The Accident by LoneWolf13 [Reviews - 4]

Sara had just parked her car in the CSI lot, it was Monday and she smiled at the cool night sky. She was heading towards the door to the lab when something caught her eye, or more like someone. As she looked across the lot she saw Greg. Nothing unusual about that, except that he had a brace on his left leg over his knee and was hobbling on crutches. He also seemed to be muttering something under his breath. Sara rushed to catch up with him and finally reached him as he was attempting to open the door.

“Here let me help you Greg.” Sara said as she held the door open for the young CSI.

“Thanks.” he muttered as he entered giving Sara a small smile.

When Greg had gotten all the way inside the building, Sara entered and began to follow him by his side down the hallway. At first she didn’t say anything just slowly walking by Greg, who seemed to be struggling with his crutches. She analyzed the situation using his skills as a CSI to answer questions without having to ask them. The way Greg was exerting so much energy to not fall off of his crutches told Sara that this was probably his first time using them or he hadn’t used them in a while. She then looked at the brace around Greg’s knee. It was made of a blue foam material with white Velcro strips that wound its way around his leg to keep it in place, and along the back was a white stripe which, Sara assumed, had a long piece of metal running down the length of the brace to keep his leg straight. Greg’s breathing now sounded strained as he fought with the crutches to make it through the lab hallways. The silence was just becoming too much for Sara, who was used to Greg always flirting with her, and she concluded that to find out what really happened she would have to start asking questions.

“So Greg what happened?” Sara asked in the most casual tone as possible.

“Nick.” Greg grumbled, “That’s what happened.”

Sara was a bit thrown off by his answer and had to take a few moments to process this information.

“Nick? What does Nick have to do with this?”

“Look Sara, I have to go talk to Grissom. You can ask him all about it.” And with that Greg began to hobble towards Grissom’s office leaving a very confused Sara behind. She gave a small sigh and turned back in the direction of the locker room hoping to find Nick there. As she pushed the door open to enter, it bumped into Nick as he was leaving.

“Whoa Sara, no need to throw doors open like that we’re not at a crime scene.” Nick exclaimed with a small chuckle, but Sara wasn’t laughing.

“What happened to Greg?” She said with a stern edge in her voice.

Nick’s smile instantly disappeared to be replaced with a groan.

“I told him he should take the day off and get some rest! Where is he? I should take him home. He shouldn’t even be driving…” Nick would have continued his rambling if Sara hadn’t interrupted him.

“Slow down Nick. I think Greg is starting to rub off on you.”

Inwardly he was laughing. Sara had no idea how much Greg was really rubbing off on him. Nick and Greg had been seeing each other for months now, and being a CSI Nick knew how to hide the evidence. As far as he knew no one had caught on, yet.

“So seriously,” Sara said interrupting Nick’s thoughts, “what did happen?”

Nick groaned knowing there was no way of getting out of this. He motioned for Sara to come inside the locker room and they sat down on a bench. Sara looked intently into Nick’s eyes waiting for him to start up his story.

“Well it happened this weekend…”

“Please Greg!” Nick begged.

“No Nick you know I’m not into that stuff!”

“But Greg we’re short one guy. Just this one time.”

Greg looked into Nick eyes. They were desperate looking, and Nick was trying to pull his best puppy dog eyes.

“Hey now, I’m the one who does the puppy dog eyes around here.” Greg replied with a slight air of sarcasm.

“Come on Greggo.” Nick’s argument was getting weaker by the minute; he needed something to get Greg’s attention.

“Afterwards we can do whatever you want,” pleaded Nick. Greg seemed to perk up at this statement and Nick knew he had hit the money.

“Anything?” Greg asked with a wiry smile forming on his face.

“Anything.” Nick repeated pulling Greg into a warm embrace.

“Alright I’ll do it.”

A wide grin took its place on Nick face showing all of the little wrinkles Greg loved.

“Besides,” Greg said, “how hard can football be?”

“Wait a minute.” Sara said interrupting. “You made Greg play football?”

“Hey in my defense he volunteered.” Nick said.

“So what happened to his knee?”

“Well one of the guys got a little uh… enthusiastic and tackled Greg. He dislocated his knee and we spent the rest of the day in the ER.” Sara grimaced at the thought of Greg’s leg sticking out at an odd angle.

“Well Greg went to talk to Grissom about something if you wanted to talk to him.” She said as she got up from the bench.

“Thanks Sara.” Nick said as she exited the locker room.

He got up and began to head towards Grissom’s office, but on his way there he found Greg and Mia inside the DNA lab. He turned and opened the door and noticed Greg glaring at him, but Nick knew better. Greg wasn’t really mad at him he just had an act to keep up.

“Hey Mia.”

“Hi Nick. Do have samples that need to be processed?”

“No uh… I actually came by to have a word with Greg.” Mia seemed to get the hint.

“I have to run these results out to Catherine. I’ll be back in a minute,” she said addressing no one in particular. Once the door swung closed Nick spoke up.

“What did you talk to Grissom about?”

“Well he thinks I shouldn’t be in the field until I can walk again. So in the meantime I’m going to be helping Mia run DNA.” He gave a small defeated sigh. Nick’s heart began to break into small pieces. It was partly his fault that Greg wouldn’t get to go back out into the field until he was healed.

“Look Greg I’m sorry. I know it probably wont help, but is there anything I can do?” Nick would die for Greg so he knew whatever Greg asked he would do it. Greg had that small smile play across his face. That same smile he had every time he had some idea that Nick probably wouldn’t like.

“Kiss me.” He simply stated.

Nick was taken aback he hadn’t expected a request like this.

“Right now?” he said.

Greg’s smile just got wider, and Nick realized he wasn’t kidding. He inwardly cursed the lab for having glass walls, but he knew that no matter where they were he would do whatever Greg wanted simply because he was his Greg.

So Nick leaned forward and met his lips with Greg’s, opening his mouth slightly to allow for their tongues to explore each other’s mouths. The kiss was very passionate and too soon Nick had to pull away for air.

Gasping for air he looked at Greg as he straightened back up, but Greg wasn’t looking at him, he was looking past him. Nick knew he’d regret turning around but did it anyway. Through the window it seemed as if the entire lab had been walking by at the exact moment of their kiss, and now they all stood there with stunned expressions plastered on their faces.

Nick scanned the crowd and caught Sara’s eye. She was smiling and she slowly lifted up her hands from her side and began to clap. Soon the clapping caught on and there was a roar of applause for Nick and Greg. Nick began to blush deeply wishing he could shrink right now, and beside him Greg seemed to be enjoying the attention.

“Alright break it up, back to work.” called a voice. Nick and Greg turned their heads to see Ecklie approach the now scattering crowd.

“Sanders, Stokes. Is there something going on here?”

Nick was to shocked to reply, so Greg spoke up.

“No sir. There isn’t.”

“Well then get back to work.” As Ecklie stormed down hall Nick breathed a sigh of relief.

Greg was all smiles when Nick turned his attention back to him, and Greg was so infectious he couldn’t help but smile too. Breaking up their silence was the sound of Nick’s pager. He glanced down at the message, and looked back up at Greg.

“I gotta go G.” Nick said as he turned towards the door. Before he left though he turned around and locked his eyes with Greg’s.

“I love you Greg.”

“I love you too, Nick.”

With one last smile Nick turned and exited the door walking down the hallway to get his assignment, with a smile on his face that would stay there for the rest of the night.


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