Scar Tissue by LoneWolf13 [Reviews - 2]

It was one night that after having wild sex together, that Nick and Greg began to discuss each other’s scars. One would tiredly trace around a scar they saw and the other would tell the story behind the scar.

It was on this night that Nick learned that the scars on Greg’s knees and legs were from many wipeouts during surfing. He also found out that the scars on Greg’s back from the explosion were the most painful to look at for him, and Greg was quite glad they were on his back where he couldn’t see them on a daily basis.

Greg learned that night that Nick had been quite an adventurous kid. Nick had a scar on his arm from a camping trip he took with his family when he tripped on a rock and had to get stitches for it. Nick also recounted the time he was thrown out of a second story window and indicates the scars from the glass. He even had a few scars from some really nasty ant bites from when he was buried alive.

By the end of the night both Nick and Greg were holding each other tight, comforting each other in soothing voices. Nick held Greg close up against his chest and was running his fingers lightly through Greg’s messy hair. He could hear Greg softly breathing and knew that he was asleep.

Nick couldn’t seem to fall asleep after describing such horrible events in his life and he began to envy Greg a bit that he had been fast asleep for the past hour. To take his mind off of his troubles Nick began to slowly move his hand up and down Greg’s arm stroking the soft skin of his lover. As he did so Greg moved slightly in his sleep causing his arm to fall off of his side and hang slightly over the mattress.

Nick then noticed something he had never seen before, there on Greg’s side just below his armpit was another scar. This was perfectly straight and obviously several years old. After seeing many wounds like this on the job he thought that it might be from a knife.

Nick was slightly puzzled, why hadn’t Greg shown him this scar? Was it coincidence or was it on purpose. Nick couldn’t blame Greg if it had been on purpose. He knew very well the terrible memories that accompany many scars, but he also knew that it helped to talk about things and not bottle them up. I’ll ask him in the morning about it. With that final thought Nick finally drifted off to sleep.

He awoke later to the refreshing scent of Greg’s favorite coffee. He slowly opened his weary eyes to find himself tangled in the sheets of their bed. After twisting himself out of bed Nick felt suddenly cold and threw on some sweat pants before padding into the kitchen. There he found Greg sitting fully clothed next to the Mr. Coffee with a mug in hand.

“Hey there sleepy head.” Greg playfully said to Nick.

“Hey.” Nick grumbled still not fully awake until he’s had a cup of coffee.

“You okay?” Greg said as he slid off of the counter to stand.

“Just had trouble sleeping last night.”

Greg set down his mug to take Nick into a strong embrace.

“Just try to forget about the past and think of the present.” Greg whispered into Nick’s ear. He carefully let go and turned back to the Coffee maker to pour Nick a cup too.

“But aren’t we are who we are today, in the present, because of what happened in our past?”

Greg turned to face Nick and handed him a mug full of coffee. Greg walked over to the small table in the kitchen and sat down, pondering Nick’s words.

“Well… yeah I guess that makes sense. But wouldn’t you rather just forget about all the bad things and only remember the good things.”

Nick thought he’d take a stab at his theory and see if he was right. “Is that why you didn’t mention that scar on your side.”

Greg practically choked on a mouthful of coffee and had to spit some back into his mug to avoid it from entering his lungs.

“What did you say?” Asked Greg giving Nick an incredulous look.

“How did you get that scar on your side.” Nick didn’t want to sound hostile but he knew he had to get Greg to open up about it.

“It’s nothing Nick really.”

“If it’s nothing then why did you nearly choke on your coffee at mere mention of it?”

“Look it’s just something I don’t like to talk about, okay!” The pitch in Greg’s voice was steadily climbing, as was his level of stress.

“Greg, I love you. You can tell me anything. I just want to help you.” Nick looked at Greg with pleading eyes.

“I just can’t Nicky. I mean you’re so strong you can talk about the bad experiences that you’ve had, but I’m just too weak. I'm sorry Nick I can’t tell you.” Greg got up to leave the room but Nick was quick and grabbed his hand.

“Hey Greg. Greggo look at me.” Greg reluctantly turned his head to look at Nick’s face.

“Hey I didn’t start off strong. I couldn’t talk about things either. But when I finally did I found I got a little stronger each time I talked to someone about it. You don’t need to keep everything inside Greg. There are people who love you and care for you and would do anything to help you.”

Greg just stood there silent he didn’t even try to free his hand from Nick’s grasp.

“Lets go sit on the couch.” Nick suggested.

He led Greg into their small living room and had him sit on the couch in front of Nick so Nick could wrap his arms around Greg’s fragile body. He could feel the shaking running through Greg’s body, and to comfort him Nick whispered softly in his ear saying that everything was all right.

Suddenly Greg broke the silence; “I was in college when it happened. I had been seeing this girl. It started out okay, but soon she became possessive. She called me constantly and if I went out without her permission she would throw fits. So I did what any college guy would have done, I dumped her. I never thought anything would happen, but one day, when my roommate was gone, a guy came to our room. As soon as I opened the door he burst in and started cussing me out. He said I was selfish bastard, and that’s when he pulled out the knife. I tried to run away from him but he grabbed me, threw against a wall, and stabbed my right side. I blacked out from the pain and blood loss. I found out in the hospital that the guy was my ex’s brother. The guys in the dorm told me that when they came after hearing all of the noise they saw him take off, and they were the ones who called 911.” As Greg had been telling his story Nick’s grip on the young CSI had begun to tighten, and by the end of the account Greg’s voice had begun to tremble as tears fell down his face.

“Hey its okay.” Nick softly murmured in Greg’s ear. As he held Greg close he began to rock their bodies slowly from side to side.

“You know Greg, weak people would never have been able to survive something like that. I think you’re a lot tougher than you think you are.”

Greg turned and gave Nick a faint smile. Nick planted a small peck on Greg’s check. Nick knew that now they would be late to work, but he didn’t mind the thought of getting chewed out by Grissom, not now when he had Greg with him. Grissom could wait Nick thought as he sat with Greg gently nuzzling his face in Greg’s neck and trailing soft, sweet kisses across his collar.


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