Rear Window by Catlover2x [Reviews - 8]

Title: Rear Window
Challenge: Voyeurism at http://www.livejournal.com/community/ngchallenge/
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own them, but I would like to watch.
Spoilers: None
I would thank Godgaleshot" and Fred_bear" if I'd managed to get it to them for beta but this is really late for the challenge. However, I do thank them for their unfailing support and friendship, without which this would not have been born.
A/N: Shout out to Alfred Hitchcock

Iím straight, I just want to let you know up front. In fact, Iím glad Iím straight even though itís making me unhappy right now. My girlfriend, Samantha, broke up with me and just walked out, which is how it is that I canít sleep. I can sleep for a couple of hours here and there, but I have yet to sleep a whole night through since she moved out. And my apartment looks so empty, desolate even. She took all her stuff and some of the things weíd acquired together. The living room looks a bit like a bowling alley, with one couch, one end table and the TV on the floor. I havenít even had the energy to go out and get some crates to put it on. Not that Iím watching much TV.

I canít bear to be inside and look at the emptiness where Samantha used to be. And we never sat on the terrace outside so thatís where I am most of the time Iím home now. I got a telescope, just to look at the stars, but letís face it, the stars arenít doing much and my neighbors are much more interesting.

I never really noticed before but the girl who lives with her mother on the first floor left, really doesnít like to eat meat. Her mother makes these balanced dinners but Beth, thatís the girlís name, never eats the meat. Her dog is the major beneficiary and he seems to have entered into a conspiracy with her. He never begs at the table, so the mother hasnít caught on yet. And Beth just eats calmly, small bites, chews 30 times before swallowing, except every other bite goes to the dog under the table. Maybe sheís a vegan, I mused, and her mother canít or wonít accept it. And sheís craving micon and her mother gives her hamburger.

See thatís what happens when you start watching people. You make up stories about what theyíre doing and why. Yeah, I know itís just to get my mind off my own pitiful problems, but when you canít sleep, itís better than infomercials.

And itís not like Iím a voyeur or anything. At least Iíve never been one before, but the more I watch, the more fascinating it is to see how other people live. I know Iím only seeing snippets, but voices donít carry that well, except at night. And even then, it has to be quiet and the wind has to be coming a certain way.

Thereís a young couple, Nicole and Tim, who live on the first floor right. I thought they were married but suddenly sheís having a lot of parties that involve toilet paper dresses and bows and gifts and lots of girls. All cute and all too young for me. I know that if Samantha had been here, first of all she would have told me to stop watching them, but then sheíd have taken the telescope and looked herself, informing me that Nicoleís dress was tacky and didnít suit her. Then we would have gotten into a stupid argument about the dress, which I could care less about, because I would have said Nicole looks happy and the dress doesnít matter. Samantha would have said that Nicole would have looked even happier in a dress that suited her and probably would have gone off to give Nicole fashion advice. I guess maybe itís not so bad that Samantha is gone. If only it didnít hurt so much.

Two guys live across the way on the second floor, I know one of them is named Nick. His roommateís voice carries better. Theyíre pretty quiet and they both seem to work nights, so usually theyíre not home when Iím out ďstar-gazingĒ. And their schedule seems pretty screwy, because sometimes they donít come home at all and other days their blinds are down all day. They seem to do something official because they both wear the same vests that say Police on the back, but theyíre never in uniform.

Earlier after Beth and her dog finished their dinner, she practiced her piano. Kidís pretty good which is nice because on these cool nights when you want your windows open youíd have to blast your music if you didnít want to listen to her. But itís 4 a.m and sheís been asleep for hours. Or at least in bed. Tim and Nicole went off somewhere earlier, Iím guessing for the First Dance Lesson for the wedding because they were waltzing around their apartment with Very Serious Faces right before they left. When they came back they were smiling and laughing before they put out the light. Young love. Yeah, right.

A light goes on at Nick and unnamed roommateís apartment and I see roommate go into the kitchen and start making coffee. Coffee? At 4 a.m.? Well, like I said, their schedule is screwy. They turn out the light but I can see them outlined in the moonlight as they take their coffee out on the terrace and stand looking to the right, where you can see the neon lighting the sky over downtown.

I turned the scope back up to the sky and locate Orion immediately. Actually itís the only constellation I can locate, because of the belt, and sadly I donít even know whether his head or feet are up. I search for the big dipper, but Iím not good at finding it. I realize that the stars are in different locations depending on the time of year, (because sometimes I canít even find Orion) and since Iíve got this telescope maybe I better get on the internet and find out what Iím looking at. I know this year three planets are supposed to line up but where do I look and how can I tell if Iím looking at it.

A slight noise draws my attention back to earth and I scan over the apartments. Most of them are dark, but thereís a light in Nick and roommateís apartment. And God, donít people know that if they leave the curtains open and the light on itís like being on a stage. Because I donít think these guys realize they have an audience or they wouldnít beÖ NAKED. Naked and kissing! ButÖtheyíre guys!

Okay, okay, calm down, Iíve heard of gay people. I scrabble for the scope in the dark which I dropped when I saw themÖ kissing. My heart is beating so fast and I feel really uncomfortable. Okay, maybe not that uncomfortable because I just looked again and I have never seen anything soÖerotic.

Iíve seen my share of porn, like any other guy, and Iíve certainly enjoyed whenever a girlfriend has been uninhibited enough to walk around starkers.

But. Oh. My. God.

Theyíre lying on the bed now, kissing. Naked. I said that, I know, but I just want to be sure you know just HOW naked they are and they are more naked than anyone Iíve ever seen. I never thought Iíd want to see two guys together. I mean, Iím straight, I said, right? And I really donít want to BE with another guy.

The guy named Nick, holy cow. He is built. His muscles are toned and cut, and his abs! Note to self: you have a gym membership. If this doesnít get you to go, what will? Anyway, heís tanned and toned and wide shoulders, narrow hips, long legs, dark hair. What Samantha would call, ďgorgeous.Ē

The roommate, heís skinnier but itís obvious he works out too because heís got a tricep dimple I would kill for. Toned but more supple, smoother, except for some really heavy-duty scars on his back. His hair is messy, but itís always messy, blonder than Nick. And heís not so tanned, more creamy in color. Samantha would say he was, ďcuteĒ.

Now theyíre not just kissing any more. TheyíreÖ doing it. The blonde roommate guy is on his knees, holding onto the headboard, his skin smooth and shiny with sweat. Nick is behind him, darker tan, his muscles harder and straining as they move together. They fit perfectly, as if they were custom built for each other, pressed together from hip to knee. Nick has one hand wrapped around blond roommateís chest as he kisses the skin across his shoulders. He kisses right over the scars, as if heís got some kind of fascination with them. Then he reaches around to grab roommateís cock, which is pretty impressively erect. Roommate arches back and his head goes up. I can see his lips move, but I canít hear anything. Anyway itís not difficult to tell that heís enjoying this very much.

He seems to be coming and collapses onto the bed and Nick goes down with him. He raises himself slightly on his arms, moving faster now, and he cries out, ďGreg!Ē Like I say, voices carry at night.

They lie together like that for it seems like an hour, but itís really only five minutes or so. And then Greg (blond roommate) turns under Nick and theyíre snuggling, snuggling and kissing! And damn, if it was erotic before this is just flat out romantic. Samantha never wanted to cuddle, she would just roll over and go to sleep.

Like I said, Iím straight. So, now the lightís out. And the sky is getting light. I canít sit here any longer or everyone will know that I like to watch. And, um, Iíve got something to take care of in the, um, shower. Iím straight, remember?

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