Their Twister by Ramona315 [Reviews - 1]

A small yawn escaped him as he walked down the hall to their apartment building. Their apartment building. Theirs. Everyday he loved the thought of that all the more. He used to hate the thought of going home to his lonely apartment. At least he was with people and friends at work. But at home, he was just alone. Sure, his mom called him every so often with the usual blah, blah, blah. But nothing really important. Just the latest in family news. Seldom was he giving news in these short conversations. But now, now, now he had Greg. At the end of a triple shift, or just a regular shift, he was okay with going home. Knowing him and Greg would get into the same car, or Greg would be at home waiting for him. Nick pulled his keys out and unlocked the door, he quietly entered incase Greg was asleep. Instead, his senses were awakened with the sent of. . .Vanilla? He knew Greg liked the scent, but then, he saw flames, candles too? Now he was quite curious on what his eccentric lover had in store for him.

"Greg? (Greg, you there?" He asked calmly while setting his jacket on the couch and throwing his keys on the table. Greg came out looking quite good, Nick could smell the scent of a fresh shower. Greg came to him with utter sexiness that made mini-Nick jump. The way Greg smoothly and ever so gently planted a gentle kiss on Nickís lips was just the perfect way to come home.

"What a welcome home Greg. What's going on?" Queried Nick, a slight tint of confusion in his voice.

"You'll see. ." Greg replied. Nick had no idea what to expect as he followed Greg into the their bedroom. Theirs
"You like?" Greg asked with a bit of sudden unsure ness once he saw Nickís confused face. He was staring at the awkward white plastic mat that covered the small floor space they had. It had four rows of circles in the colors red, blue, green and yellow. At the bottom it said "Twister".

"Uh Greggo, what is this?" he asked cautiously.

"WHAT!? You've never played Twister before? Dang, how far out in Texas were you to be that deprived of Twister!?" Greg exclaimed in shock. Very different from his earlier more seductive attitude.

"Hey now, I wasnít that deprived, we just never got to keep up with the latest trends." Nick replied trying to defend his somewhat uncultured childhood. "But explain, what is this?" He continued with a raised Eyebrow.

"What we do is spin this spinner and whatever it lands on we do. See." Greg spinned the large plastic spinner on the large cardboard platform. "It says Right foot on yellow. So, we would both put are right foot on one of the yellow circles, then," He spinned again "It says left hand on red. We then put our left hand on red. Then, whoever falls first, is out. Get it?"

"Aaah uh. Sounds good to me!" Nick said sounding more anxious then he wanted to be. He couldnít help it, the thought of him and Greggo being tangled together and around each other like that was just too much to handle!

Nick went into the bathroom and put on some more comfortable shorts and a t-shirt and Greg waited patiently (he tried to) as he was already in the proper attire. Nick came back and Greg stood on one side of the mat, as Nick stood on the other. Greg was the first to spin.

"Right hand Blue." They both follow the directions. Nick's turn to spin.
"Left hand Green." They followed.

Ten minutes later, Nick was stuck looking at Gregs inner thigh and Greg was stuck looking at Nicks butt. The temptation was getting to be too much for either of them! They couldnít reach up to touch, they didnít want to loose their balance. One more spin by Greg, whose crotch was know right in Nicks face. Nick could see a bulge forming in the shorts his lover had on. He wanted to just be able to reach up and touch Greg in everyway he knew how!

Fifteen minutes had passed. Now, Greg had is arm slightly around Nicks butt, and Nick had his head in Gregís chest. Nick thought he was gonna break any second! He was keeping intense concentration on not falling and was trying so hard not to think of his own bulge. But instead, he felt his shorts go down, and all of the sudden Gregís mouth was around mini-Nick. He gasped in pleasure and said breathlessly that it was cheating to pleasure him until he fell down! But at that, Greg just sucked harder. Licking and swallowing and doing every mouth trick Nick knew and even some that he didnít! Nick was trying hard not to fall, but his knees that already hurt from being on the ground, were tightening at each back-and-forth movement of Gregís mouth. Finally, his orgasm hit, and he heard Greg swallow it all. Greg then pulled Nicks pants back over his butt and stood up.

"Oh My God Greg! Where did that come from. Wow" Nick said still in shock.

"I fell but you didnít see it, you got your prize. Want to play again?" He asked slyly.

"Nah, I think Iíll go with this instead." Nick said as he got up and pulled Greg over to the bed. He started to grind Gregís ragging hard-on with his quickly He started to grind Gregís raging hard-on. He was quickly becoming hard again. Nick kissed Greg ever so slightly and stripping them both of their shirts. Greg was moaning incoherent words of pleasure.

"Nick, please, you have to touch, please God, Nick." Greg tried to say, though it came out jumbled. Nick knew not only what he said, but what he wanted. He lightly pulled Gregís shorts down making sure to kiss, lick, or lightly bite each part of leg right after the soft material drifted over them. Once he threw them over his shoulder, he realized, Greg wasnít wearing any underwear and his hard-on had became full blown. He was still muttering something about something in the top drawer that he bought that could be fun. Nick pulled it out. Heating Body Oil in Strawberry. He carefully poured a small amount into his hands and rubbed them to heat it up. Rolling his hands over Gregís chest, lower abdomen and legs, concentrating on his inner thighs. Gregís back arched with pleasure and was still begging for something. Nick bent down and started to give Greg the best blow-job he had ever had and would never forget. Greg was fighting not to come to early, and Nick knew it, so he slowed down a little, then sped up, and slowed back down again knowing full well the pleasure/pain that Greg must be feeling right about now. Slightly gliding his teeth over Gregís length, then swallowing it whole, then going back. Greg arched one more time before he couldnít stand it anymore, and Nicks mouth filled with Gregís fluid. Greggo came up after catching his breathe, and kissed Nick so gently yet hard at the same time and so good that Nick knew that he wanted to be with him forever.

"I love you."
"I love you too Nicky"
"Twister is my new favorite game."
"Mine too" Breathed Nick and Greg as they lay back down together, thinking, not speaking, but thinking about each other, their love for each other, they knew that they would be together for the rest of their lives.

"I'm gonna take a shower Greg, wanna come?" Asked Nick as he got up
"Sure" said Greg getting up to.

Later they were sitting at the table eating lunch.

"Hey Nick?" Asked Greg cautiously
"Yeah G?" Nick replied
"I could get used to this ya know. ."
"What? The twister love?" asked Nick half-jokingly
Greg laughed a little, "No, this. Living together, eating together, living life by each other sides." Greg replied a little softly.
"Me to Greggo, Me too." Replied Nick, and they went on with their life.

Their Life, Their life as one, together
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