Miles Apart by LoneWolf13 [Reviews - 3]

If I could I would do all of this again. Travel back in time with you to where this all began.

The day you left I felt I couldíve died. To see the look on your face as you turned and walked away brought my world crashing down. I suppose I deserved it though. How could I have been so stupid, so selfish? I felt like you werenít paying attention to me. So I went and got what I needed elsewhere, and Iíll always regret that decision.

To bring us back to where we were when life was not this hard. Looking back it all just seems so far, so far away.

Has it really been a month? Whoever said, ďtime heals all woundsĒ didnít know shit about relationships. Youíd think that Iíd have moved on. I mean most people see me as, ďGreg the guy that will never settle down.Ē But they see me like that because they never saw me around you. Only you know my true self.

I'd give it up for just one more day with you. Give it up for just one more day.

So Grissom told me that you had gone back to live with your parents for a while, and I sure as hell hope youíre still here, because here I am in Dallas knocking on your front door. Iím guessing you didnít tell your parents about us, otherwise they wouldnít be greeting me with southern hospitality asking me come inside. They said you werenít home from work yet so I made small talk with your parents. They seemed to really like me. As soon as you walked through the front door and saw me sitting in your living room I could see all of the painful emotions come back to surface away from where they had been buried in the depths of your mind, and I felt a twinge of guilt for causing you pain again.

I need you now, we're miles apart. I'll keep you deep inside.

Sensing something was wrong your parents left the house claiming to need groceries, and Iím thankful for the space theyíve given us. I knew that this wasnít going to be easy but I thought youíd at least want to listen. Instead you give me the cold shoulder as you walk into the kitchen with me following behind you saying Iím sorry to your back. It takes several minutes of my begging and pleading before you turn around and look me in the eyes. And I stare back into your deep brown eyes that are becoming glossy from welled up tears. And seeing you like that just sets me off and I begin to cry as my rehearsed speech spills from my mouth. When Iím finally done with my rambling I canít tell if it had an effect on you or not. Iím surprised that you donít pull away from my touch when I grab your hand and say Iím sorry one last time.

You're always in my heart. A new life to start.

I let go of your hand and turn to leave defeated but your hand gripping my shoulder stops me. I pause for a second before turning to face you. Now your face is stained with tears just like mine. We hold each otherís gaze for a minute before slowly coming together in a warm embrace. I know that the road to recovery isnít going to be easy, but that doesnít matter because right now, while Iím in your arms, nothing else matters.


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