowly covered by a body bag, Horatio left the scene. The old woman that had found the body was being calmed down by a young officer by the ambulance so Horatio headed that way. The woman's hands were still shaking around the mug but her eyes shone bright and it was clear that the age had not affected her mind yet.
"Mrs. Hollow? Excuse me, my name is Lieutenant Horatio Caine, from crime lab, how are you doing?"
"Actually it's technically Miss or late Mrs. since by husband died three years ago, but that doesn't matter because you can call me Maggie", Maggie Hollow said with a week smile.

"Well Maggie, I know you have probably told this to a few people already, but could you please tell me what happened today", Horatio said with a reassuring smile.

"Well I live on the other side of this old swamp and was going to Miami to visit my granddaughter. Mostly the locals know this old road leads there, which why you can avoid all the traffics if there is enough power under you hood", Maggie Hollow said with a steady voice.

"It was a little over 2 pm when I saw the birds. There were lots of them but they all flew away when my car came close enough and then I saw the foot. I put on the brake, got out of car, saw that... and called help. He was dead when I arrived wasn't he? He looked so awful that I didn't want to touch him", Maggie said her steady voice starting to panic

Horatio put his reassuring hand on her small shoulders before saying: "Don't worry Maggie. There was nothing else you could have done. You did exactly the right thing. Now, you said that only locals use this road. Do you know if there is any inhabitancy or buildings around here?"

The look on her face made Horatio feel like he had missed something, which was one of the most horrid feelings he knew.

"Nobody has lived here since they take the ranger out of this area. You know this was once one of the most beautiful swamps around here. And look at it now? It looks more like plains than a swamp. But no, nobody lives here. The old ranger cabin though is still there", Maggie said and pointed behind Horatio, to exact direction of their victims feet.

"Is it far", Horatio said without turning to face the direction the woman was showing.

"Well it can't be very far if you can see it from here can it?" Maggie Hollow said with smile that made Horatio face the direction she had pointed. He didn't see any buildings, just bushes and grass and some trees that had managed to survive the drought that had destroyed the swamp.

"You see, there in the bushes. When the bird season is on, you can actually see light coming out of there, when the ornithologist use it. I guess that means even the generator still works after all these years", Maggie said.

Horatio could only take Maggie's word of it because he couldn't make any building out through the wild flora. But that point would make a place like that perfect for criminal activities.

"Thank you very much for your help Maggie", Horatio said and gestured some of the officers to follow him, when he start to walk to the direction Maggie had shown him. Making sure he didn't mess up the possible path that their victim had run, Horatio walked the few hundred feet that separated him from the bushes and when getting closer he was actually able to sight the small plank house behind them. Taking his gun out of its holster, Horatio circled the house. The other side of the house wasn't covered in flora but instead there was one ominous looking door and a broken window that had been nailed shut. Just listening a few seconds outside and watching around himself made him pretty sure the house had already been deserted. Keeping his gun still at his hands, Horatio gave a small push to the door and it opened with a loud creek.

With the foul stench that came from inside, Horatio knew he had found his crime scene.


Horatio looked down at his DNA results from the deserted plank house. They had all the possible evidence a CSI could dream of from perfect fingerprints to DNA. Only problem was that the persons they belonged to were all John Does. And to make things even more a mess, they had found two fingerprints and two DNA's that weren't the victims, which meant that they either had two victims or two suspects. Horatio would very much like it to be the latter. At this thought, his phone rang.


"Hi, Horatio, it's me Alexx", a familiar voice said in the other end. "I have the result of your John Doe's autopsy".

"Believe it or not, he died of heart attack", Alexx continued without bothering to wait Horatio's answer.

"So it wasn't blood loss, starvation or anything other you mentioned on the scene", Horatio said surprised. Alexx was rarely wrong on her diagnosis.

"Actually I would say it was all of them. Assuming from the scars and from the signs of his starvation I would say he has been tortured at least three weeks now. No heart can endure this much stress without failing".

"And what if he had received immediately hospital care before his heart attack, you think he could have survived?"

"Definitely. But only if he had received it really soon. I doubt he would have lived more than two days even if he hadn't tried to escape"

"Was there anything else that we could use to locate the killer or identify the victim?"

"No, but I have the whole report in here. You want to pick it up or do I send it for you?"

"I send Wolfe to get it".

"Okay, I show him what I can", Alexx said and hang up the phone.

Horatio shut off his phone too and take the case file once again to his hands. He had a nasty feeling in his guts to this case but couldn't reason out what was it. They had more evidence than what they were able to go through, but it seemed like they didn't belong to anyone.

Besides their victimís, they had found two different kinds of DNA, other from a black hair and the other from a bleached hair and blood. There were also three different foot prints found around the shag. The barefoot ones were obviously the victims, but besides that, there were also a size 12 print made by combat boots and a very unique size 10 print from slip-ons that had dna-chain on its bottom. Wolfe was already tracking the shops in Miami area that made custom design shoes, but so far there hadnít been any luck in that.

Then there was the bullet. They had found it buried in one of the walls and it had had the bleach haired ones blood all over it. Calleigh had already figured it had been fired by 357 Magnum, but there hadnít been any hits in their bullet record so that had been a dead end too. Their biggest chance at the moment were the finger prints, seven different at the moment and the plateless red Toyota Camry that Delko found from the direction their victim was heading.

There had been six different prints in the car, but because only two of them had been found from the shag, they were focusing on those. The car it self had told them little. The plates had been removed and the model had been 4th best seller in U.S.A on the year of 2003 so all they could do was to check the cars that had been reported stolen. The most interesting lead they had gotten out of the car was the things it was transporting. They had found a surfboard, bottom colored yellow and black to avoid shark attacks like most surfboard these days. The upper side though wasnít like any surfboard Horatio or anyone in his crew had ever seen. After a small research they had discovered it indeed was very accurate illustration of a Norwegian salmon.

Besides the unique board there had also been a bag that contained a wet suit, bikinis, two towels, shorts, t-shirt, a skirt, womenís sandals, some make-up, a brush and some hair products for men and women. The wet suit had had some of the bleached ones hairs caught in its zipper, but there werenít any traces of the womanís identity, other than the finger prints and hair in the brush. They had some clues of what had happened to the bleach haired male but who had been the woman in his car and what had happened to her was a big mystery.

Horatio realized this case was really starting to show them how little the evidence could mean if there werenít any suspects. They had hair, blood, fibers, bullets, tire marks, a car and still it seemed like these three didn't even exist. But because one of them lay in their morgue, the other two or three must be out somewhere too.

That was the time when Eric decided to rush in the hems of his lab coat flaring.

"We found something", Eric said and the lack of enthusiasm in his voice made Horatio frown his brow.

"Criminal records were a miss call, but we found a match from other public records. The finger prints from the house and car as well as the blood around the bullet, wall and floor matched him", Eric said and dropped the file in front of Horatio.

Horatio take one quick look on the face in the photo and the familiar logo in the upper corner before grabbing his phone.
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