Sweat by Serenity [Reviews - 7]

Gregís neck muscles strained as he struggled to complete the last repetition with the barbell. He was lifting more weight than he was used to, and all to impress the new fitness instructor at the gym. He hooked the bar back into itís holder and breathed out heavily. Heíd be regretting that tomorrow.

He sat up and rubbed his towel across his face, wiping away the sticky film of sweat from his face. The instructor was at the other side of the room showing a group of flirty females the best way to use the spinning machines. Greg recognised the women immediately, they had been coming to the gym as long as he had and probably knew the machines far better than the Greek God in shorts who was now bouncing up and down on the bicycle seat, his tanned, muscular thighs straining to be contained by the shiny black material of his uniform.

Greg sighed and moved on to the next set of weights. He didnít stand a chance against those lycra-clad, silicone-chested babes. He set the triceps machine to his usual weight and began to pump. No point in killing himself if the guy wasnít even going to notice.

He finished the last set and wiped the machine free of his sweat. Sex-on-a-stick was still chatting and laughing with the thinnest and blondest of the group but his eyes did flick Gregís way, the dark brown pools sparkling with amusement.

Greg wound his towel around his neck and walked stiffly over to the water cooler, pouring some into a paper cup and taking a much needed sip of the cold liquid. He crumpled the cup in his fist and tossed it towards the trash, where it bounced off the rim and skimmed across the floor.

Greg groaned and leaned down to pick it up, but a large tanned hand beat him to it. He straightened up and found himself face-to-face with Mr Muscles. The instructor was grinning, all white teeth and laughter lines. His brown eyes were even more hypnotic close-up.

Greg grabbed the cup from his hand, blushing furiously. Surely it must be illegal to be that gorgeous and be allowed out in public.

"Sorry about that." he mumbled, making sure the cup met itís intended destination this time.

"Donít worry about it." came the Texan drawl. The sound was enough to turn Gregís brain to a puddle of goo. It was the first time heíd actually heard the man speak and he wondered why he hadnít guessed that the guy would be from Texas. It was fitting. It was also incredibly sexy.

"Iím Nick, I started work here last week." he introduced himself, offering a hand. Greg took it and shook, biting down the urge to tell him that he knew exactly when Nick had started working there, down to the very second when heíd first walked into the gym and Greg had nearly dropped a barbell on his foot in shock.

"Greg." he replied, trying to keep his voice steady.

"Youíre in here every day, arenít you?" Nick asked curiously. "Iíve noticed you working out."

Gregís stomach did a somersault. The guy had noticed him after all! "Yeah." he said in a pretence of casualness.

Nickís eyes flicked across his body. "Well, itís obviously paying off." he said with an appreciative grin, before pouring himself a drink of water and downing it in one gulp. Greg watched the neck muscles quiver with the action of swallowing and filed the erotic visual away for personal use later.

Nick nodded a goodbye and went back to the blonde in pink lycra, who was pouting her gloss-covered bottom lip at being left alone.

Greg finally breathed out and made his way over to the free weights to finish his workout. He lifted a dumbbell and began with some bicep curls, his eyes squeezed tightly shut with the effort of lifting the weight.

Suddenly he felt a warm body press up against his back, and he flicked his eyes open in shock. Nick was behind him, taking Gregís wrist in his hand.

"Youíll get better results if you keep your eyes open." the instructor offered. "And when you get to the curl really contract your bicep and hold it." He moved Greg through a couple of reps, holding on to him all the while. Greg could feel the hard, muscular body shifting against him. Nick was resting his chin on Gregís shoulder and his free hand on Gregís hip.

"Thanks." he squeaked, mirroring the movement Nick had shown him. "Thatís much better."

"Just doing my job, Greg." Nick said, standing back to watch him implement the new technique. Greg finished the last rep of that set and Nick moved to stand behind him again, watching their reflections in the mirrored wall. "Keep your back straight." he advised, holding on to him steadily.

Greg could feel the hot breath on the back of his neck, sending shivers through him. He wondered if Nick had any idea of what he was doing to the young lab-tech. He could feel his cock begin to twitch beneath the grey sweat-pants he was wearing and he prayed that he could keep his arousal under control. Sweat-pants werenít very forgiving when it came to erections. At least he could claim any damp patches as sweat, but there would be no overlooking the tenting as it strained against the thin material.

He had to get some space between him and the instructor. "Thanks, Iíll remember that for next time." he managed to gasp. Nick took a step backwards and relieved Greg of the weight, lifting it easily.

"Like I said, just doing my job." He looked around the gym to make sure no one was watching before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his card. He slipped it into the waistband of Gregís sweat-pants, his hand Ďaccidentallyí rubbing against the half-hard member concealed beneath.

"And some daysÖ." he whispered lustily in Gregís ear. "I fucking love my job."

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