A Chance of Showers by LoneWolf13 [Reviews - 5]

Greg Sanders: Sara, I just want you to know that when we were in the shower together, I didn't see anything.
Sara Sidle: Really? Gosh, I saw everything...

Greg had just pulled into the parking lot of his and Nick’s apartment complex. He gave a small smile as he peered up at their window, which was blocked out by blackout curtains, he was glad to be home. The CSIs had been stretched really thin that day and Greg wanted nothing more than to just crawl into bed with Nick by his side.

He locked up his car and strode toward the main door to head up the stairs to their apartment. When he made it to their floor he pulled out his key ring, which jingled slightly from the excessive amount of key chains, and inserted his key into the lock turning the knob and swinging the door open to find Nick standing there with his arms crossed and an expectant look on his face. Greg retuned Nick’s look with his own of confusion.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

He looked at Nick trying to read his face, and think of a possible explanation for his behavior.

There was a long pause, and then it suddenly dawned on Greg.

“This isn’t about what happened at work today is it?” he said a small grin starting to form on his face. Nick just gave Greg one last look before turning away from his gaze, and Greg could swear that he saw a tinge of green in Nick’s deep brown eyes.

“You’re jealous of Sara aren’t you?”

Nick was beginning to blush; Greg could see it start to creep up his neck.

“No!” Nick shouted a little too quickly.

Greg continued to just look at Nick knowing that that wasn’t the truth.

“Well… maybe just a little.” he said now turning back to look Greg in the eyes.

“I mean you could’ve died and the last person you would have taken a shower with was Sara! And not only did you get to take a shower with Sara, it was while you were on the job too!”

Greg began to laugh.

“Nick, you know no one could ever replace you. Not even Sara.”

“Yeah I know. I just wish I had been on your case.” Nick replied giving a little mischievous grin.

“Well why don’t I make it up to you?”

Before Nick could even answer Greg had pounced on him and ensnared his mouth, their tongues twisting together as they roamed between each other’s mouths. Suddenly Greg pulled away. He gave Nick a little smile before turning away from him and walking towards the bathroom. Nick just watched Greg in awe as he seductively swung his hips back and forth and began removing articles of clothing leaving a littered trail of his clothes leading to the shower.

As Greg turned the corner and out of Nick’s sight he began to follow the path of clothing adding his own to the mix. By the time he had reached the bathroom all Nick had on was his boxers. Greg was already naked and had his back to Nick as he fiddled with the knobs in the shower. Nick quietly snuck up behind Greg and gave him a playful swat on the ass.

“Oww!” Greg exclaimed as his head shot up and went right into the stream of water.

Nick tried to suppress a small chuckle as Greg turned his head looking like a cute, wet puppy.

Nick felt his dick begin to harden as his gazed traveled from Greg’s face down to his groin. Nick couldn’t help but stare, and frankly Greg didn’t mind, in fact it made him even hornier, that his semi-hard cock could get Nick’s attention so well. Nick could have stared at Greg’s cock all night, except right now his own erection was pushing against his boxers and he needed to free it.

Almost as if he had read Nick’s mind Greg closed the gap between them, hooked his fingers in Nick’s boxers, and slid them down Nick’s body. Once Nick had stepped out of his boxers, which were puddled on the floor, Greg took Nick’s hand and led him into the warm shower.

Greg gave a contented sigh as the water flowed from the showerhead and began beating against his back. Greg didn’t have much time though to concentrate on the feeling of the water because now Nick was kissing him with his hands roaming over every inch of Greg’s skin. As they were kissing, Nick’s hands moved up Greg’s slick, wet torso and stopped at his nipples rolling them in between his fingers causing Greg to break their kiss so a moan could escape from his lips.

To return the favor Greg began to work his hands downwards and slightly brush their throbbing cocks together. At the unexpected contact Nick’s cock twitch in excitement as he groaned into Greg’s mouth. With all of the noise Nick was making Greg couldn’t take it any longer. He dropped down to his knees and took Nick’s dick lightly in his hands, teasing him as the water came down on top of him.

“You fucking tease.” Nick managed to gasp out in between his moans of pleasure.

“Just tell me what you want.” Greg suggestively asked as he tugged lightly on Nick’s balls.

“I want your mouth around me.”

Greg looked up at Nick giving him a wicked little smile before swallowing up Nick’s dick.

Nick’s eyes seem to roll into the back of his head as Greg pleasured his cock, licking up and down his shaft while fondling his balls.

“Stop Greg.” Nick commanded just before he was about to come.

Greg was somewhat confused but soon realized what Nick was up to when leaned out past the shower curtain returning with a bottle of lube. Nick handed the bottle down to Greg who immediately began slicking the lube up and down his cock in long languid motions. When Greg was satisfied he stood back up, his knees cracking a little as he did so, and turned his back to Nick. Nick slowly ran his hands down Greg’s scarred back stopping at his butt cheeks to cup them softly before finally spreading them apart to reveal Greg’s anus. Nick now bent down and began to lap little circles around Greg’s hole eliciting shudders from the young CSI. He then took a finger and began pushing inwards until finally his finger slipped inside.

“Oh Nicky that feels so fucking good.” Greg said as he pushed backwards, inching Nick’s finger in a little farther.

Nick soon pressed another finger inside Greg and began scissoring his fingers to open Greg up a bit more. Nick’s cock couldn’t take it any more; he needed to shove it up Greg’s ass now. He stood back up and pinned Greg against the cool tiled wall. He braced himself with one hand and the other was guiding his cock towards Greg. Greg could feel the tip of Nick’s cock at his entrance and he frantically pushed back wanting nothing more than to be filled up with Nick’s dick. In one swift movement Nick had entered Greg and both were vocalizing their pleasure to each other. Nick began to thrust in and out trying to hit Greg’s spot, which Nick knew would make Greg melt.

“Faster, harder.” Greg panted unable to make full sentences.

Nick’s thrusting became more urgent and before he knew what was happening he was coming inside Greg. As his come poured into Greg Nick reached around the front and grabbed Greg’s dick jacking him off in time to his slowing thrust until he felt the shudders of orgasm run through Greg. Now exhausted, Greg slumped against the tile in order to stay standing, and Nick gripped the wall mounted soap dish to support himself as he pulled his spent dick out of Greg. Greg now wished that he wasn’t wet so he could crawl into bed and fall asleep right now. He was also amazed that Nick had the energy to climb out of the shower and throw a towel at him. Greg hadn’t really seen it coming and it hit him smack in the face. Behind the towel he could hear Nick chuckling.

“If I wasn’t so drained, I would so tackle you right now.”

By now Nick had already dried himself off and left the bathroom to get a clean pair of boxers. When he returned Greg was still propped up against the wall.

“Let me help you.” Nick said as he dragged Greg out of the shower and began to towel him off until he was dry. Nick let Greg lean on his shoulder as he led them to the bedroom where they both collapsed on the bed. They had both snuggled in and were close to falling asleep when Greg said, “The next time I have a hazmat team shower me off at a crime scene, I promise, you will be there.”

Nick gave Greg a smile as he looked into his chocolate brown eyes.

“Thanks G.” Nick replied as he gave Greg a small peck on the cheek and took him into his arms where they both fell fast asleep.


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