2,000 Miles by LoneWolf13 [Reviews - 4]

Did I miss your call again? No, you never called it was a thought inside my head.

Been sitting here by the phone for days, just me and my new best friend Sam Adams. Why do you have this effect on me? Youíve obviously moved on, why canít I? I would call but I donít want to seem desperate. I mean it was you who screwed everything up; you should be the one to call with an apology.

Did I take the fall again? I shoulda payed attention to all the words you said.

Now here I am with a massive hangover sitting on my couch listening to the sounds of silence. And I really shouldnít be doing this because now I have time to think and Iím starting to doubt myself. Could it have been my fault? Did I not listen to you enough? Am I the reason you cheated? Could I have salvaged our relationship? Shit, look what youíre doing to me again! It was your fault. But then why do I feel so guilty?

I've been falling apart. Since you been gone I don't know where I need to start.

Iím at work now I canít help but let my mind wonder how do I start over? I see you in the field and I canít help but stare. Youíve improved so much and I just wish that I could be like you sometimes, to be able to forget everything. But then again why would I want to forget? Iíll always remember how youíd crack some witty joke in the after glow of sex and make me smile even though Iím dead tired. Why canít we start over? Iíd change anything and everything just to have another chance with you.

If I told you that I love you would it matter at all? If I told you that I need you would you catch me if I fall?

My staring has been going on for a couple days and youíve finally noticed me. Well of course youíve noticed. I mean I havenít exactly been that secretive about it and I tend to forget that youíre no longer a lab rat. Youíve been trained to notice things. Can you see now how hurt I am? Can you follow the evidence Greg? Can you what youíve done to me?

I can't live like this. Heartbreak, a fake smile, and 2000 miles.

Tomorrow is the day I leave. The entire office got together and threw me a party; of course you didnít show up. Nobody knows the real reason Iím going. As far as they know itís because of the stress from being buried alive, held at gunpoint, and stalked. But those mean nothing compared to the pain youíve caused. I leave for the airport early in morning, and Iím just about to get in line to have my bags checked when I hear someone call my name. I turn around and my fragile heart breaks as I see you standing there with a small smile on your face. I want to go and hug you and hit you at the same time. Instead I let the tears Iíve held back flow out of my eyes and I turn and leave you standing there, stunned.

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